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Romania, approve a humane, compassionate law for stray dogs

Dear friends,
Now more than ever the stray dogs in Romania, and their protectors need OUR VOICE….the sperter of EXTERMINATION has been cast upon them, and it could be OUR LAST chance to help save them from HORRIBLE DEATH.
Please send this letter to the provided emails
( they are from the president, prime minister, parliament, media, Romanian embassie…some might bounce back…but it is OK…) PLEASE, I BEG YOU….HELP these poor souls.


Mister President
Honorable Prime Minister
Distinguished Members of the Romanian Parliament
Dear Officials and Romanian Media

We write you, to express our sadness about the tragedy which took the life of a little boy who got lost in a park in Romania and was bitten by dogs, on a private property. Although we understand the suffering this horrible accident has caused, we cannot accept the horrible, unreasonable and hateful mentality and decisions which have appeared in Romania leading to the call to exterminate all stray dogs.

For almost 20 years Romania killed indiscriminately and unlawfully, probably millions of dogs instead of implementing mandatory sterilizations of strays as well as owned dogs and severely punishing the abandon of puppies, everywhere.
We are well aware of the Law which will be debated upon in the Judiciary Committee of the Romanian Parliament and which will be voted upon in the Plenary…We are well aware that this important law has been approved by the Romanian Senate with an overwhelming majority, but was not well received by mayors in Romania, for very subjective and questionable reasons.

We cannot remain silent to this CALL of MOST BARBARIC mentality which could impose and legalize the EXTERMINATION of all stray dogs – literally – by people, by dog catchers, by mayors and BY one the most horrific LAW in the EU…

We know how dogs are “euthanized” in Romania, for decades : beaten to death, injected with water, vinegar, paint thinner, electrocuted, at the hands of the lowest for the lowest individuals in the society , hired as dog catchers…individuals who brings shame on Romania and on the notion of HUMAN BEING itself.

We kindly ask the Romanian Legislators to approve a HUMANE, CIVILIZED and COMPASSIONATE LAW, basically to approve the Law 771/912/2007, in the form approved by the Romanian Senate.
Anything less will make Romania, officially The Land of Death for Stray Dogs (at least)
The time for Romania to show the world that it is indeed a civilized country, in the 21st century is NOW, and this law, could become one of the most important ever, because it will reflect the mentality, the attitude, the humanity and the compassion of en entire people…

Please take note about the international petition against the acceptance of Romania in the Schengen Space, until the problem of stray animals is solved in a civilized, humane and efficient manner without the legalization of the mass killings of stray dogs in public shelters, and all the other international petition generated by the BARBARIC suggestion coming from the President of Romania, to EXTERMINATE all stray dogs.
Open petitionsötung-der-straßenhunde?share_id=PmhuZZUDaJ&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petitionâmnicu-vâlcea-drop-your-plan-to-kill-all-homeless-dogs-after-7-days-it-s-unlawful
Closed petitionsürgermeister-von-craiova-rumänien-mayor-of-craiova-romania-immediately-stop-the-plans-off-killing-of-stray-dogs?utm_campaign=friend_inviter_chat&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition&utm_term=permissions_dialog_false

We do not agree that the state run shelters be opened to public access only based on local schedules, at the discretion of each mayor. .The shelters, MUST be all, at national level, open to the public from 12pm to 8 pm, like in all civilized countries in the world. The local organizations for the protection of animals must be involved in the activities in the public shelters.

We do not accept the idea that the adoption of animals from state run shelters be done based on the written approval of the next door neighbor, nor the Associations of Tenants, because these requirements are in fact a violation of constitutional rights, intrusion in one’s private life, and also the violation of the right to own property.

These requirements are not imposed anywhere in the world.
We kindly ask the Judiciary Committee and The Committee for Public Administration to reject all the amendments made by AMR, and all the other amendments which can be proved unconstitutional, because a national law MUST be applied in the same manner in the entire country and must respect the Constitutional and Human Rights as stipulated in the Romanian Constitution and the Universal Chart of Human Rights, and to reflect the degree of the moral progress of a nation in the way the animals are treated.

We kindly ask to categorically BAN the euthanasia of healthy animals.

The image Romania and the Romania people will have in the world depends on the decision of the Romanian Parliament…which will become responsible for the way Romania and the Romanian people will be judged…
Romania is already known by animal cruelty.

