Vancouver Animal Rights Campaigns (VARK)

Activists Uniting For The Benefit of Animals

Demo outside Vancouver Art Gallery on Saturday Nov. 24th at 11 am

Please mark your calendars and plan to join this demonstration outside the Vancouver Art Gallery on Robson Street on Saturday, November 24 @ 11 AM.

For more information, please visit this Facebook events page.!/events/371024489647472/

This is not just about Taiji, this is also about the hundreds of whale jails around the world, that like the Vancouver Aquarium continue to purchase and import dolphins from Japan. The male dolphin died in March this year and one of the 2 surviving female dolphins (who was imported from Japan pregnant) gave birth to a still-borne baby at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Ultimately, we need to shut down all whale tanks to shut down the biggest money-maker of all when it comes to the dolphin slaughter because if Japan can’t sell dolphins, it will be the end of this crime to nature. Please spread the word and help save the whales!

Thank you!

Annelise Sorg
No Whales In Captivity
Vancouver, Canada

TO FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK – please click here!/nowhales.incaptivity


DOLPHIN PROJECT -San Francisco, California
NO WHALES IN CAPTIVITY – Vancouver, British Columbia
OCEAN VOICE – London, Ontario
ZOOCHECK CANADA – Toronto, Ontario



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Fish in tanks require Environmental Enrichment!

How many times have you come across another fish left in an empty vase with no foliage and no other fish in it. Conversations with the owner result in the fact that they believe the fish are there to be their art deco piece…. sad?  Definitely.

If you come across this again, please feel free to redirect them to this page from the RSPCA for more information on how to lovingly and kindly take care of fish. IF you have a better site, please feel free to post!

Posting here the information for the Siamese Fighting Fish which is the one most often seen alone in a small vase of water:

How should I keep and care for Siamese fighting fish?

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Tank size

Tanks for housing Siamese fighting fish should be at least 15 litres in volume, with an optimal size of 20 litres or greater. Small tanks or fish bowls do not provide adequate space or a healthy environment for Siamese fighting fish. These fish are known to be intelligent and curious, and small bowls do not meet the fish’s behavioural or physiological needs.

Siamese fighting fish are excellent jumpers so the tank should be fitted with a lid to prevent escape. Siamese fighting fish require occasional surface air, even if water oxygen is plentiful, so there must be some space between the water and the tank lid in which to take in air.

Tanks housing additional fish should be in excess of 40 litres so that individual territories can be established. This will reduce chances of aggression and/or stress between the species. Each tank should only contain a single male Siamese fighting fish.


A filter of appropriate size for the tank with adjustable flow is needed. Siamese fighting fish prefer low flow as this mimics their natural habitat. Filters are crucial in providing circulation, aeration and filtration of the water. Filters assist by removing large waste particles and by breaking down toxic waste products. When the tank water is passed over the filter media, beneficial aquarium bacteria convert the toxic ammonia released from decaying fish waste into less harmful nitrates. This is known as a biological filter, and is essential to the health of any aquarium. These bacteria take weeks to establish in a new aquarium, and can be lost quickly by completely cleaning a tank, which is what often occurs in small tanks and bowls.

Heater and thermometer

Siamese fighting fish are from a tropical climate, so proper heating is essential. Normal room temperature is not suitable as this is generally too cold. Room temperatures can also fluctuate, and this can be stressful to the fish.

The tank should be heated using a submersible aquarium heater and the temperature should be kept at around 24°C.

Small fish bowls are usually too small to fit a suitable heater and thus cannot properly regulate and maintain a constant ideal temperature. Some bowls/tanks are sold with small lamps above them, suggesting that this will provide adequate heat. However, these lamps are usually switched off at night and the heat provided may be either insufficient or excessive depending on the surrounding area/climate the bowl is kept in. A submersible aquarium heater is the only way to achieve and maintain a constant and appropriate temperature for Siamese fighting fish.

Water quality

Good water quality is essential for any aquarium. You should use a quality liquid water conditioner to remove chlorine and chloramine from tap water before adding it to your tank. Use GH ‘General Hardness’ and KH ‘Carbonate Hardness’ supplements. These will vary depending on your local water supply. Siamese fighting fish require a pH of around 7.0, GH 7-9º, KH 5-8º.

You should regularly test your water for pH, GH, KH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Some liquid solutions are available that are effective at cycling tanks quickly while adding fish to the tank.

Tank maintenance

Partial water changes of approximately 10% should be performed once per week, using a gravel vacuum to remove waste and uneaten food from the substrate. At this time the sides of the tank can be wiped with an aquarium safe sponge and filter media and/or decorations can be cleaned in old tank water.

The tank should be kept out of direct sunlight to inhibit algae growth and excessive heat. Aquarium lights should be kept on for a maximum of 12 hours to provide fish with adequate rest time. This will also help to reduce the chance of algae forming.

Environmental enrichment

Siamese fighting fish are intelligent fish and require an interesting and varied environment. They originate from densely vegetated areas and tend to prefer a tank with several plants, real or artificial, and/or other forms of cover in which to explore, rest and hide if they feel threatened. This will provide a stimulating environment to explore and reduce stress to the fish. Siamese fighting fish will be more active, inquisitive and interesting to watch when they feel secure in their surroundings.

