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Great Bear Rainforest Agreement

The deadline for completing the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements is only nine months away. Will the province of British Columbia ensure new logging rules will increase conservation enough to sustain the health of this magnificent forest ecosystem? That’s the challenge. We know they will do something. But will they do enough?

It looks promising, but we’re not there yet. We need your help to ensure the BC government completes the Great Bear Agreement within the next nine months. Sign our petition to these leaders now!

Just last week ForestEthics Solutions co-hosted a Great Bear Rainforest Customer and Investor Roundtable with our allies (Greenpeace, Sierra Club, and Canopy) along with representatives from 27 very large paper and lumber buyers from across the globe (including Home Depot, Lowes, Sprint and Kimberly Clark). We all share a common interest: to see the Great Bear Agreements completed.

There is a lot at stake for British Columbia’s reputation and forests. BC’s Minister of Forests, Steve Thomson, was the keynote speaker at the event. He said loud and clear that the Great Bear Agreements are a priority of the provincial government.

Let’s make sure they don’t fumble in the home stretch.

The recently elected provincial government meets together in the British Columbia legislature for the first time on June 26th. Over the next 100 days provincial representatives will meet with First Nations, logging industry, and environmentalists who have been working hard to implement the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement.




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Posting for Friends at Wild for Life Foundation, official trailer picked up by Animal Advocate Television

Dear friends,

Wild for Life Foundation is proud to announce that the official trailer for SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES has been picked up as a PSA by Animal Advocate Television which will be airing it today, Saturday at 1:30 on WISN 12.

Wild for Life Foundation and Animal Advocate TV are longtime partners sharing the vision and working together for a more compassionate world for animals. President of Animal Advocate TV, Debra Lopez whom hosts the show, is passionate equine advocate and co founder of American Against Horse Slaughter. Debra also appears in the documentary film SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES.

Watch the show live if you’re in the WI area, and if not, you can watch it on line.

Please share this announcement with your family, friends and co-workers! The more people who watch the show, the greater chance for victory for our animals and horses. Tweet & Share: SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES on Animal Advocate TV today!

To learn more about Animal Advocate TV, Wild for Life Foundation and SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES, please visit:

With gratitude,

Katia Louise, Director
President, Wild for Life Foundation
Like us on Facebook:

“SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES: A NATION BETRAYED” tells the story of how one of America’s most treasured and iconic species struggles to survive in a world where two camps claim to be saving them; one that actually does, and the other that is instead found to be brutally killing them and driving them to extinction.
Cast: Linda Grey, Tippi Hedren, Paul Sorvino, Ken Wahl and Willie Nelson

(Theatrical Running time 91 minutes)

Opened in Theaters and qualified for Oscar consideration in Dec 2012

(Distribution pending. Broadcast run times: 42 minutes and 56;46)

“Impressive” -VARIETY
“Impassioned” — Hollywood Reporter
“Outstanding” – LA SPLASH MAGAZINE
“Unpacks a multi-layered conspiracy – fueled by a parade of misinformation- against the survival and proliferation of horses” – LA TIMES
“A provocative rallying cry for justice and integrity” – THE QUAD CINEMA, NYC

Accolades and Awards:

Issue News:
New language just added to the 2014 appropriations bill to defund USDA horsemeat inspections in the US. If approved by Congress horse slaughter plants will not be able to reopen in 2014. To support a federal ban against transporting America’s wild and domestic horses for slaughter outside of the US contact your state representatives and ask them to support The SAFE Act, SB 541 and HB 1094. Learn more:

Link to this message on line:
Tweet & Share: SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES on Animal Advocate TV today!

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Update from Vancouver Animal Defence League- Fortune Garden Seafood Restaurant takes shark fin soup off menu and more!

