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S.O.S. Save Our Skipper Wednesday May 23 is a Day of Action For Captain Watson at your local Embassy between 11 and 1

Hey Everyone!

As you`ve probably already heard, Captain Paul Watson`s life is threatened. He is out on bail in Germany but it`s not over yet. Sea Shepherd is calling on all of it`s supporters to gather at our local German Embassy or consulate between the hours of 1100 and 1300 (local time) to show support, make our voices heard and demand for his freedom. We are calling for a Global Day of Action on Wednesday May 23rd. On this day the President of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, will be visiting German Chancellor Merkel in Berlin. Wednesday May 23rd is S.O.S. Day – Save Our Skipper! I`m in!!!! Are you??


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A Second Fish Farm Tests Positive for Virus Near Clayoquot Sound


There is an outbreak of a virus in Clayoquot Sound near the endangered salmon runs of the Megin River.  A second farm tested positive on Friday near Sechelt Inlet. Government says it is IHN, government says it is not a problem for wild salmon, but the scientific literature says different.

Government and the salmon farming industry have won my complete distrust and so I am trying to find out more and trying to get samples to run tests on the farm salmon and the wild salmon nearby.

If this virus is truly no problem, the industry, the province and the federal government should be fine with independent tests.

Mainstream, owned by the Norwegian government is killing 1/2 million fish “This is code red,” says Mainstream spokesperson Laurie Jensen

Very disturbing,

alexandra morton

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First Nations Alliance Come Together to Enforce Ban on Tar Sands Pipeline in Traditional Territories

Dear friends,

The Yinka Dene Alliance, an alliance of five First Nations from Northern B.C., and other First Nations allies are about to complete a cross-country journey from Vancouver to Toronto to enforce their legal ban on tar sands pipelines from their traditional territories. 

For years, they have been at the front-line of work to oppose this destructive pipeline, and the tankers its construction would bring to BC‘s coast. As the federal government has ramped up its extreme rhetoric against people who oppose the pipeline, the Yinka Dene are refusing to be ignored, and now they are heading directly to Enbridge’s shareholder meeting in Toronto to deliver their message in person.
Today, we’re writing to ask you if you will add your voice to theirs by signing their petition now. All of our voices are stronger when we speak together. Members of the Yinka Dene will personally deliver the petition to Enbridge’s executives at the company’s AGM on Tuesday.

The Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline will pump 500,000 barrels per day of oil through their territory, and a single spill could destroy their communities, culture, and way of life. The Yinka Dene are literally “people of the land” and their livelihoods and culture depend on healthy water, soil, and ecosystems.

The Yinka Dene nations have never ceded their territory and legally no development projects may be built on their traditional territories without their consent.

Sign the Yinka Dene Alliance’s Freedom Train petition now to show your support for their journey to Toronto. Every voice strengthens their message, and will help ensure that this destructive pipeline is not built.

The Yinka Dene Alliance departed on their cross-country train journey April 29, and already over 7,000 Canadians have shown their support by telling Enbridge that we stand with the Yinka Dene Alliance and against this destructive pipeline. Let’s help the Yinka Dene get to 10,000 before the shareholder meeting on Wednesday.

Thanks for standing together for our coast, our climate, and in solidarity with the Yinka Dene Nations.

Yinka Dene Freedom Train

Here’s the full petition:

We call on Parliament to recognize the decision that has been taken by the Yinka Dene Alliance and other First Nations to ban tar sands pipelines and tankers in their lands and waters – including the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker project.

Your information will be kept confidential if you do not publish it on the website. You may provide just your province and postal code if you wish. Anyone may sign but only residents of Canada will be counted by Parliament. Your personal information will be held by the Yinka Dene Alliance and won’t be sold. We may contact you on a very limited basis. We may also share this list with allied organizations – on a limited basis – who support our cause.

Sign here:

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