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Veg Fest July 27th at Granville Street between Georgia and Robson

Dear all,

CATCA will have an informative table at the VegFest on Saturday July 27th!
(The VegFest will be at Granville Street between Georgia and Robson).

The event will be from 10-6 PM.
If you could come for 1 or 2 hours that will be greatly appreciated.

Please, send me a private message here in FB if you can volunteer for this nice event.

Thank you very much on ahead.

Ericka Ceballos


CATCA-ACWF will have an educative table at the Veg Fest Vancouver! This is a free summer street festival in it’s third year on happening July 27th, 2013 in downtown Vancouver on Granville Street (between Dunsmuir and Smithe) hosting vegan food vendors, informative tables for animal organizations, local businesses, and much more!

We will be there from 10 AM-6 PM. Stop by to say hi and to pick up our latest ACWF important fliers. CATCA-ACWF is now accepting donations of small animal art/crafts or jewelry for our next online Fundraiser event. You can drop your donations in our table or send them by mail to: Ericka Ceballos/CATCA , P.O. Box 16021, 617 Belmont Street, New Westminster, BC V3M-6W6 Canada

Your items will go a long way to save the animals!

Thank you!/Gracias/ Dzienki!

Ericka Ceballos
Campaigns Against the Cruelty to Animals
Animal Conservation and Welfare Foundation

Welcome to CATCA
Working for more than two decades to stop abuse and cruelty to animals.


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Redesign stickers for milk cartons

Ever felt pissed off, while at the milk aisle, buying some wholesome soy milk. Seeing the deceitful milk packaging, which were maliciously engineered. To dupe people, into believing that dairy farms are animal havens.
We all know that, for the animals, the milk farm, is a place of death and torture. So why not redesign them scummy lil cartons, yourself?
All you need is a printer and some sticker pages (can be bought cheap at printer and computer supply stores).
Don’t forget to share, your handiwork with us at –
The best 269 aisle copywriters will get, free 269life swag!!!

Please invite as much people as you can.
For the chrome users, you can invite all your friends with one click! (just go to the app store and search for invite all)

The stickers –
( Layout ready for an A4 page, accommodates 12 stickers – )

English –


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Join Stop UBC on July 27th starting at 9:30 please RVSP

Please join Stop UBC Animal Research at VegFest on July 27th!
Granville Street between Georgia and Robson, starting at 9:30 but
a few different shifts are available….
We need leafleters, people to attend the table, sell t-shirts and
bake us vegan dog treats (to give away upon donation)!

Please RSVP at this e-mail address or phone 604-551-3324

Also, the Animal Welfare Department at UBC is calling for animal advocates
to join a focus group on animals is research issues: if you would like to
apply, please contact Elisabeth Ormandy

These are 2 important opportunities to make the animals’ voices heard so please
consider investing just a small amount of your time.

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Support Vancouver Humane Society Demo’s against rodeo cruelty at Calgary Stampede

People who care about animals will be holding demonstrations against rodeo cruelty at the Calgary Stampede (July 5-14). They need your help.
Every year, VHS makes headlines with its campaign against rodeo cruelty at the Calgary Stampede. We do what we can to draw attention to the issue through the news media, advertising, our website and social media. But there is a group of people in Calgary who are on the front-lines of the struggle to stop the suffering of rodeo animals and they are the unsung heroes of that struggle.
There is enormous peer-pressure in Calgary to support the Stampede and not to question what happens during the rodeo. But there is a small but growing number of Albertans who are willing to stand up to that pressure and make their voices heard by attending public protests against the rodeo. They come from all walks of life; from mechanics to filmmakers, from office workers to care givers. They are women, men, young, old, single, married – just ordinary people. But they share an extraordinary compassion for animals.