Please, be advised that if the killing of dogs starts, we will show to the entire world the reality of the dog camps, we will notify worldwide about the financial interests behind the business of killing dogs, we will withdraw any support that we have given so far to your country, we will boycott Romanian products and tourism, as no one will want to associate with a corrupt, cruel and immoral country.

Please remember that the Constitutional Court of Romania decided (Decision 1/2012) that euthanasia is ILLEGAL as a stray dogs management method until all other solutions have been applied properly, uniformly and with responsibility by local authorities
The Lisbon Treaty (art. 13, TFEU) states that the “animals are sentient beings”
The European Parliament Resolution of 4 July 2012 on the establishment of an EU legal framework for the protection of pets and stray animals ( 2012/2670 (RSP )
The time for Romania to show the world that it is indeed a civilized country, in the 21st century is NOW, and this law, could become one of the most important ever, because it will reflect the mentality , the attitude, the humanity and the compassion of en entire people…Please do NOT harm your country.
PLEASE…BAN forever the euthanasia of healthy animals, with or without owners.
PLEASE …impose mass sterilization, severely punish the abandon and all act of cruelty towards animals, regardless of who commits them.

Thank you very much for your attention
Your NAme, town and country

TO :,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

CC :,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,tonł,,,,,

BCC :,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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Help our dear friends in Ontario fight bird habitat destruction

CK Woodlot Preservation

It might be about power and politics and fear more than money. Too many have the impression that to pass a By Law is upsetting the Ag community, which is so cherished and prevalent in our area. However, maybe to NOT pass a By Law is upsetting to many of the Ag community too as well as all the rest! Again, this has been painted as a rural vs urban debate and many, including councillors, still have that falsehood in mind and it has proven very difficult to change that. You will notice the ones holding out in most votes on the issue are the prime Ag jurisdictions. They think they are doing what their rate payers desire and we need to show them numbers and majority!!! I don’t think we can simply count on them to “do what’s right” for the future of the Municipality and everyone in it. They need to know where their constituents stand.

Emailling is helpful, or your local councillor, whose email can be found at

Also, sign and get your friends and family to sign the online petition at



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Passionate Letter on larger scale farming in Okanagan

Passionate Letter forwarded to us:

This is ALL over the Okanagan, it is so sickening! There is another farmer named August Bremmer who is larger scale and even worse. Outside enderby past the salmon arm turnoff, past the horrific cedar mill toward grindrod on hwy 97, on the right side you can see cows in muddy stalls dreading the day they will be slaughtered after hours on transport trucks. Turn down the driveway on the right after passing this scene to the end and that is where he has one of his dairy/veal operations. There is a large barn where he imprisons and tortures mothers and many small pens where he imprisons and tortures newborn babies in the heat of the summer with NO ventilation nor shade.

IT IS AN UNSPEAKABLE CRIME! He has more operations down Emeny rd which is about 100 yards down the highway, turn right onto Emeny, drive to the end and there are more barns and pens where he operates the same torture enterprise. I took pictures of this last year and sent it to the media and contacted the spca. as expected, the spca declared it was legal and refused to do anything. Bremmer’s grandson who works this operation caught me taking pictures and was very angry. These people do not want to be exposed..

As i mentioned, I worked in different organic, free range and biodynamic farms and I can tell you that there is no way to get dairy without causing unbearable grief to mothers. One incident at a well known biodynamic farm i worked at made me forever give up all dairy. A mother cow was allowed to keep her baby for a year. When her child was taken from her, she screamed and screamed and cried for her baby days and nights non stop until she collapsed from grief and exhaustion. I have never been able to get her screams and cries out of my head since then. And this is supposed to be the best possible scenario for dairy production out there and it cannot do it without inflicting unbearable grief and suffering to mothers. I realized that this is what a mother had to endure for me to eat this politically correct “organic” butter or cheese for a few seconds of taste. The dairy production in cherryville that sells unpasturized cheese does the exact same thing to mothers.

The problem is evil bastards in govt have promoted crimes of farming as so called “legal” and everyone is too afraid to challenge or oppose it. They think that the govt and its “laws” are handed down from some god in the sky written in stone tablets and cannot be defied. Where are all the brave warriors?

All great and courageous leaders of every movement for justice have unanimously exhorted us to ONE impertive: It is morally incumbent on us to break and defy unjust laws….

“…. If a man has nothing worth dying for, then that man is not fit to live…” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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We Hate It when Stupid People Boil Lobsters And Crabs Alive!

