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Tonight, discussion on Tar Sands: Tsleil Waututh Community Centre September 11 at 7:00 p.m.

From the thousands of you who’ve taken action online, to the crowds that withstood the bitter cold at last fall’s Defend our Coast rally, to the rejection of the Enbridge Northern Gateway project by Premier Clark herself, the message is loud and clear. British Columbians have said ‘No’ to pipelines and tankers.

Unfortunately, we all know it is not enough just to say ‘No.’ We also have to find alternatives to tar sands we can say ‘Yes’ to.

That is why I am excited to invite you to ForestEthics Advocacy’s and the Tsleil Waututh Nation Sacred Trust Initiative’s Town Hall meeting to discuss our future: the end of our dependence on tar sands and the creation of local jobs we can all be proud of.

Join us Wednesday, September 11th at 7pm at the Tsleil Waututh Community Centre (3010 Sleil Waututh Rd. North Vancouver.) Act now to RSVP and reserve your spot in this important conversation.

Working with the Tsleil Waututh Nation Sacred Trust Initiative to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline has been an inspiring experience for me. Not only are they committed to defending the land and water around Burrard Inlet — of which they have been the stewards for countless generations — but they have also taken bold steps towards making a safer and healthier economy a reality.

When you compare the environmental protection efforts of the Tsleil Waututh Nation to the record of our own Canadian government, it’s startling just how wrong of a path the Harper government is on.
Instead of investing in a healthy future of alternative energy, our government continues to subsidize the tar sands — one of the most dangerous industries in the world. This cheerleading for short-sited pipeline projects must stop. And we must demand alternatives.

Clearly Canada can and must do better. But that kind of change will only happen if we insist on it. That’s why your voice is so important. Speak up. Join us.

I hope to see you there,
Ben West
Tar Sands Campaign Director, ForestEthics Advocacy

Ready to talk about our future? So are we.

Join us for a Town Hall meeting and together we’ll find our future beyond tar sands.



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Radical Animals and Ravaged Environments: A New Understanding For a Common Struggle

Radical Animals and Ravaged Environments: A New Understanding For a Common Struggle

Thursday, September 12th, 7pm
The Yet-to-be-named Former Rhizome Café, 317 East Broadway

Hosted by The Black Paw Print Collective and Rising Tide – Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories.


Join us for a community discussion about bridging together environmental struggles and animal liberation.

With presentations by
Aylon Cohen, Black Paw Print Collective
Comrade Black, Profane Existence and former SHAC Canada
Fletch, Rising Tide-Vancouver
Suzy Q, Black Paw Print Collective


The Black Paw Print Collective is an anarch@-feminist collective devoted to total animal, environmental, and human liberation through direct action and education.

Rising Tide: Vancouver Coast Salish Territories is a grassroots environmental justice group committed to fighting the root causes of climate change and the interconnected destruction of land, water, and air.

RSVP on facebook:


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UBC Animal Research friends and supporters !!

Subject: Please join us for two important events!

Hi to all Stop UBC Animal Research friends and supporters! You are invited to a vital planning meeting this coming Monday, September 9th at 7pm, at 1428 West 7th Avenue in Vancouver
(near Granville Street). Newcomers are welcome to join in and share their ideas, questions and expertise….

We will be hearing more about the upcoming visit by Dr. Ray Greek, President of
Americans for Medical Advancement, in an event sponsored by Stop UBC Animal Research.
9/27th at VPL will be an unprecedented opportunity for many to hear a leading scientist speak out
against animal research – a presentation not to be missed!

We have much planning to do for 9/27th. We will also be planning upcoming advertising and outreach
opportunities and looking for exciting new ways to keep the campaign active and a powerful voice for
the animals in laboratories at UBC and at other Canadian institutions.

Please RSVP if you can join us at Monday’s meeting!