After 8 months of protesting outside of Fortune Garden Seafood Restaurant they have finally agreed to take shark fin soup off their menu. By the end of this month they will have changed their menus and sold the last of their stock. FIN FREE!
Our Fintastic Friday Nights continue! Please join us at Sun Sui Wah (3888 Main St) every friday night from 6:30 till 8:30 pm until they remove shark fins from their menu!

ACTION ALERT: Nanaimo Seal Hunt Protest Saturday 16 March 2013

12:00-2:30pm, Saturday, March 16, 2013, the Vancouver Island Animal Defense League will demonstrate against the Canadian commercial seal hunt beside the old Island Highway in Nanaimo, BC. We will meet on the hill overlooking the traffic lights at the corner of Terminal Avenue North (Island Highway) and Brechin Road, rain or shine. There’s plenty of free parking near the Tim Hortons at Brooks Landing Shopping Centre. This event has been timed to coincide with two ferry arrivals from Vancouver ACTION ALERT: Nanaimo Seal Hunt Protest Saturday 16 March 2013

12:00-2:30pm, Saturday, March 16, 2013, the Vancouver Island Animal Defense League will demonstrate against the Canadian commercial seal hunt beside the old Island Highway in Nanaimo, BC. We will meet on the hill overlooking the traffic lights at the corner of Terminal Avenue North (Island Highway) and Brechin Road, rain or shine. There’s plenty of free parking near the Tim Hortons at Brooks Landing Shopping Centre. This event has been timed to coincide with two ferry arrivals from Vancouver and to catch lunchtime traffic along the highway. Please come and bring any anti-sealing signs you may have. Otherwise you can help hold up our large Stop the Slaughter sign or simply wave at passing motorists. If you can’t stay for the whole time, your presence for even a little while will be appreciated.


National shark fin vote!

On March 27 MP Fin Donnelly’s private members bill C-380 will be voted on by Canada’s MP’s. This bill would ban the importation of shark fins into Canada.
In BC we are focusing on three conservative MP’s who have stated they plan to vote against the shark fin ban. The more people who contact these MP’s the better chance we have to change their vote, it’s still possible!!

James Lunney, Nanaimo- Port Alberni
Check out the VADL on the front page of the Nanaimo Bulletin facing off with James Lunney on this issue.

Andrew Saxton, North Vancouver

John Weston, West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast


Vancouver Animal Defense League SHIRTS!!

Support our efforts by buying our gear!

Thank you!


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Speak up! About what is good! A transit system in Vancouver without Transit Officers.

As activists, people who work to defend the vulnerable, we often have compassion for people who are vulnerable too.

Witnessing semi police force is something that feels violating, hostile and counter intuitive to a progressive, empathic community. Witnessing, is also something that activists do, we watch, observe, learn and then share the experience as best we can to others to inform, educate and to hopefully transform situations to something better and more rewarding for all of us.

This brings us to ways we can affect systems that are in place that go against our natures of compassion and tolerance.

Recently, several of us have been witness to the alarming physical presence of what is being called Vancouver Transit Police. According to Chief Officer Neil Dubord, “The results of Transit Police work is reduced crime and disorder, increased feeling of safety and improved quality of life on public transportation.” However, this has not been the feeling communicated to the passengers we have spoken with.


Have you had any experience with Transit Police or on our local transportation system that you would like to share or comment on? Please speak up and post a comment. We would like to mention that we are incredibly grateful for the exceptional transportation system that we do have in Vancouver and the many helpful, considerate, hard working bus drivers and people within Translink. We also acknowledge the benefit we receive from the service that police, security and transit police provide in order to protect the well being of its community passengers. However, we wish to see the continued protection and comfort level on buses without feeling intimidated and harassed by Transit Police on what used to be an enjoyable commute to work and our daily events!