Doing some research to figure out how to approach the overwhelming problem/issue of how to deal with all of the live lobsters and crabs in the city. First of all, that they are contained in these horrific tanks, where they are stressed out of their claws for days and hours on end…. Then facing a witch hunt trial of being boiled alive, like they are nothing more than a noodle…. Peace! People! Are we not liberated from the forces of mediocrity and medieval times yet? Nope.

Well, as we expected to hear, there is no humane way of killing a lobster. So we just have to stop eating them! Well, we’d love to hear what you think and if you have any suggestions.

Here is a letter written to a Chef who said that Lobsters have no nervous systems and can feel no pain.

Wow, I just read your article about how to humanely cook a lobster, which comes across as completely cold hearted and inhumane and I would like to correct you on some points.

“Contrary to claims made by seafood sellers, scientists have determined that lobsters, like all animals, can feel pain. Also, when kept in tanks, they may suffer from stress associated with confinement, low oxygen levels, and crowding. Most scientists agree that a lobster’s nervous system is quite sophisticated. Neurobiologist Tom Abrams says lobsters have “a full array of senses.”

Lobsters may feel even more pain than we would in similar situations. According to invertebrate zoologist Jaren G. Horsley, “The lobster does not have an autonomic nervous system that puts it into a state of shock when it is harmed. It probably feels itself being cut. … I think the lobster is in a great deal of pain from being cut open … [and] feels all the pain until its nervous system is destroyed” during cooking.

“As an invertebrate zoologist who has studied crustaceans for a number of years, I can tell you the lobster has a rather sophisticated nervous system that, among other things, allows it to sense actions that will cause it harm. … [Lobsters] can, I am sure, sense pain.”—Jaren G. Horsley, Ph.D ” peta blog

Our world is cruel and painful enough, although I am gratful that you have made an attempt to offer humane alternatives to boiling lobsters alive, I find it completely arrogant and selfish when I see Chefs taking a position following the myth that lobsters feel no pain because they have no central nervous system (How I Wish that were the case!) anybody with a heart and eyes, can begin to imagine what they would experience and can see that a thrashing lobster is obviously in pain! That is pure common sense! When you are writing articles and informing others about ethical choices that results in the possibility of creating incredible agony for sentient beings, it should be made with some deep soul searching thoughts about what you are saying. A good way to start, is to begin with compassion for all living beings. We hope you will join the new wave of humanitarians around the world who are advocating a vegan diet for our planet, our selves and of course the innocent beings that allow us to share this planet with them.


Written in response to this article:

We think, this little blue lobster here, is the only way one should ever hold a lobster . . .



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SPCA Letter defending pet ownership to unfriendly Landlords: 2500 pets surrendered due to lack of pet friendly housing

A Letter from the BC SPCA

To whom it may concern,

The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA) takes the position that companion animals enrich our lives and contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of communities. Therefore we strongly endorse the concept of pet-friendly housing. When responsible pet guardians are allowed to keep animals, they tend to stay in units longer and take good care of their property. This, along with the increased social interaction between neighbours who are out walking their pets, leads to lower turnover of residents, good relationships between
neighbours and better security in buildings.

The benefits of pet guardianship to human physical and emotional health are well-documented. Companion animals assist children with the development of language skills, empathy, responsibility and self-esteem and studies have also shown that companion animals reduce feelings of loneliness,
anxiety and stress.

Despite the obvious advantages of having a companion animal, many strata councils and landlords have taken steps to either reduce or eliminate pets from residential housing under their jurisdiction. Most strata bylaws include substantially restrictive pet policies — only five per cent of rental housing allow dogs, and nine per cent allow cats.

Of the animals who are surrendered to our shelters, we estimate that more than 2,500 are there because their guardians were unable to find housing that would accommodate them.Some strata bylaws and rental agreements attempt to regulate pets by size, in addition to number. This is in spite of the fact that there is no documented evidence, scientific or otherwise,
to support the notion that larger pets create problems.

When a strata council or landlord restricts pets by weight, it is primarily with the intention to prohibit large dogs from being on the premises, presumably because larger breeds are thought to be louder, more destructive and more poorly behaved than their miniature counterparts. But our experience would indicate this is not true. In fact, larger breed dogs are often quieter and well suited to apartment or townhouse living.

The BC SPCA vehemently opposes blanket “no pets” policies, and encourages strata councils and landlords to instead consider a collaborative process to meet the needs of pet guardians and their neighbours. It is widely agreed that it is not animals who cause problems — it is irresponsible pet guardians.

