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Updates and Notes from Uvic Rabbits

Some quick links and notes to bring you up to date with the situation at UVic right now:

A Channel video of rabbit trapping Monday Aug 30 2010

rabbit trapping pics from Monday Aug 30 2010

Times Colonist article Aug 31 2010 University trapping rabbits – But the lifting of injunction at UVic does not mean any will be killed

University of Victoria’s press release – Aug 30 2010

UVic’s promises to date:
Note: the requirement for the sanctuaries to “be diligent…consistently manage the numbers they say they can” We must continue to support our sanctuaries on an ongoing and long-term basis so they can place ALL the animals being removed.

“As long as there are sanctuaries with room, we will move them out to the sanctuaries,” said UVic spokeswoman Patty Pitts.
“We will trap to meet capacity.” Patty Pitts Times Colonist Aug 25 2010

Letter to BC Supreme Court from the University of Victoria – referenced in the decision of Judge Cullen p.23 (47) Aug. 30 2010
“…UVic’s first choice is to fill all the sanctuary places on a reasonable schedule, taking into account the speed with which rabbits may be processed by veterinarians and transported under the applicable permits.”

from CFAX Adam Stirling interview with Tom Smith Aug 30 2010: (paraphrased)
Adam: What happens now?
Tom Smith “We start to trap rabbits, we have arranged for the permitted groups to receive two groups of rabbits 60 on Tuesday (Susan), 40 on Thursday (Laura Leah)
Adam: we saw a press release from UVic saying you want to trap 400-500 in August.
Tom: yes in Aug and Sept we want to remove 400-500 in student residences’ areas, we are talking with permitted groups, and there are 14 vet firms, we have put out a schedule to the groups, we have backed out of our original plan and original numbers, the court injunction blocked us from trapping for 5 weeks. We trapped 45-50 rabbits today, we backed off on numbers based on what vets can handle,
Adam: So what happens to any “surplus” rabbits?
Tom: We think there is enough space for them, there are other sanctuaries for 400-450 rabbits, but we want to be clear, the sanctuaries must be diligent in taking the number of rabbits they agree on, and we demand proof of spay neuter and as so as long as they consistently manage the numbers they say they can it is a remote possibility that we will put down rabbits. The sanctuaries have demonstrated that they can place and raise funds so it looks very positive right now,
Adam: Why was it so important for you to trap before the students arrive?
Tom: there is the damage of feces, it is disgusting, there is so much poop, we want to reduce poop, the students move about, and they disturb the rabbits,
right now it is easy, when the studs arrive back it will be more difficult to trap
Adam: are there concerns students would be bothered by seeing the trapping of rabbits?
Tom: no, we put posters in the residences that the rabbits are going to sanctuaries, it would’ve been better to do before, they will witness, it wil be ok,
Adam: re Long Term Rabbit Management Plan, since its release, originally there was a likelihood that a large number of rabbits would be killed, what has changed?
Tom: the people from the sanctuaries are taking positive actions to do permitting, we were planning to move rabbits, but the biggest difference is we never thought there was the capacity in the community to house those rabbits.
Adam: what is the time plan?
Tom: we will have removed 4-5 hundred in Sept, then catch the rest in Nov, we still need volunteers to manage the remaining population, but it seems that some people want all the rabbits removed, that is a thought we had not had in the past.

To continue monitoring UVic and ensuring they meet their undertaking to give all the rabbits to the permitted sanctuaries.
To continue supporting the sanctuaries in their ongoing capacity development and in the day to day costs of maintaining large numbers of rabbits long-term.

Legal Funds:

We have found a lawyer specializing in animal rights law and  who is willing to work on this case and ongoing litigation for the rabbits.  We need to get a retainer together to allow this person to devote a chunk of time and resources to what I have been told is a complex specialized area of law.  Donations can be made to TD Canada Trust bank to the Social Justice Advocacy Project.  The account number is 84145212107 the branch number is 05680 and if you are not in Canada you need the institution number which is 004.

