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True Rescue Story of a Moose, Written by Paul Dennis, Conservation Officer, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Subject: Moose Rescue (true story)

Sunday April 15, 2012 dawned cloudy and cool in the little community of Terrace Bay, located along the north shore of Lake Superior . My friend and fellow Conservation Officer, Jeff Anderson stopped by the house, my wife Eleanor made fresh coffee and we were enjoying a day off now that the fishing season for walleye had finally closed.
When the phone rang that morning, it was to alert us that a moose was helplessly mired in a spillway next to the towns pulp mill. Normally, the hustle and bustle of a busy factory would discourage wildlife from getting too close, but in this case, the mill had been idle for quite some time and the mill yard was quiet and tranquil.

The large man-made ponds that surround the property are part of a system used to treat waste water. They are all fenced except for the one closest to the buildings. It’s unclear as to how the young adult bull wandered into the first one, maybe he was fleeing a vehicle on the nearby road, or perhaps he just thought it was a marsh. Whatever the reason, he attempted to cross the football-field sized settling pond and began breaking through the deep layers of sodden wood fiber.

We quickly hatched a plan and began gathering some rope, hip waders and snowshoes while Jeff grabbed a patrol truck, uniform and shotgun. It was important to be prepared for any eventuality! When we all rendezvoused at the site, we were faced with the saddest looking animal you could imagine. Utilizing the snowshoes to stay on top of the layers of fibre, we were able to approach the bull, fasten a chain knot around his neck and attempt to pull him free utilizing the winch on Jeff’s patrol truck. Unfortunately, we could not pull him horizontally with sufficient force to drag him out without the risk of injuring him, so we needed a new approach.

Mill staff came to the rescue and arrived on scene with a large, tracked loader equipped with a boom grapple. The rest of us shoveled a space around the moose’s chest around which we were able to secure a heavy line. With this new ability to lift and pull from around the animals girth, the big bull was slowly drawn out of the muck and onto the bank. It appeared as though he had been there overnight and he was near death from exhaustion and stress. Remarkably, by supporting him in a prone position, giving him a couple bottles of water to drink and rubbing his legs to restore circulation, he began to perk up!

After 20 minutes and several attempts, he stood up on wobbly legs for the first time in many hours. He tolerated us as we held him up and later, as he began walking with our assistance. It was a very strange experience to calmly accompany him for the long walk around the ponds perimeter, but we all felt the same heart-warming feeling when he quietly stepped into the bush under his own power, and disappeared from sight.

Written by Paul Dennis, Conservation Officer, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources 

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BC wolves need your help! Deadline for comments is Dec. 5th!

Few places remain on this planet where wolves can live as nature intended.
BC is still one of them….but it’s up to YOU to make sure that is stays this way!

Action Alert!

The BC government released a draft management plan for wolves on November 14th that is heavy on management but lacking conservation, ecology, and ethics.  The proposed plan supports the:
·         Elimination of wolves where they overlap with ranchers
·         Machine gunning of wolves where caribou herds are in severe decline
·         Continued sterilization of wolves when a decade of this has not increased  caribou numbers
·         Ongoing slaughter of wolves through lax hunting and trapping regulations (no bag limits, no specific tag required, year-round killing in some regions)
The draft plan needs to be changed!  Your voice is NEEDED.  Current wolf management in BC is extremely outdated.  What’s missing from the plan?  The incredible social nature and family bonds shared among this intelligent species.  Many wolf biologists argue that allowing wolves to express their natural social behaviour benefits the wider ecosystem as well as wolves.  The BC government wants to kill wolves for sport, to appease ranchers, and to help save endangered species.  The number of wolves being killed across the province is at an all-time high since recording began.
Wolf biologist Dr. Linda Rutledge states:
“We have no idea the extent of the impact that repeatedly killing over 25% of a wolf population has on their evolutionary trajectory.  But it’s dangerous to think that you can manipulate them so intensively and have negligible consequences.”
Top predators are among the most outstanding achievements of wilderness, evolving over hundreds of centuries.  The social structure of wolf packs has evolved with this.  It is the wolf pack that is the top predator, not the individual wolf.  Wolves are more than mere numbers.  Their social bonds and kin-based families define what it means to be a wolf. Management plans need to take this into account!
The BC governments’ draft proposal brings us back to a time of fear-mongering.  Wolves are being killed through hunting, trapping, livestock concerns, failing caribou herds, and on transportation routes across the majority of the province.   Extended family members of wolf packs are often butchered in a human-dominated landscape.  We can do better this!  Do not allow our ecosystems to become impoverished due to fear and mismanagement.  Speak against this bloodshed.
Although wolves require an adequate prey base, the defining factor in wolf persistence is protection from humans.  Aldo Leopold learned long ago that “Only the mountain has lived long enough to listen objectively to the howl of a wolf”. None is so hated; none so misunderstood. 
Conservation groups across the province have a vision for a better BC for wolves, wildlife & people. 
1.       Extend the deadline for public input to January 30.
2.       NO helicopter killing or sterilization of wolves.
3.       NO leghold traps, snares or baiting.
4.       Return to former species licence, quotas, bag limits, restricted seasons, and mandatory reporting of kills for hunting wolves.
5.       A decision and statement that lethal predator control is NOT an option for the recovery of mountain caribou and a stop to the Quesnell Highland wolf sterilization and removal project.
6.       A provincial management plan for wolves that considers  the social stability of packs as well as population size to ensure the long term conservation of the species in its most natural form.
7.       A commitment to reduce wolf-livestock-human conflicts through prevention, and provision of educational initiatives and incentives for responsible husbandry practices.
8.       Protect  large tracts of habitat for wolves and their prey. Ensure that protected areas are large enough to support multiple wolf families with no hunting/trapping allowed.
Conservation of wolves and the wild habitat they thrive upon has even been linked to stopping climate change.  Indeed, wolves maintain biodiversity in ecosystems, which are thus better able to handle, as well as buffer, the effects of changes in nature.  The ecosystem services provided by a healthy environment, such as water and air purification, cannot be matched by a dollar value as we cannot replace these necessary services if we tried.  A better BC for all includes a future with iconic predators that Canadians identify with; management of our natural resources in an ethical and sustainable way; clean water and air, and wild spaces that can be explored by foot only.
Many conservation groups are opposed to this plan, including Pacific Wild, Valhalla Wilderness Society, Raincoast Conservation Foundation, The Association of Protection of Furbearing Animals, Friends of Animals, Lifeforce Foundation, Northern Lights Wolf Centre, World Temperate Rainforest Network, Peter A Dettling Wilderness Education Centre, and likely many more to come as they learn about this horrendous proposal!  PLEASE ADD YOUR VOICE!