However, the majority of pet guardians are extremely responsible and willing to take whatever steps are required to keep their animals in rental or strata housing. Having clear guidelines/contracts in place for pet guardians can easily ensure that responsible behaviours are followed and enforced.

Some options include:
~ Placing guidelines on where pets are permitted in shared outdoor/garden space;
~ Agreement that pets will be on leash and/or within the control of their guardian at all times in shared indoor and outdoor space on the property;
~ Agreement that all pet guardians must pick up after their pets on the property;
~ Agreement on noise restrictions during late-night and early-morning hours;
~ Designating individual units or wings as pet-friendly;
~ Ensuring that pet guardians complete a detailed registration form for their pet that includes a photo and description of the animal; proof of vaccinations; proof of municipal licence; proof of spay/neuter; tattoo number; letters of reference on the animal from a trainer, veterinarian, breeder, or rescue organization; contact information for a veterinarian;
and contact information for a person who agrees to care for the pet should the guardian become incapacitated; and
~ Ensuring pet guardians are apprised of local strata bylaws concerning noise, and that they take steps to have their pets properly adjusted and socialized for the sights and sounds of life in a multi-unit complex.
We strongly urge you to consider steps that will promote responsible and humane communities which include both humans and the animals who enrich our lives.

For more information on the BC SPCA, please visit
Lorie Chortyk
General Manager, Community Relations

Image By Ariel Rose:

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Update from Vancouver Animal Defence League- Fortune Garden Seafood Restaurant takes shark fin soup off menu and more!

After 8 months of protesting outside of Fortune Garden Seafood Restaurant they have finally agreed to take shark fin soup off their menu. By the end of this month they will have changed their menus and sold the last of their stock. FIN FREE!
Our Fintastic Friday Nights continue! Please join us at Sun Sui Wah (3888 Main St) every friday night from 6:30 till 8:30 pm until they remove shark fins from their menu!

ACTION ALERT: Nanaimo Seal Hunt Protest Saturday 16 March 2013

12:00-2:30pm, Saturday, March 16, 2013, the Vancouver Island Animal Defense League will demonstrate against the Canadian commercial seal hunt beside the old Island Highway in Nanaimo, BC. We will meet on the hill overlooking the traffic lights at the corner of Terminal Avenue North (Island Highway) and Brechin Road, rain or shine. There’s plenty of free parking near the Tim Hortons at Brooks Landing Shopping Centre. This event has been timed to coincide with two ferry arrivals from Vancouver ACTION ALERT: Nanaimo Seal Hunt Protest Saturday 16 March 2013

12:00-2:30pm, Saturday, March 16, 2013, the Vancouver Island Animal Defense League will demonstrate against the Canadian commercial seal hunt beside the old Island Highway in Nanaimo, BC. We will meet on the hill overlooking the traffic lights at the corner of Terminal Avenue North (Island Highway) and Brechin Road, rain or shine. There’s plenty of free parking near the Tim Hortons at Brooks Landing Shopping Centre. This event has been timed to coincide with two ferry arrivals from Vancouver and to catch lunchtime traffic along the highway. Please come and bring any anti-sealing signs you may have. Otherwise you can help hold up our large Stop the Slaughter sign or simply wave at passing motorists. If you can’t stay for the whole time, your presence for even a little while will be appreciated.


National shark fin vote!

On March 27 MP Fin Donnelly’s private members bill C-380 will be voted on by Canada’s MP’s. This bill would ban the importation of shark fins into Canada.
In BC we are focusing on three conservative MP’s who have stated they plan to vote against the shark fin ban. The more people who contact these MP’s the better chance we have to change their vote, it’s still possible!!

James Lunney, Nanaimo- Port Alberni
Check out the VADL on the front page of the Nanaimo Bulletin facing off with James Lunney on this issue.

Andrew Saxton, North Vancouver

John Weston, West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast


Vancouver Animal Defense League SHIRTS!!

Support our efforts by buying our gear!

Thank you!


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Speak up! About what is good! A transit system in Vancouver without Transit Officers.

As activists, people who work to defend the vulnerable, we often have compassion for people who are vulnerable too.

Witnessing semi police force is something that feels violating, hostile and counter intuitive to a progressive, empathic community. Witnessing, is also something that activists do, we watch, observe, learn and then share the experience as best we can to others to inform, educate and to hopefully transform situations to something better and more rewarding for all of us.