604-551-3324 or

Who Knew?!
10,000 Canadians are killed EVERY YEAR by ANIMAL-TESTED drugs!
This is the 4th leading cause of death! JAMA 1997 vol.277, pp.301-6
featuring Dr. John J. Pippin, MD “MAXIMUM TOLERATED DOSE”
6 pm – 7:30 pm
Dr. C. Ray Greek, MD, author of
SACRED COWS and GOLDEN GEESE The Human Cost of Experiments on Animals
Appearing in person to answer questions and elaborate on “TRUISMS – That Aren’t True”….
8 pm
Sept. 27, 2013
Vancouver Main Public Library 350 West Georgia St. Peter Kaye Room

From Stop UBC Animal Research Website:

In February, 2010, Stop UBC Animal Research formed out of concern for animals at the university. Our months-long investigation of UBC revealed disturbing details. For instance, one UBC researcher has experimented on cats for 30 years. In 2008 he received a five-year, federally funded grant for continued animal research. In his papers, the researcher described how he had cut open the backs of cats to expose their vertebrae, inserted titanium screws into the cats’ spinal columns to inhibit movement, and built restraint chambers around the cats’ exposed vertebrae to give researchers access to the cats’ spinal columns and to fix the animals in a sitting position for recording sessions.

We also discovered UBC researchers have conducted studies in which they:

Administered electroconvulsive shock to monkeys to induce seizures
Poured a saline solution into newborn piglets’ lungs to induce respiratory failure
Captured wild songbirds, withdrew their blood, then decapitated some of the birds
Exposed mice to cigarette smoke for up to six months in emphysema research
Blinded monkeys in vision studies



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Romania, approve a humane, compassionate law for stray dogs

Dear friends,
Now more than ever the stray dogs in Romania, and their protectors need OUR VOICE….the sperter of EXTERMINATION has been cast upon them, and it could be OUR LAST chance to help save them from HORRIBLE DEATH.
Please send this letter to the provided emails
( they are from the president, prime minister, parliament, media, Romanian embassie…some might bounce back…but it is OK…) PLEASE, I BEG YOU….HELP these poor souls.


Mister President
Honorable Prime Minister
Distinguished Members of the Romanian Parliament
Dear Officials and Romanian Media

We write you, to express our sadness about the tragedy which took the life of a little boy who got lost in a park in Romania and was bitten by dogs, on a private property. Although we understand the suffering this horrible accident has caused, we cannot accept the horrible, unreasonable and hateful mentality and decisions which have appeared in Romania leading to the call to exterminate all stray dogs.

For almost 20 years Romania killed indiscriminately and unlawfully, probably millions of dogs instead of implementing mandatory sterilizations of strays as well as owned dogs and severely punishing the abandon of puppies, everywhere.
We are well aware of the Law which will be debated upon in the Judiciary Committee of the Romanian Parliament and which will be voted upon in the Plenary…We are well aware that this important law has been approved by the Romanian Senate with an overwhelming majority, but was not well received by mayors in Romania, for very subjective and questionable reasons.

We cannot remain silent to this CALL of MOST BARBARIC mentality which could impose and legalize the EXTERMINATION of all stray dogs – literally – by people, by dog catchers, by mayors and BY one the most horrific LAW in the EU…

We know how dogs are “euthanized” in Romania, for decades : beaten to death, injected with water, vinegar, paint thinner, electrocuted, at the hands of the lowest for the lowest individuals in the society , hired as dog catchers…individuals who brings shame on Romania and on the notion of HUMAN BEING itself.