Donations can be made at any bank or financial institution and transferred to this account.

Please share this message with others who may be interested  If you have pledged money, now is the time to send it.  The current balance in the account is $26.46


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Active Vegans Group


Check it out as a way to get involved with other Vegans to meet up and join in various activities (outside the restaurant)!

Here is what they say:

“hello! we’re a Meetup group for vegans in the Vancouver area things!

it’s not a ‘fitness club’, it’s not a ‘team’, it’s not a ‘club’. it’s just a non-restauranty setting to hang out with vegans, and share a(nother) common interest.

things will perhaps be relatively spontaneous, but I suppose we’ll organise some planned events from time to time.

come along! you don’t *have* to be vegan, but be respectful and enjoy yourself 🙂

Join up Here:

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Vegnews: Vegan Bake Sale raises money for UVic Bunnies

Congratulations to Liberation BC and EARS for their fundraising success!

Vegan Bake Sale raises money for campus rabbits.

By Brooke Still

This past June, the University of Victoria in British Columbia asked Earthanimal Humane Education and Rescue Society to assist in the removal of the excessive rabbit population on campus. The University gave EARS until the end of July to relocate the animals, and after that the remainder would be put down. In order to raise funds for the relocation and the spaying and neutering of the rabbits, EARS, along with Liberation BC, held a vegan bake sale Wednesday, July 28. The bake sale was immensely successful, raising more than $8,300. Gary Lowenthal, founder of Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, was reported saying that this broke the record of all vegan bake sales.

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Farm Sanctuary’s Gene Baur in Vancouver

Event Details:

When: Sunday Sept 26th, 1-5 pm

Where: Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre

What: Talk and Silent Auction With Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary

Everyday we make choices that affect our health, environment and the animals we raise for food, SUSTAINABILITY, COMPASSION, FACTORY FARMING, FREE RANGE, ORGANIC, are just some of the topics that will be discussed. Learn how you too can make a difference for a healthier lifestyle and make better more informed choices about what you’re eating and how you view your food.

Gene Baur from Farm Sanctuary, Eleanor Boyle on Sustainable Food, Attainable Health, and Rex Wyler of Greenpeace, these are some of the most informed and knowledgeable speakers around. An event not to be missed.

Silent auction, wine, canapes and live musical performances by our local artists, Fera Group and Evan Kennedy.

Let’s bring our community together to create a stronger force for our future and our planet. Together we can make a difference.

All proceeds are 100% non profit and all proceeds are being donated to Farm Sanctuary and Vancouvers own, Liberation, BC.  LIMITED SEATING, get your tickets today.

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Animals as Biotechnology: Critical Animal Studies

Full Version Here:

Ethics, Sustainability and Critical Animal Studies

By Dr. Richard Twine

Published by Earthscan, August 20th 2010

Many thanks for taking an interest in my new book. Here I provide a brief sketch of its main themes. Perhaps my primary hope in its publication is that it inspires more work from within cognate academic and non-academic spaces that will further examine both animal biotechnology and the global meat and dairy industry.

Animals as Biotechnology simmers along to a culmination in a critical examination of the vital intersections between human/animal relations, climate change and a questioning of economic growth, although there are various equally significant sub-plots along the way. Whilst I hope that this can be an important contribution to the literature that foregrounds changes to human/animal relations as integral to addressing climate change there is much more here besides.

The book was inspired by initial interest and research into the various animal sciences that surround the commodification of farmed animals into food. It was also motivated by a relative gap in the (animal studies) literature pertaining to animal biotechnology. Specifically I was (am) intrigued by the parallel emergence of scientific and corporate excitement around the new genomics of such commodification alongside the rather antithetical academic interest from interdisciplinary (critical) animal studies in the subjectification of nonhuman animals. In a general sense the molecularization of animal breeding (the transition to using genomic knowledge, cloning and perhaps GM) potentially offers increased control over farmed species and is being cast in an important role in the so called ‘livestock revolution’ – a forecasted doubling of meat/dairy production between now and 2050. This is happening at the very same time that many cultures have begun to engage in a sociological and philosophical re-evaluation of the politics and ethics of human/animal relations. Yet, I argue that this particular take on animal biotech jars not only with such critical reflexive knowledge but as much with the science knowledge base from animal welfare, public health, nutritional and climate science.