Last year the demonstrations in Calgary attracted the most support ever, with 55 people attending. This year, the protest organizers hope to build on that success – and they need your help. If you live in the Calgary area and you believe in kindness to animals, this is a chance to show you care and to make a difference. If you hate animal cruelty, don’t stand by and let it happen. Please help if you can.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Anthropologist Margaret Mead
For information on how to join the protests against rodeo cruelty contact:

Protest dates and times:

Friday July 5th at 6pm

Saturday July 6th at Noon

Sunday July 7th at Noon

Friday July 12th at 6pm

Satuday July 13th at Noon

Sunday July 14th at Noon

Location: Across the street from the Victoria Park/Stampede LRT Station on the grassy area.
– See more at:


Photo: Matthew Wolfe

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Shut Your Traps Day of Action in Van City Dec 21, 2:00 pm at Hills of Kerrisdale and Dec 22, 1:30 Vancouver Art Gallery

Dec 22nd is a national day of action against clothing company Canada Goose, a company complicit in animal torture, cruelty and murder through the manufacturing and sale of down and fur products.

Join Vancouver Animal Defense League on Friday 21 and Saturday 22

Join Vancouver Animal Defense League on Friday 21 and Saturday 22


We are declaring Saturday, December 22nd 2012 a National Day of Action Against Canada Goose, with hopes that thousands of animal defenders across the country will join us in calling out Canada Goose for the shameful role they have played in killing animals and popularizing fur.    Help us put a stop to animal cruelty by telling Canada Goose NO MORE!!! This is part of a much larger nation-wide action, so join us here in Vancouver to make some noise!  Our two main priorities for SHUT YOUR TRAPS! are to disrupt holiday sales of Canada Goose products, while drawing attention to the large and diverse network of people who oppose Canada Goose and fur/down.


Our two main priorities for SHUT YOUR TRAPS! are to disrupt holiday sales of Canada Goose products, while drawing attention to the large and diverse network of people who oppose Canada Goose and fur/down. In keeping with these objectives, we are calling on individuals, grassroots groups and organizations across the country to join us in holding a one-hour demonstration from 2PM-3PM outside any retailer in your area selling Canada Goose.


Friday December 21
Join the Vancouver Animal Defense League at:
Hills of Kerrisdale

Friday December 21 at 2:00 p.m.

2125 West 41st Avenue

Vancouver, BC



Saturday December 22 at 1:30 p.m.

Vancouver Art Gallery

We’ll be meeting at the Art Gallery steps (facing georgia street) at 1:30pm to distribute signage before we march to a number of stores that sell Canada Goose fur and down.

December 22nd will be a historic day as animal defenders nationwide form a unified front against Canada Goose during the height of holiday shopping. Every person who participates, no matter how far away, will make a huge difference in our ability to reach people, media, and the companies who would otherwise get away with the wholesale slaughter of millions of animals. We hope you can join us!

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Join Vancouver Animal Defense League and Peta Supporters in Protesting Fur on Fur-Free Friday November 23, 1 – 3, Winners

Please join Vancouver Animal Defense League and local PETA supporters in protesting fur on Fur-Free Friday! It’s the day after Thanksgiving, the start of the winter shopping season, and the largest fur protest of the year. Check out this video for tips on what to say to those wearing fur, too. Here are the details:

When: Friday, November 23, 1-3 p.m.
Where: Winners Department Store, 798 Granville St., Vancouver (See this map.)
Contact: Marley Jean at

All materials, such as posters and leaflets, will be provided, and please note that reserved parking will not be available. If you will be traveling for the holidays, check out our list of Fur-Free Friday events and see which one you can attend!

Please read PETA’s handy protest tips. We welcome everyone to come out and have a fun time speaking up for animals. Learn more about how animals are used for fur, leather, down, wool, and exotic skins here so that you can answer any questions that your friends might have. If you aren’t able to join us on Friday, please let me know and I’d be happy to send you leaflets and stickers to pass out in your area or help you get active in other ways.

We’re also offering 20 percent off anti-fur T-shirt purchases of $20 or more at from now until December 12. Please use coupon code FFF12 at checkout.

We hope to see you at the protest!

For all animals,

Adam Miller
Action Team Coordinator
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Add PETA on FacebookYouTube, and Twitter.


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Demo outside Vancouver Art Gallery on Saturday Nov. 24th at 11 am

Please mark your calendars and plan to join this demonstration outside the Vancouver Art Gallery on Robson Street on Saturday, November 24 @ 11 AM.