If you feel the same, please send a letter to the following:

1.) Transit Police:

2.) Mayor Gregor Robertson:
Email to: or tel:604-873-7621

We at VARC believe in creating change for the positive and also in protecting what is already beautiful. The transit system is a fluid, mobile, advanced operating system that allows people to move freely, liberally and enthusiastically through the corridors of Vancouver. Let’s not let it be brought down with a few misjudgements from Transit Police. Speak Your Mind. We live in a world that requires your feedback in the communication system of life.20130306-111433.jpg

Sample Letter from a rider to Translink and Mayor Robertson

Riding the number 99 bus has gone from being an enjoyable one to a terrifying one. It used to be a fun, light hearted ride down broadway, in either direction. There was a sense of community, trust, togetherness. Now the disturbing presence of police brutality on the bus, brings a feeling of solemness and severity.

I have witnessed two women being dragged off the bus and intimidated after large, intimidating police security officers alarmingly stepped onto the bus requesting their bus pass.

I spoke to both shaken up women afterwards. One woman is about to let go of her apartment and see if she can house sit because she can no longer afford her rent. The other woman was a student with very little money.

As someone myself who can barely make ends meet and who has watched the horrible homeless situation in vancouver for years and spoke with people living out of their cars because they can’t afford rent, I happen to be one of those individuals who take great pity on those struggling and I have a huge level of compassion for them in this city.

I can tell you, that at times for many it may be a choice between dinner and a bus fare. And its not from the people you would expect.

I want to live in a city I am proud of, not ashamed of. Riding this bus, witnessing the unkind actions of these police officers makes me deeply ashamed of the world I belong to that lives without empathy and compassion. And it makes me deeply ashamed of the city of Vancouver.

Aren’t police officers meant to protect people, not intimidate the homeless, helpless and vulnerable?

This is a disgrace. Please put the time of Transit Officers to better use.


Laws are for people who don’t obey their hearts, who don’t know how to listen to their hearts and who don’t know how to feel or think with their hearts.

More Links:

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Bunny, a beautiful, sweet, intellignet dog needs a forever home

Bunny needs a home!

She is a sweet 1.5 yr old spayed staffy X looking for her furever home. She was found as a stray, adopted out from a shelter, returned as they “didn’t have time for her”… Ended up in a high kill shelter, and was to be put to sleep last monday… A fabulous team helped get her to me and now she needs a family to grow old with!

Good with dogs and cats, high energy and lots of fun! Needs some basic obedience training that we are working on as well as leash training ect. She is very smart and a fast learner!

For more info please message Paw Prints Grooming Salon at 604-733-1144 and ask for Jenn.


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The Kensington Foundation, a Resource for Vancouver Animal Shelters

This organization, The Kensington Foundation, was forwarded to us at VARC and looks like a great resource for local animal shelters around Vancouver. We thought it might be useful to share:

We are an all volunteer organization that focuses on raising funds for many of the independent animal and breed specific shelters in the British Columbia. Our primary support is for veterinarian care and our method is to make deposits on the accounts of each Rescue/Shelter at their Veterinarian. Last year (2010), 96.3 % of all funds raised went to the animal rescues.

Rescues and Shelters We Support

This is a list of all the rescue organizations we supported for 2011

Rescue Organizations
Action for Animals in Distress Society
Big Heart Rescue Society
Canadian Animal Rescue and Extended Shelter
C.A.P.S. Canadian Abused and Abandoned Animal Protection Society
Cats Cradle
Citizens Pet Population Control
Ferret Information Rescue Shelter Trust Society
German Shepherd Rescue of BC
Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary
Hearts on Noses, a mini pig sanctuary
Kitty Cat P.A.L. Society
Lake Cowichan Animal Rescue
Northwest Animal Shelter
Okanagan Small Dog Rescue
Pets in Need
Reptile Rescue, Adoption & Education Society
Rest and Recuperate Equine care society
Royal City Humane Society
Save Animals Through Rescue and Adoption
Senior Animals In Need Today Society
Small Animal Rescue Society of BC
TNT Sharpei Rescue
Turtle Gardens
Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue association (VOKRA)
Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy
Voice of Concern for Animal life
West Coast Rottweiller

We are an all volunteer organization that focuses on raising funds for many of the independent animal and breed specific shelters in the British Columbia. Our primary support is for veterinarian care and our method is to make deposits on the accounts of each Rescue/Shelter at their Veterinarian. Last year (2010), 96.3 % of all funds raised went to the animal rescues.