This brings us to ways we can affect systems that are in place that go against our natures of compassion and tolerance.

Recently, several of us have been witness to the alarming physical presence of what is being called Vancouver Transit Police. According to Chief Officer Neil Dubord, “The results of Transit Police work is reduced crime and disorder, increased feeling of safety and improved quality of life on public transportation.” However, this has not been the feeling communicated to the passengers we have spoken with.


Have you had any experience with Transit Police or on our local transportation system that you would like to share or comment on? Please speak up and post a comment. We would like to mention that we are incredibly grateful for the exceptional transportation system that we do have in Vancouver and the many helpful, considerate, hard working bus drivers and people within Translink. We also acknowledge the benefit we receive from the service that police, security and transit police provide in order to protect the well being of its community passengers. However, we wish to see the continued protection and comfort level on buses without feeling intimidated and harassed by Transit Police on what used to be an enjoyable commute to work and our daily events!

If you feel the same, please send a letter to the following:

1.) Transit Police:

2.) Mayor Gregor Robertson:
Email to: or tel:604-873-7621

We at VARC believe in creating change for the positive and also in protecting what is already beautiful. The transit system is a fluid, mobile, advanced operating system that allows people to move freely, liberally and enthusiastically through the corridors of Vancouver. Let’s not let it be brought down with a few misjudgements from Transit Police. Speak Your Mind. We live in a world that requires your feedback in the communication system of life.20130306-111433.jpg

Sample Letter from a rider to Translink and Mayor Robertson

Riding the number 99 bus has gone from being an enjoyable one to a terrifying one. It used to be a fun, light hearted ride down broadway, in either direction. There was a sense of community, trust, togetherness. Now the disturbing presence of police brutality on the bus, brings a feeling of solemness and severity.

I have witnessed two women being dragged off the bus and intimidated after large, intimidating police security officers alarmingly stepped onto the bus requesting their bus pass.

I spoke to both shaken up women afterwards. One woman is about to let go of her apartment and see if she can house sit because she can no longer afford her rent. The other woman was a student with very little money.

As someone myself who can barely make ends meet and who has watched the horrible homeless situation in vancouver for years and spoke with people living out of their cars because they can’t afford rent, I happen to be one of those individuals who take great pity on those struggling and I have a huge level of compassion for them in this city.

I can tell you, that at times for many it may be a choice between dinner and a bus fare. And its not from the people you would expect.

I want to live in a city I am proud of, not ashamed of. Riding this bus, witnessing the unkind actions of these police officers makes me deeply ashamed of the world I belong to that lives without empathy and compassion. And it makes me deeply ashamed of the city of Vancouver.

Aren’t police officers meant to protect people, not intimidate the homeless, helpless and vulnerable?

This is a disgrace. Please put the time of Transit Officers to better use.


Laws are for people who don’t obey their hearts, who don’t know how to listen to their hearts and who don’t know how to feel or think with their hearts.

More Links:

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True Peace Begins On Our Plates ~ By Patricia Tallman

Check out this beautiful letter from Patricia Tallman entitled “True Peace Begins On Our Plates.”
Message from the writer of this beautiful letter:
It would be most helpful for the animals if people would send in their positive feedback to the editor of the Langley Times, because I want to approach them to write a weekly column to further our compassion message for the animals.
His contact info is:
That would be the best thing we can  do for the animals. – a weekly column to keep the message constant. Because once Christmas is over, most people will forget about the article.

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Please write a letter to BC Gaming about BC’s barbaric wolf kill

West Coast Environmental Law has sent a letter to Rich Coleman and BC Gaming saying BC’s barbaric wolf kill is illegal. Pacific Wild has added a link on their website that allows us with one click to send emails to BC officials in order to speak out against this cruel and barbaric decision. Go towards the middle of the page under “BC Government continues to turn a blind eye on illegal Wolf Kill contest” and click on the link for the sample letter.

They can’t speak for themselves, but we can.


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BC wolves need your help! Deadline for comments is Dec. 5th!

Few places remain on this planet where wolves can live as nature intended.
BC is still one of them….but it’s up to YOU to make sure that is stays this way!

Action Alert!

