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Donations needed for Canadian Voice For Animals Foundation (CVFAF )

Donations needed for Canadian Voice For Animals Foundation ( CVFAF )

FROM OUR COLLEAGUE EARLE: I cannot believe my bad luck. I just discovered that not all of my programmes were transferred to this new computer, and I have buy another programme so that I can download my Homestead Site Builder. I have also lost all of my website backup pages that were on the Front Page programme that was already in my old computer when I bought it…I still hope that everyone on our mailing list will send in donations as we are in dire-need of donations as we have new rescues and our vet bill is outrageous…I can go to the Library every day to check my mail, as all library members can use their computers for free and up to two hours.
Thank you to everyone who sent in donations.

Earle and the CVFAF Team

The Canadian Voice for Animals Foundation is totally funded by donations and receives no monies from governments or corporations. Our dedicated team ensures that even the smallest contribution goes a long way. Our Registered Charity number is: S-53007 British Columbia Certificate of incorporation




Coast Capital Savings Credit Union

17th and Marine Drive

West Vancouver, B.C.

Account name: Canadian Voice for Animals Foundation

Branch: 19640 Institution: 809 Account: 41000807875



The Canadian Voice for Animals Foundation

Mail to:


205-1495 Esquimalt Ave.,

West Vancouver, B. C.



Registered Charity Number: S-53007


Image: Dani, a rescue dog from Ecuador



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Stop UBC Animal Research shows short film truisms

Help make it happen! Dr. Ray Greek, President of Americans for Medical Advancement and author of the important work “Sacred Cows and Golden Geese” is coming to Vancouver in late September to expand on the talk “TRUISMS – That Aren’t True”. This is an unprecedented opportunity to get animal research issues before the Vancouver public!

At VPL on the evening of Friday, September 27th, we will be screening the short film version of “TRUISMS” which features a talk given by Dr. Greek at the University of Toronto (plus a few scenes created especially for the Stop UBC campaign by cartoonist Dan Murphy): we will also be showing the important new film “Maximum Tolerated Dose” with a Skyped Q&A with the film’s director.

Please, donate whatever amount you can so that we can make this a comprehensive advertising and public appearance event!

Please take a moment to check out our fundraising page on Indiegogo and share it with your friends. All the tools are there. For every $100 contribution we are offering cartoon original by Graham Harrop.
You can also shop for a range of products at Cafe Press featuring Harrop cartoons – all proceeds to Stop UBC campaign!

Thank you for sharing this with your network!! The animals and people in need of real cures desperately need our help.

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Urgent funds needed to rescue baby horses from slaughter . . . God, please help


We are going to be rescuing 20+ baby horses from the Fallon Slaughter auction tomorrow and we desperately need your help to save them!

The hardest part of rescuing horses from the slaughter auction in Fallon is that by law each horse that comes into California from Nevada must have a current Health Certificate and current negative Coggins test. We were unable to find a facility that could handle adult horses, but at the last minute a place opened up that could handle baby horses. We are told that there are 28 babies, but the number could go up or down depending on how the auction goes.


DONATE!!! To donate using Paypal, send it to our Paypal address:, for other ways to donate, please visit our website:

This is a very last minute fundraising, and your support is the only way we can make this happen.

Please LIKE and SHARE this post!

Clarification: the picture is from a baby rescue we did years ago, we do not currently have pictures of the babies we will be rescuing this weekend.


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Monthly Donations

Team VARC Panther

Team VARC Panther

Dear Subscribers and Followers

We have been doing this since 2007, a totally unpaid, free service we offer our fellow animal activists and community members.

This is a labour of love, but a time consuming one, nevertheless.

Blogs look like they should be a breeze, but each one takes at the minimum an hour to write, not to mention the pictures and follow ups.

Collectively we spend many hours in shops finding info for animals and online discovering better ways to communicate and connect. We spend hours looking at emails and many other details encompassed here.

We would like to do so much more, but are limited by time.  If there is a sincere interest and if anybody feels this is a valuable service, we would love to hear from you.

We think with the proper support we could also do so much more.

If you like this blog and the community efforts we try to support, please let us know, drop us a line and consider making a donation to our efforts.



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Please Spread The Word For Midnight Who Desperately Needs Funds For Surgery

On October 10th, a sweet, 7 month old kitten named Midnight was hit by a car. Midnight is loved by a small, caring family in Vancouver and requires a $3000 surgery. 2 pins must be placed in his leg joint as they have snapped apart from impact. The vet says that his chances of recovery with the surgery are EXCELLENT. Unfortunately, since the family’s insurance has not kicked in yet, they can’t afford to help him heal.

Terra says “Midnight is the sweetest cat…[he] behaves like a dog, following my toddler and I on walks with our pooch, waking us up in the morning with cuddles and meows.”

Can you help? Please consider making a donation to help save this young kitty. This may be the first of his nine lives and the prognosis is very good should he receive the surgery he needs.