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Action Alert to Block HB1999 which would legalize slaughtering and selling horse meat

The Roar Foundation and Shambala Preserve
Please help to defeat this bill

Action Alert

Calls needed immediately to defeat HB1999, a bill that would make it legal to slaughter horses in the US and sell their meat. It is critical to defeat this bill which is now in committee and expected up for a vote by Tuesday.

When you call the committee members be polite, brief, professional and always mention the bill number HB1999 (HB stands for House Bill).

10 minutes of your time will make all the difference in the world!

Call each person below and ask them to oppose HB1999.
David Derby, chair- 405-557-7377
Glen Mulready, vice chair – 405-557-7340
Jeanne McDaniel – 405-557-7334
John Enns – 405-557-7321
Mike Shelton – 405-557-7367
Arthur Hulbert – 405-557-7310
Jon Echols – 405-557-7354
Randy Grau – 405-557-7360
Rebecca Hamilton – 405-557-7397
Mike Ritze – 405-557-7338

Click this link for a version of the bill if you want to read it.


Many thanks to our friends at Kaufman Zoning. Click to learn more.

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Please Help Vancouver Family Find Their Lost Dog at Christmas

Lost dog

·         Dogs

One Vancouver, B.C. family is frantic to find their dog, “Levi,” who disappeared on Dec. 18.

Levi’s owners, who had flown to Boston, Mass., had just left their beloved dog with a dog-sitter that same day. Upon hearing the devastating news of Levi’s escape, they immediately flew back home to find him.

Today, the miniature Australian shepherd is still gone and his family is desperate for his return.

Levi is described as sweet, but shy and he will likely run if approached. He weighs approximately 17 pounds and is micro-chipped (            866-597-2424       microchip #0A12206166).

Levi was last seen on Dec. 21, at Kingsway, crossing Knight on the north side.

Those searching for Levi are worried that he is in the vicinity of busy roadways.

Please take a moment to cross-post this information and help find Levi. Anyone who has spotted him is asked to call:             778-847-7045

Christmas will not be the same for this family without Levi. Thank you for taking a moment to cross post this information.

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True Peace Begins On Our Plates ~ By Patricia Tallman

Check out this beautiful letter from Patricia Tallman entitled “True Peace Begins On Our Plates.”
Message from the writer of this beautiful letter:
It would be most helpful for the animals if people would send in their positive feedback to the editor of the Langley Times, because I want to approach them to write a weekly column to further our compassion message for the animals.
His contact info is:
That would be the best thing we can  do for the animals. – a weekly column to keep the message constant. Because once Christmas is over, most people will forget about the article.

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BC wolves need your help! Deadline for comments is Dec. 5th!

Few places remain on this planet where wolves can live as nature intended.
BC is still one of them….but it’s up to YOU to make sure that is stays this way!

Action Alert!