We kindly ask the Romanian Legislators to approve a HUMANE, CIVILIZED and COMPASSIONATE LAW, basically to approve the Law 771/912/2007, in the form approved by the Romanian Senate.
Anything less will make Romania, officially The Land of Death for Stray Dogs (at least)
The time for Romania to show the world that it is indeed a civilized country, in the 21st century is NOW, and this law, could become one of the most important ever, because it will reflect the mentality, the attitude, the humanity and the compassion of en entire people…

Please take note about the international petition against the acceptance of Romania in the Schengen Space, until the problem of stray animals is solved in a civilized, humane and efficient manner without the legalization of the mass killings of stray dogs in public shelters, and all the other international petition generated by the BARBARIC suggestion coming from the President of Romania, to EXTERMINATE all stray dogs.
Open petitionsötung-der-straßenhunde?share_id=PmhuZZUDaJ&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petitionâmnicu-vâlcea-drop-your-plan-to-kill-all-homeless-dogs-after-7-days-it-s-unlawful
Closed petitionsürgermeister-von-craiova-rumänien-mayor-of-craiova-romania-immediately-stop-the-plans-off-killing-of-stray-dogs?utm_campaign=friend_inviter_chat&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition&utm_term=permissions_dialog_false

We do not agree that the state run shelters be opened to public access only based on local schedules, at the discretion of each mayor. .The shelters, MUST be all, at national level, open to the public from 12pm to 8 pm, like in all civilized countries in the world. The local organizations for the protection of animals must be involved in the activities in the public shelters.

We do not accept the idea that the adoption of animals from state run shelters be done based on the written approval of the next door neighbor, nor the Associations of Tenants, because these requirements are in fact a violation of constitutional rights, intrusion in one’s private life, and also the violation of the right to own property.

These requirements are not imposed anywhere in the world.
We kindly ask the Judiciary Committee and The Committee for Public Administration to reject all the amendments made by AMR, and all the other amendments which can be proved unconstitutional, because a national law MUST be applied in the same manner in the entire country and must respect the Constitutional and Human Rights as stipulated in the Romanian Constitution and the Universal Chart of Human Rights, and to reflect the degree of the moral progress of a nation in the way the animals are treated.

We kindly ask to categorically BAN the euthanasia of healthy animals.

The image Romania and the Romania people will have in the world depends on the decision of the Romanian Parliament…which will become responsible for the way Romania and the Romanian people will be judged…
Romania is already known by animal cruelty.

Please, be advised that if the killing of dogs starts, we will show to the entire world the reality of the dog camps, we will notify worldwide about the financial interests behind the business of killing dogs, we will withdraw any support that we have given so far to your country, we will boycott Romanian products and tourism, as no one will want to associate with a corrupt, cruel and immoral country.

Please remember that the Constitutional Court of Romania decided (Decision 1/2012) that euthanasia is ILLEGAL as a stray dogs management method until all other solutions have been applied properly, uniformly and with responsibility by local authorities
The Lisbon Treaty (art. 13, TFEU) states that the “animals are sentient beings”
The European Parliament Resolution of 4 July 2012 on the establishment of an EU legal framework for the protection of pets and stray animals ( 2012/2670 (RSP )
The time for Romania to show the world that it is indeed a civilized country, in the 21st century is NOW, and this law, could become one of the most important ever, because it will reflect the mentality , the attitude, the humanity and the compassion of en entire people…Please do NOT harm your country.
PLEASE…BAN forever the euthanasia of healthy animals, with or without owners.
PLEASE …impose mass sterilization, severely punish the abandon and all act of cruelty towards animals, regardless of who commits them.

Thank you very much for your attention
Your NAme, town and country

TO :,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

CC :,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,tonł,,,,,

BCC :,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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New CATCA-ACWF Auction page!

To all my FB friends and colleagues: Here is our new CATCA-ACWF Auction page!:! Each month the items won will be shipped to the winners and we will add new items. The deadline for this Auction is September 30th. Our work is volunteer based, so we need to do these auctions to help pay for the office expenses. check what we do: and
This Auction is good for Canada, US and the world!
Thank you!
Ericka Ceballos

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Artistic Expression For World Wide Peace Project

Please check out this contribution to the Whole Nine Peace Project on Dairy Cows and Cows used in the Meat Industry.


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