Midnight’s family is also open to allowing their kitten to be welcomed into the life of a new family who is financially ready to help him recover.





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Help Albert the Taiwanese dog Get surgery!


**HELP ALBERT THE TAIWANESE DOG!**This is Albert. He is a 5 year old dog recently rescued in Taiwan and brought to British Columbia by the ABLDR. Albert had a degenerative illness that destroyed all his jaw and teeth, he has been abused and suffered a lot in the past. He is undergoing several reconstructive surgeries to fix his mouth and nose to be able to eat without his food slidding by the sides. He is a very sweet loving and VERY happy and grateful dog that was lucky to be adopted 3 months ago by a dear friend that happens to be a well known devoted animal activist in Burnaby, BC, Canada. If any of you want to donate some money to help her pay these expensive surgeries and improve Albert’s life, pls. send it to our address and we will collect it for her. On the cheque or envelope please write: For Albert’s medical care. Thank you! Ericka



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Vex is a Handicapped dog living on the streets of Romania: can you donate anything to help him get medical care?

Please Help Vex get the Medical Care he needs! He is a Handicapped Dog, and has been living on the Streets of Romania like this since 2010! He’s now at Praxis Vet in Bucharest, Romania! He needs Fundraising for his Medical Care, and also a Wheelchair! Please Help him! Thank you! Vex’s CHIP IN LINK: Update from Criss Anca regarding Vex (4/1/12): I just came home…Me and Maria Tudor went to Oltenita and took Vex to the vet in Bucharest. He is now in care of Dr Stefan at Praxis Vet ! I am trying to upload the photos and videos, it will take a while. The dog’s back legs are in very bad conditions…but the vet will clean them…. The problem is …he will need a cart …he will not be able to walk…He was living since 200 by crawling :((( Vex is now at Praxis Vet in Bucharest, Romania! Update (3/30/12): Maria Tudor will try to find this boy tomorrow, and bring him to a Vet Clinic in Bucharest, Romania * Maria Tudor’s FB Page: is the man who’s been feeding “Vex” on the Streets of Romania, and built him a little Shelter during Winter Time! * BD Liviu:******************* There are 2 People who are Inquiring about Adopting Vex! They are both in Western Europe! Here are their names below! 1. Fiona Flynn (she lives in Ireland): 2. Tricia Clemens (she lives in Wales, UK), and runs an Animal Rescue Sanctuary there on 12 Acres of Land: Tricia Clemens Message regarding this Handicapped Dog, “Vex”: Not sure if my offer has got through. We are in Wales, UK and have a sanctuary in the country with 12 acres. We help mainly old, sick, terminally ill or disabled animals though also help any animal who needs help. We are entirely voluntary so cannot afford transport but if this can be arranged then we can offer this dog a safe, forever home living en famille as our permanent dogs do. any queries by all means ask and check us on our web site Also seek references via Facebook. 26 years in rescue. I forgot to mention in my offer that, although we can’t do the transportation we will certainly arrange and pay for neutering if he comes to us. Can you possibly let us know what is happening? Having offered him a home I am keeping a space for him but if he is not coming then I will offer it to another dog. Would be so happy to help. ********************** Here is the ANimal Rescue Organization, who first posted “Vex’s” Pics on Facebook. Please note that poor Vex is still living on the Streets like this! * Asociatia pentru protectia animalelor Robi:

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Saving America’s Horses

This is an urgent request for funding from the award winning film made by activist Katia Louise:  Saving America’s Horses, A Nation Betrayed

Crucial funds are needed to clear the film for press previewing. Saving America’s Horses A Nation Betrayed is winning awards and doing well at the festival level but this message needs to reach the public at large and the press can help make this happen.
If just 50 people were to give $100 we would meet this immediate goal. Donations to Wild for Life Foundation are tax deductible and are always appreciated in any amount. Donors also have the option of being recognized for their support or they may remain anonymous.

The film presents a focused look into the unseen world of both wild and domestic equines; an investigative exposé that unravels multiple layers of conflict with a revealing look into the hidden pipeline of horses. Great hope is presented through an inspiring and diverse call to action leaving viewers with the inspiration and knowledge to effect change and convey the same to others.

Geared to peak the interest of a wide demographic, the film is a compelling compilation of expert testimony, undercover footage and true life stories. Viewers will adventure across the nation’s sweeping landscapes to witness the magnificence, power and free spirit of one of America’s most treasured icons, the horse. It’s a story about the underdogs and their fight to protect today’s wild Mustangs and yesterday’s Thoroughbred racehorses. The untold truth as reported by the nation’s top equine experts, celebrities and grassroots horse advocates draws a sharp contrast to misleading main stream propaganda. The film premiered in March at the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival and won “Best in Festival”.

