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Great Bear Rainforest Agreement

The deadline for completing the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements is only nine months away. Will the province of British Columbia ensure new logging rules will increase conservation enough to sustain the health of this magnificent forest ecosystem? That’s the challenge. We know they will do something. But will they do enough?

It looks promising, but we’re not there yet. We need your help to ensure the BC government completes the Great Bear Agreement within the next nine months. Sign our petition to these leaders now!

Just last week ForestEthics Solutions co-hosted a Great Bear Rainforest Customer and Investor Roundtable with our allies (Greenpeace, Sierra Club, and Canopy) along with representatives from 27 very large paper and lumber buyers from across the globe (including Home Depot, Lowes, Sprint and Kimberly Clark). We all share a common interest: to see the Great Bear Agreements completed.

There is a lot at stake for British Columbia’s reputation and forests. BC’s Minister of Forests, Steve Thomson, was the keynote speaker at the event. He said loud and clear that the Great Bear Agreements are a priority of the provincial government.

Let’s make sure they don’t fumble in the home stretch.

The recently elected provincial government meets together in the British Columbia legislature for the first time on June 26th. Over the next 100 days provincial representatives will meet with First Nations, logging industry, and environmentalists who have been working hard to implement the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement.




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Earth Walks in Vancouver are Back from False Creek Watershed Society

The summer is here and Earth Walks are back!

False Creek Watershed Society

Back by popular demand!

False Creek Watershed Society
has partnered with Vilage Vancouver to offer a series of “Earth Walks”

We live in the city of Vancouver with almost a million other residents. We are blessed to be surrounded by mountains, forests, oceans and rivers. But how well do we know about nature in our own backyard? The Earth and the natural world are present everywhere – from the arboretum of Queen Elizabeth Park to the buildings of downtown Vancouver to our last wild salmon stream to the farm flats of Southlands and even as nature applies to human economic theory.
Please join us for this exciting series of free walks this summer and fall. The leaders are amazingly knowledgeable in their specialty – so come along to listen to their words, connect with the land and ask lots of questions!

Register here for the event(s) of your choice.

1) June 30: “Rocks, Reservoirs and Rainforest – a Historical Walk Around Little Mountain” with Celia Brauer. A stroll around one of Vancouver’s green gems, talking about the quarry, reservoirs, arboretum and much more. 10:30 – 12:30
Register here for “Earthwalks1 – LittleMountain”
2) July 6: “St. George’s Street Rainway and street walking tour” – with Greta Borick Cunningham. A walk along the historic creek which will one day be daylighted, highlighting the beautiful painted mural. 1:00 – 3:00
Register here for “Earthwalks2 – StGeorges”
3) July 25: “Geology of Downtown Vancouver – A Tour of Buildings and Monuments” with Dave Cook. An unusual view of downtown! Check out the exterior and interior of a number of key buildings and monuments – their history, their architecture, rock quarrying methods and architectural/masonry terminology. 12:00 – 3:00
Register here for “Earthwalks3-Geology”
4) July 28: “Economics in Place and Time – False Creek Seawall” with Michael Barkusky. A walk on the False Creek seawall from Leg-in-Boot Square to Granville Island to look at the history of False Creek and how the natural capital of the water and shoreline has changed over the last 150 years. 1:00 – 3:00
Register here for “Earthwalks4-Economics”
5) August 4: “Deconstructing False Creek through Nature’s touch” with Pamela Zevit. A walk along the seawall from the Roundhouse to Habitat Island in SE False Creek – including discussions about restoring the natural shoreline in False Creek. 1:00 – 3:00
Register here for “Earthwalks5-FalseCreek”
6) August 10: “Still Creek – Lost” with Bruce Macdonald. A walk to retrace a portion of the Still Creek system that not long ago was a lake one mile long when it was still a remote portion of an uninhabited wilderness. 1:00 – 3:00
Register here for “Earthwalks6 -StillLost”
7) August 11: “Still Creek – Found” with Bruce Macdonald. Come and experience Vancouver’s seven block long Renfrew Ravine, home to Vancouver’s only deep ravine and flowing creek, set in a natural wilderness that amazingly lies mostly forgotten between 22nd and 29th Avenue. 1:00 – 3:00
Register here for “Earthwalks7 -StillFound”
8) August 17: “Musqueam Creek – Vancouver’s Last Salmon Stream” with Terry Point. The tour will take you through Vancouver’s last wild salmon stream and the restoration project that has been done over the last fourteen years by Musqueam Ecosystem Conservation Society. 1:00 – 2:30
Register here for “Earthwalks8 -Musqueam”
9) Aug 25: “A Walk ‘Roundabout Kits’ – Community Art, Bees and Gardens” with Mary Bennett. Visit some of the Green Streets gardens tended by volunteers in traffic circles and corner bulges around Kitsilano. See how gardeners are encouraging bee and butterfly habitat and building community connections through creative use of their gardens. 2:00 – 4:00
Register here for “Earthwalks9-RoundaboutKits”
10) Sept 8: “A Lost Stream Walk – Gibson Creek and Gibby’s Field” with Dan Fass. A walk along the path of an old lost creek, showing how the creek influenced the development of this part of the city. 2:30-4:30
Register here for “Earthwalks10 -Gibbys”
11) September 21: “”Salmon , Vegetables, Milk and Hay Fields” with Terry Slack . Listen to tales about the many tidal salt Islands, diked fertile river-flats and old farms all along the North Arm of the Fraser River. 10:30 – 12:00
Register here for “Earthwalks11 -Salmon”

FCWS event link at:


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