Full Version Here:

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UVic Rabbit Injuction

The University of Victoria has applied to the B.C. Supreme Court to set aside an injunction that last month blocked it from trapping and killing the wild rabbits that are overrunning its campus. The injunction was obtained by animal rights activist Roslyn Cassells, who was working to relocate the animals — whose numbers top 1,500 — to shelters. Sanctuaries, including one in Texas, were ready to take the rabbits, but the relocation organizers had not obtained the necessary Ministry of Environment permits as the initial date for the cull approached. The university says it expects the court to hear its application on Aug. 16. It argues that Ms. Cassells has no legal standing to bring the injunction forward and that the university’s “rabbit-management plan” meets government requirements. It says the rabbits are a safety and possible health hazard, adding they damage campus grounds and vegetation.

Other Related Articles:

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Update from Action for UVic Rabbits

I spent the whole day in court today defending the injunction against killing rabbits, and negotiating for the lifting of the trapping injunction with contingencies and flexibility to address unforseen future animal welfare or bureaucratic issues.

I argued in favour of allowing trapping if UVic abides by certain conditions to ensure the safe, orderly evacuation of our dear rabbits to their forever homes!

I am still without a lawyer, the judge has been patient, but I am back in court on Wednesday Aug. 25.

$800 has been pledged for a retainer so far, please keep on donating. It is important that the injunction is successful for the safety of the buns and for us to have some say in the manner of their removal.

Donate to the Social Justice Advocacy Project at TD Canada Trust branch 05680 account 84145212107

You can deposit at any TD branch or do a transfer from your financial institution.

We have a lawyer willing to work for a lower fee, but there has to be a few thousand at least for a retainer.

All best,

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Animal Voices Radio Show Fri Aug 20

Check out the full version here:

In this episode, Alison will give a review of the Wallflower restaurant.

We will be interviewing local activist Rita Mashinsky from the Stop UBC Animal Research campaign. This campaign started a few months ago in response to UBC’s secretive research on 100,000 animals per year. UBC maintains over thirty animal care facilities across its campus and throughout the rest of Vancouver.

Our Feature interview is with JB Mulcahy, Director of Operations at the Chimp Sanctuary Northwest (CSNW). J.B. Mulcahy began working with chimpanzees in 1998. Prior to CSNW, he worked for the Fauna Foundation, the first sanctuary to rescue chimpanzees used in HIV research. CSNW is home to Burrito, Foxie, Jamie, Jody, Missy, and Negra, also known as the Cle Elum Seven. They came from Buckshire Corporation, a company that rented out chimps for bio-medical research. The Cle Elum Seven were used for Hepatitis vaccine studies and for breeding. Go to the CSNW blog to learn about the chimps and watch videos of their journey and adventures

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VOKRA’S Walk for the Kitties Sept 11, 2010


START TIME:  WALKATHON Registration AT 9:30am,

Walk begins 10:00 am, following this is the Family Fair into the afternoon.


Questions? Contact:,
Or to volunteer:


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Georgia Straight: PETA Poses Nude in Vancouver

Blogs » Blog – Quickies

Photos: Nearly naked PETA protest encourages people to go vegan

By Staff, August 18, 2010

Two nearly naked members of the activist group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals took to the streets of Vancouver on August 17 to encourage people to practice a vegan lifestyle. Wearing almost nothing except paint depicting butchers’ cuts of meat, the women carried signs reading “All Animals Have the Same Parts—Go Vegan”.

All photos courtesy of PETA.

The women also hit the streets of Victoria with the same message earlier this week.

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