The BC government released a draft management plan for wolves on November 14th that is heavy on management but lacking conservation, ecology, and ethics.  The proposed plan supports the:
·         Elimination of wolves where they overlap with ranchers
·         Machine gunning of wolves where caribou herds are in severe decline
·         Continued sterilization of wolves when a decade of this has not increased  caribou numbers
·         Ongoing slaughter of wolves through lax hunting and trapping regulations (no bag limits, no specific tag required, year-round killing in some regions)
The draft plan needs to be changed!  Your voice is NEEDED.  Current wolf management in BC is extremely outdated.  What’s missing from the plan?  The incredible social nature and family bonds shared among this intelligent species.  Many wolf biologists argue that allowing wolves to express their natural social behaviour benefits the wider ecosystem as well as wolves.  The BC government wants to kill wolves for sport, to appease ranchers, and to help save endangered species.  The number of wolves being killed across the province is at an all-time high since recording began.
Wolf biologist Dr. Linda Rutledge states:
“We have no idea the extent of the impact that repeatedly killing over 25% of a wolf population has on their evolutionary trajectory.  But it’s dangerous to think that you can manipulate them so intensively and have negligible consequences.”
Top predators are among the most outstanding achievements of wilderness, evolving over hundreds of centuries.  The social structure of wolf packs has evolved with this.  It is the wolf pack that is the top predator, not the individual wolf.  Wolves are more than mere numbers.  Their social bonds and kin-based families define what it means to be a wolf. Management plans need to take this into account!
The BC governments’ draft proposal brings us back to a time of fear-mongering.  Wolves are being killed through hunting, trapping, livestock concerns, failing caribou herds, and on transportation routes across the majority of the province.   Extended family members of wolf packs are often butchered in a human-dominated landscape.  We can do better this!  Do not allow our ecosystems to become impoverished due to fear and mismanagement.  Speak against this bloodshed.
Although wolves require an adequate prey base, the defining factor in wolf persistence is protection from humans.  Aldo Leopold learned long ago that “Only the mountain has lived long enough to listen objectively to the howl of a wolf”. None is so hated; none so misunderstood. 
Conservation groups across the province have a vision for a better BC for wolves, wildlife & people. 
1.       Extend the deadline for public input to January 30.
2.       NO helicopter killing or sterilization of wolves.
3.       NO leghold traps, snares or baiting.
4.       Return to former species licence, quotas, bag limits, restricted seasons, and mandatory reporting of kills for hunting wolves.
5.       A decision and statement that lethal predator control is NOT an option for the recovery of mountain caribou and a stop to the Quesnell Highland wolf sterilization and removal project.
6.       A provincial management plan for wolves that considers  the social stability of packs as well as population size to ensure the long term conservation of the species in its most natural form.
7.       A commitment to reduce wolf-livestock-human conflicts through prevention, and provision of educational initiatives and incentives for responsible husbandry practices.
8.       Protect  large tracts of habitat for wolves and their prey. Ensure that protected areas are large enough to support multiple wolf families with no hunting/trapping allowed.
Conservation of wolves and the wild habitat they thrive upon has even been linked to stopping climate change.  Indeed, wolves maintain biodiversity in ecosystems, which are thus better able to handle, as well as buffer, the effects of changes in nature.  The ecosystem services provided by a healthy environment, such as water and air purification, cannot be matched by a dollar value as we cannot replace these necessary services if we tried.  A better BC for all includes a future with iconic predators that Canadians identify with; management of our natural resources in an ethical and sustainable way; clean water and air, and wild spaces that can be explored by foot only.
Many conservation groups are opposed to this plan, including Pacific Wild, Valhalla Wilderness Society, Raincoast Conservation Foundation, The Association of Protection of Furbearing Animals, Friends of Animals, Lifeforce Foundation, Northern Lights Wolf Centre, World Temperate Rainforest Network, Peter A Dettling Wilderness Education Centre, and likely many more to come as they learn about this horrendous proposal!  PLEASE ADD YOUR VOICE!

“History has shown us that if deliberate efforts are not made to conserve large carnivores they are doomed.”  –Hummel and Pettigrew

Are we taking these steps?  Speak out for BC’s wolves. Voice your concern.
Public input deadline is December 5. It’s easy to submit your comments at:

Or contact: 

Honourable Steve Thomson
PO BOX 9049 Stn. Prov. Govt.
Victoria, BC
V8W 9E2

Telephone: 250 387-6240
Fax: 250 387-1040


 “By remaining silent, we allow others to prevail” – Martin Luther King
Thank you for your howls! 
Please cc.  on letters sent if possible.
 Most sincerely, Sadie Parr


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