The BC government released a draft management plan for wolves on November 14th that is heavy on management but lacking conservation, ecology, and ethics.  The proposed plan supports the:
·         Elimination of wolves where they overlap with ranchers
·         Machine gunning of wolves where caribou herds are in severe decline
·         Continued sterilization of wolves when a decade of this has not increased  caribou numbers
·         Ongoing slaughter of wolves through lax hunting and trapping regulations (no bag limits, no specific tag required, year-round killing in some regions)
The draft plan needs to be changed!  Your voice is NEEDED.  Current wolf management in BC is extremely outdated.  What’s missing from the plan?  The incredible social nature and family bonds shared among this intelligent species.  Many wolf biologists argue that allowing wolves to express their natural social behaviour benefits the wider ecosystem as well as wolves.  The BC government wants to kill wolves for sport, to appease ranchers, and to help save endangered species.  The number of wolves being killed across the province is at an all-time high since recording began.
Wolf biologist Dr. Linda Rutledge states:
“We have no idea the extent of the impact that repeatedly killing over 25% of a wolf population has on their evolutionary trajectory.  But it’s dangerous to think that you can manipulate them so intensively and have negligible consequences.”
Top predators are among the most outstanding achievements of wilderness, evolving over hundreds of centuries.  The social structure of wolf packs has evolved with this.  It is the wolf pack that is the top predator, not the individual wolf.  Wolves are more than mere numbers.  Their social bonds and kin-based families define what it means to be a wolf. Management plans need to take this into account!
The BC governments’ draft proposal brings us back to a time of fear-mongering.  Wolves are being killed through hunting, trapping, livestock concerns, failing caribou herds, and on transportation routes across the majority of the province.   Extended family members of wolf packs are often butchered in a human-dominated landscape.  We can do better this!  Do not allow our ecosystems to become impoverished due to fear and mismanagement.  Speak against this bloodshed.
Although wolves require an adequate prey base, the defining factor in wolf persistence is protection from humans.  Aldo Leopold learned long ago that “Only the mountain has lived long enough to listen objectively to the howl of a wolf”. None is so hated; none so misunderstood. 
Conservation groups across the province have a vision for a better BC for wolves, wildlife & people. 
1.       Extend the deadline for public input to January 30.
2.       NO helicopter killing or sterilization of wolves.
3.       NO leghold traps, snares or baiting.
4.       Return to former species licence, quotas, bag limits, restricted seasons, and mandatory reporting of kills for hunting wolves.
5.       A decision and statement that lethal predator control is NOT an option for the recovery of mountain caribou and a stop to the Quesnell Highland wolf sterilization and removal project.
6.       A provincial management plan for wolves that considers  the social stability of packs as well as population size to ensure the long term conservation of the species in its most natural form.
7.       A commitment to reduce wolf-livestock-human conflicts through prevention, and provision of educational initiatives and incentives for responsible husbandry practices.
8.       Protect  large tracts of habitat for wolves and their prey. Ensure that protected areas are large enough to support multiple wolf families with no hunting/trapping allowed.
Conservation of wolves and the wild habitat they thrive upon has even been linked to stopping climate change.  Indeed, wolves maintain biodiversity in ecosystems, which are thus better able to handle, as well as buffer, the effects of changes in nature.  The ecosystem services provided by a healthy environment, such as water and air purification, cannot be matched by a dollar value as we cannot replace these necessary services if we tried.  A better BC for all includes a future with iconic predators that Canadians identify with; management of our natural resources in an ethical and sustainable way; clean water and air, and wild spaces that can be explored by foot only.
Many conservation groups are opposed to this plan, including Pacific Wild, Valhalla Wilderness Society, Raincoast Conservation Foundation, The Association of Protection of Furbearing Animals, Friends of Animals, Lifeforce Foundation, Northern Lights Wolf Centre, World Temperate Rainforest Network, Peter A Dettling Wilderness Education Centre, and likely many more to come as they learn about this horrendous proposal!  PLEASE ADD YOUR VOICE!

“History has shown us that if deliberate efforts are not made to conserve large carnivores they are doomed.”  –Hummel and Pettigrew

Are we taking these steps?  Speak out for BC’s wolves. Voice your concern.
Public input deadline is December 5. It’s easy to submit your comments at:

Or contact: 

Honourable Steve Thomson
PO BOX 9049 Stn. Prov. Govt.
Victoria, BC
V8W 9E2

Telephone: 250 387-6240
Fax: 250 387-1040


 “By remaining silent, we allow others to prevail” – Martin Luther King
Thank you for your howls! 
Please cc.  on letters sent if possible.
 Most sincerely, Sadie Parr


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