“History has shown us that if deliberate efforts are not made to conserve large carnivores they are doomed.”  –Hummel and Pettigrew

Are we taking these steps?  Speak out for BC’s wolves. Voice your concern.
Public input deadline is December 5. It’s easy to submit your comments at:

Or contact: 

Honourable Steve Thomson
PO BOX 9049 Stn. Prov. Govt.
Victoria, BC
V8W 9E2

Telephone: 250 387-6240
Fax: 250 387-1040


 “By remaining silent, we allow others to prevail” – Martin Luther King
Thank you for your howls! 
Please cc.  on letters sent if possible.
 Most sincerely, Sadie Parr


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Join Vancouver Animal Defense League and Peta Supporters in Protesting Fur on Fur-Free Friday November 23, 1 – 3, Winners

Please join Vancouver Animal Defense League and local PETA supporters in protesting fur on Fur-Free Friday! It’s the day after Thanksgiving, the start of the winter shopping season, and the largest fur protest of the year. Check out this video for tips on what to say to those wearing fur, too. Here are the details:

When: Friday, November 23, 1-3 p.m.
Where: Winners Department Store, 798 Granville St., Vancouver (See this map.)
Contact: Marley Jean at

All materials, such as posters and leaflets, will be provided, and please note that reserved parking will not be available. If you will be traveling for the holidays, check out our list of Fur-Free Friday events and see which one you can attend!

Please read PETA’s handy protest tips. We welcome everyone to come out and have a fun time speaking up for animals. Learn more about how animals are used for fur, leather, down, wool, and exotic skins here so that you can answer any questions that your friends might have. If you aren’t able to join us on Friday, please let me know and I’d be happy to send you leaflets and stickers to pass out in your area or help you get active in other ways.

We’re also offering 20 percent off anti-fur T-shirt purchases of $20 or more at from now until December 12. Please use coupon code FFF12 at checkout.

We hope to see you at the protest!

For all animals,

Adam Miller
Action Team Coordinator
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Add PETA on FacebookYouTube, and Twitter.


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Contact Mayor Diane Watt’s about Neptune’s Sharkfin Restaurant


The Surrey city council was the only council we presented to so far that totally ignored our request to ban shark fins. They felt it was not a big deal in Surrey and they were completely unconcerned. Now they have a problem. Neptune’s Seafood Restaurant is opening up a new location in Surrey, they are one of Canada’s largest shark fin restaurants. They SPECIALIZE in shark fin soup and up until recently they were actually called Neptune’s Sharkfin Restaurant. It is so important that we flood the city with emails and calls right now demanding a ban on the sale of shark fins before this restaurant opens up.

Please call Mayor Diane Watt’s 604-591-4126
Council contacts-,,,,,,,


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Fur Free Friday at Winners November 23, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

  • With 213 stores Canada wide, most Canadians have no idea that Winners is one of the largest, if not THE largest retailers of cheap cruel fur trimmed products in the country.

    WINNERS sells fur from many different species of animals like rabbits, mink and foxes and DOG FUR, ALL raised on cruel fur farms in several different countries including Canada, Netherlands, Greece, Finland and China.

    *Winners has recently publicly stated that they DO NOT sell raccoon dog anymore but they are still selling it under th

    e label raccoon which is a total lie and we intend to call them on it.*

    When contacting Winners in the past regarding their sale of fur they have stated “as long as it is in style, we will continue to sell it.”

    When a concerned customer contacted them in regards to a raccoon dog trimmed jacket they were sold and specifically told by Winners staff that it is FAKE FUR, their response was “well our staff are not experts on the subject.”

    The problem is that many of Winners fur trimmed garments are not labeled as real so people who wouldn’t normally buy real fur are doing so unknowingly.

    To send WINNERS an e-mail, go to this link and click on their e-mail link.

    For Corporate Home Office call 905-405-8000
    Winners Merchants International L.P.
    6715 Airport Road
    Mississauga, ON
    L4V 1Y2


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