For more information, please visit this Facebook events page.!/events/371024489647472/

This is not just about Taiji, this is also about the hundreds of whale jails around the world, that like the Vancouver Aquarium continue to purchase and import dolphins from Japan. The male dolphin died in March this year and one of the 2 surviving female dolphins (who was imported from Japan pregnant) gave birth to a still-borne baby at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Ultimately, we need to shut down all whale tanks to shut down the biggest money-maker of all when it comes to the dolphin slaughter because if Japan can’t sell dolphins, it will be the end of this crime to nature. Please spread the word and help save the whales!

Thank you!

Annelise Sorg
No Whales In Captivity
Vancouver, Canada

TO FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK – please click here!/nowhales.incaptivity


DOLPHIN PROJECT -San Francisco, California
NO WHALES IN CAPTIVITY – Vancouver, British Columbia
OCEAN VOICE – London, Ontario
ZOOCHECK CANADA – Toronto, Ontario


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Letter to Nepal Representatives Re: Young men rip goat Apart?

Dear Nepal Representative,

I was recently forwarded a petition from Care2 and I find this so deeply disturbing and difficult to believe that I thought I would write to ask if you have any further information. As far as you know, is this actually true? Is this a tradition in Nepal? Is this accurate information? Do young men actually rip a goat apart to be called hero’s? I sincerely look forward to your response and to finding out if this is accurate information. And if so I hope you can forward me information that would help to end this barbaric practice as I trust none of you, in your positions of authority could be remotely in support of this horrible tradition.

Sincerely, A. Rose, Vancouver Animal Rights Campaigns

Email BCC:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Thank you to the following blog for their helpful info!

I would also like to know what PETA is doing about this if anybody has info!  Thank you!!

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Night Rally Outside Vancouver Aquarium Feb.16

outside the Vancouver Aquarium
Bring friends, flashlights and warm clothes!

Ethics – The AAAS, though advocating ethical treatment of whales, holds its press reception at a place
where whales are treated unethically.

We are holding a Night Rally outside the Aquarium because although we support and congratulate the AAAS on holding a symposium on whale rights, it sends a conflicting message for the AAAS to also hold a party at the local whale jail

The AAAS party is for media reporters from all over the world that follow the AAAS and report on scientific advancements.

Please join us and respectfully greet the world media as they arrive ready to party at the aquarium. This is our opportunity to let the world know that in Vancouver, public protest closed the orca whale tank in 2001, and that we plan to do the same for the beluga whales and dolphins still enslaved at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Join us at the Night Rally for a couple of hours and help hold the banner (see below) or hand out info as you greet the arriving guests with a smile.


Please let me know if you are able to participate in the Night Rally on Thursday, Feb.16 from 7-8:30pm outside the Vancouver Aquarium.

Thank you on behalf of the whales,

Annelise Sorg
President, No Whales in Captivity
461 – 1755 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC
Tel (604) 736-9514
E-mail Cc


The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
 will hold its 
annual meeting and conference in Vancouver, from February 16 to 20, 2012.  On Sunday, February 19, it will hold a symposium titled “Declaration of Rights for Cetaceans: Ethical and Policy Implications of Intelligence”, at which all the scheduled speakers will argue that science is showing whales to be intelligent individuals whom it is unethical for humans to hold in captivity. However, on the preceding Thursday, February 16, the AAAS has scheduled itsopening media reception at the Vancouver Aquarium.  The Vancouver Aquarium holds beluga whales and dolphins in captivity.

No Whales In Captivity wrote letters to the AAAS and pointed out the conflicting messages of holding a symposium on the rights of whales, while at the same time booking a party for the media right next to the whale tank. The AAAS was urged to change the venue to a more appropriate one, but the AAAS refused. 

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Demo to Protest Shark Fins in Chinatown, Vancouver

Basking sharkdefinned

Chinese Canadian author Anthony Marr, winner of the prestigious Henry Spira Activist Award at the 2010 Animal Rights National Conference in Washington DC (, will host a media demo in Chinatown followed by a 2-block guided tour of some of Vancouver’s shark-fin hots spots. TV cameras will be led into shops where shark fins are openly sold.


at or near the Chinatown Pavilion on Pender and Carrall, Vancouver

Time & Info:

  • July 9, 2011, Saturday
  • media conference and demo – 10:30am
  • 2-block guided tour – 10:45-11:15am

Please Contact:

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