You can learn more about this CAUSE at
Founded in 2008, Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) is a 501 (c) (3) volunteer based, nonprofit corporation dedicated to protecting and saving animals from cruelty. WFLF works to accomplish its mission through rescue, sanctuary, educational media and events, investigation, adoption and outreach. Since forming, WFLF produced over a dozen audio documentaries to help animals in need . Since 2009 we have dedicated our work for the protection and welfare of horses and combined forces with the nation’s top equine experts and groups to expose the truth about the insidious international horse slaughter industry.

Please help to save America’s horses from slaughter by telling your friends. You can help insure that we are able to continue this important work by making a much appreciated donation. Your donationwill help bring the film “Saving America’s Horses to the public eye and in turn help t

o protect and save America’s equines from this barbaric cruelty.

Awards to date:
Best in Fest: Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival (March)
Merit Award for Advocacy, Visuals, Investigative Journalism: Accolade Competition (April)
Cinematography, Advocacy, Editing & Conservation Message: International Wildlife Film Festival (May)
Thank you.

Katia Louise
Volunteer Executive Director, Wild for Life Foundation
Director, Producer
Saving America’s Horses A Nation Betrayed

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Vegan Bakers Needed For Stop UBC Event

This email from our stellar activist, Genny. I hope you can help her with this event this Sunday. She needs people to man/woman a table, bake vegan goodies, and help set up. The bake sale will help bring in much-needed funds for our campaign. Details below:

Check Out Genny’s Blog Blowing Up The Kitchen Here

hi Brian,

I have been talking with Anne and a few other members about having a vegan bake sale with the Get BAKED event that is happening this Sunday.
Details event on facebook:

I have reserved a table so we will be a vendor at this event.  I will need some help organizing this, so if you could pass this message along to our membership that would be really helpful.

what I will need help with (please e-mail Genny at with what you can help with):

-1 person to help me with table set up around 11:30 ish  and to hold down table/fort answer any questions ppl have and take cash for our treats) till around 3ish.

-1 person to help me around 3ish until end of event (5pm) with holding down fort and clean-up. (if this person has a car that would be great as I’m not sure how many containers we will have from treats and supplies)

-we will need at least six people to be able to make some vegan baked goods and donate them to our table, they would need to drop off items around 11:30am this Sunday.
If you can take part in this, fill out Google spreadsheet so we can contact you and make sure 3 ppl don’t show up with brownies: Please create a ingredient listings of your items for the sake of all those with allergies/sensitivities and bring it when you drop off item(s).

-someone to bring some literature about our group and a sign up sheet to get on our newsletter.

-spread the word everyone!  Tell your friends/family about it, blog about it and put it up on facebook or whatever social network you use.


Stop UBC Animal Research is a community grassroots campaign that employs peaceful, legal, and compassionate approaches to educate the public about the grim realities of research on animals at the University of British Columbia and to ultimately bring about an end to research on animals at UBC. Please visit our website at:

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CATCA September Newsletter 2010


We just got an appointment there with the person under the Commissioner of the Environment Cabinet, to discuss important issues about the ban on the import of seal products at the European Union, which was just implemented a couple of weeks ago, but with some exceptions added at last minute. us to collect funds by donating in our website by Paypal.

You can also send your donation by cheque at our postal address:
P.O. Box 16021, 617 Belmont St.
New Westminster BC V3M-6W6 Canada).



We in CATCA are currently desperate to get funds for an investigation for CITES that will help us in our effords to save 38,000-40,000 African elephants  of getting kill for their ivory tusks!. We were very succesful in March this year at the CITES CoP to save them. (Check our prior Reports in the Report section of our website). Now we have to prepare ourselves well to be able to have a good investigation with proper results and as a consequence, we will have strong arguments for the next CITES CoP, but we are running against the clock to get the neccesary funds to start ASAP!


Dolphins herded in Japanese cove but none killed


**Bowl for the animals!
Now you can help the animals in need while you have fun

CATCA Fundraiser Package is $20.00 Per Person and it includes:
2 games of bowling, bowling shoes (NOTE for vegans: just bring some non slippery slippers or  your own tennis shoes),a veggie/vegan burger with salad or French fries or you can have a veggie/ vegan wrap with salad or French fries with a glass of pop, iced tea or beer. This price includes taxes and gratuities

Just go on any Monday in SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER with 3+ people to Xcalibur Bowling Centre at 12350 Pattullo Place in Surrey (Very near to the Scott Road Station). At the reception YOU HAVE TO SAY that you are going there for the CATCA Fundraising, to get this special promotional price.

The hours are from 11 AM to Midnight. We recommend you to call (604) 580- 2600 x 223 to reserve a lane.  Ask for Su Brock
For this Fundraising Promotion you need to be there before 9:00 PM

We will have an ongoing raffle of baskets at Xcalibur to help us to get some funds for our work.
DO YOU WANT TO DONATE US SOMETHING FOR THIS RAFFLES? Please, contact us here by sending us an e-mail:

Pls. help us by promoting this event. Here below is our poster and fliers ready to print and post! Posters Fliers

Thank you!

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