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Animal Shelters With a No Kill Policy in BC, updated list

VARC found this on Craigs List and thought it might be useful to share.
Do you know of any others that are definitely no kill shelters?
Please let us know,


Copied and pasted from Craigs List

animal shelters with a no kill policy – updated list (BC)

Please feel free to circulate this and add to the list so we can help more animals !

Dear readers,

Thank you to the 45 of you who responded with more shelters ( and low cost spaying options) to add to the list for birds, cats, small animals and dogs. Please free to circulate the list. If you find out of more low cost or free spaying/neutering, please let me know.

Here some animal shelters and places with a no kill policy in the area. It would be good to see how they run and support them . I guess it’s up to us to lobby for more.

Double check when you call them.

Here they are:

Action for Animals in Distress Society in Burnaby.

The B.C.C.R (BC Chihuahua Rescue)

BCEBS bc exotic bird society

Bunny Homes in Surrey

CARES in Langley

City of Coquitlam Animal Shelter ( spaying/neutering services etc)

Critter Aid — Summerland, BC. (also horses. donkeys and alpacas)

Dog Bless Rescue Partners

Greyhaven Exotic bird sanctuary

Katie’s Plcae in Maple Ridge

Kittimat Community Human Society

Meow-Aid No-Kill Cat Shelter Vancouver, BC

L.A.P.S. Langley animal protection society


( in Victoria, they foster dogs but do not have a shleter)

R.A.P.S. Richmond animal protection society

Royal City Humane Society

T.L.C. shelter Tender loving care in Langley (cats) shelter

Turtle GardensAnimal Rescue

S.A.I.N.T.S. Senior Animals in Need Today Soceity ( also for special needs animals)

Safe Haven in Chilliwack (cats only)

SARAH society in Surrey

Small Animal Rescue (rodents, hedgehogs)

Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy

VOKRA (rescue society – not a shelter)

shelters with LOW COST SPAYING and NEUTERING :

Dogwood Dog Rescue ( they foster animals in homes, no kill organization)

Greater Victoria Animal Crusaders (GVAC)

Humane Society of BC-

Similar FREE

Atlas Animal Clinc owned by Dr. B. Bhullar (Fraser st)

Kamloops Spay & Neuter Clinic

Spay & Neuter Clinic of Langley

LAPS ( listed above) also helps the animals living in the community though their pet food bank and their Trap, Neuter, Release program for free-living cats

British Columbia Rescue Organizations & Shelters
(There is low cost spaying in some of these shelters )

Richmond Animal Protection Society (cats only)

I also know a great vet with low cost neuter/spay: Dr Rana, at Apex Animal Hospital in Langley (64 Ave with 199 St) Aside from cats and dogs, he is also a great vet for rabbits. Excellent service and very affordable.

Please tell me if you know more shelters so I can compile a bigger list for our readers.

I hope this spreads to more postings, cities and places where people want to talk about animals and make it easy for them to have a good life.

I don’t think it’s that difficult for us. helping them is only a couple of buttons away for us but for them, it is a lot more.

thank you


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