To ensure fins are not torn, gravel should be smooth and decorations such as silk or live plants should have no rough edges. Male fish with long fins are particularly prone to fin tears. Sharp edges and points on some decor and driftwood can be sanded gently to make it safe.

As Siamese fighting fish require surface air supplementation to survive, being close to the surface is beneficial when resting. Providing tall plants with large leaves on which fish can rest at night can assist with this.

Mirrors should never be left in a tank as constant ‘flaring’ of fins by males can cause stress and exhaustion.


It is normal for some Siamese fighting fish to ‘hang out’ or rest in one area or for a while, with some fish being more active than others. However, a healthy fish is always responsive, moderately active and inquisitive. Any fish which is constantly hiding or appearing lethargic and unresponsive to its owners is likely to be stressed or suffering illness and should be provided with appropriate medical care.

Male fish will sometimes construct bubble nests as a sign they are ready to breed. These appear as a cluster of small bubbles of various sizes on the surface of the tank in a corner or area where there is some cover. This is a normal behaviour.

For more information about Siamese fighting fish you can visit the Ornamental Fish Association of Australia website.

Another useful site for information is The Fish Vet

This website provides general information which must not be relied upon or regarded as a substitute for specific professional advice, including veterinary advice. We make no warranties that the website is accurate or suitable for a person’s unique circumstances and provide the website on the basis that all persons accessing the website responsibly assess the relevance and accuracy of its content.

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Dogwood Initiative: Day of Action to Defend B.C.’s coast on Monday, Oct. 22 in Victoria

Dogwood Initiative
An unprecedented day of action to defend B.C.’s coast is nearly upon us. Since we wrote to you a week ago, hundreds of people have committed to attending events in 48 communities across the province to send a clear message to our MLAs that B.C.’s coast must be protected from oil tankers, pipelines and spills.

The event is just a few days away. Find a community action near you:

Some of you are wondering what the difference is between the event in Victoria on Oct. 22 and the province-wide action on Oct. 24, and we’d like to help clear that up.

On Monday, Oct. 22, a Defend Our Coast rally is happening at the legislature in Victoria.

Then, two days later, on Wednesday, Oct. 24, Dogwood Initiative is helping organize a day of action at MLAs’ offices across the province. Why are we throwing all of our efforts into the second event? First, we know there are thousands of No Tankers supporters outside of Victoria who want to take action and second, our voices are most powerful at the local level.

As next year’s provincial election ticks closer, we need you to connect with your MLA as part of a larger push to persuade the provincial government to do more to protect our rivers and coast.

Find a community action near you:

The exact start time and locations depend on your community. Find time and location details for your community:

Please join us in your community on Wednesday to tell your local MLA B.C.’s coast must be protected.

For the coast,

Eric, Celine, Ben, Karl, Emma and Lyndsey on behalf of the Dogwood team

P.S. Your MLA’s job is to represent you. Make sure they know where you stand on proposals to bring oil pipelines and tankers to B.C. by signing up today.


Dogwood Initiative – PO Box 8701 – Victoria, BC V8W3S3
To review our Privacy Policy. 
The email address for you is
If you no longer wish to receive email communication from Dogwood Initiative you may


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Anti-fur Demo Nov. 4 Fur Bearer Defenders

Anti-fur demonstration/event…November 3… save the date! In unison with activists in Toronto, Fur-Bearer Defenders will be hosting a silent vigil in downtown Vancouver to raise awareness about the cruelties of the fur industry. This will be a highly visual event with a somber theme, so attendees are asked to dress in black or dark colours. All other material will be provided. I am helping to get word out about this and really want to have as many people as possible to attend. The more people there the stronger the message. There is power in numbers. An event page with more details will be available soon, but please plan on attending. Toronto will be hosting a similar event the same day. Feel free to write me with any questions.

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Please Spread The Word For Midnight Who Desperately Needs Funds For Surgery

On October 10th, a sweet, 7 month old kitten named Midnight was hit by a car. Midnight is loved by a small, caring family in Vancouver and requires a $3000 surgery. 2 pins must be placed in his leg joint as they have snapped apart from impact. The vet says that his chances of recovery with the surgery are EXCELLENT. Unfortunately, since the family’s insurance has not kicked in yet, they can’t afford to help him heal.

Terra says “Midnight is the sweetest cat…[he] behaves like a dog, following my toddler and I on walks with our pooch, waking us up in the morning with cuddles and meows.”

Can you help? Please consider making a donation to help save this young kitty. This may be the first of his nine lives and the prognosis is very good should he receive the surgery he needs.

Midnight’s family is also open to allowing their kitten to be welcomed into the life of a new family who is financially ready to help him recover.





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Urge Georgia Aquarium to abandon it’s plans to import 18 Beluga Whales

Please urge Georgia Aquarium to abandon its plans to import these animals. Tell it that beluga whales should not be puppets of an entertainment industryprofiting under the guise of conservation and education, while ripping the animals away

from their families, homes, and freedom. Importing 18 wild-caught beluga whales captured from a recovering population from Russia is not the way to promote conservation and education. Write, email or call:

Mr. David Kimmel
President and Chief Operating Officer
Georgia Aquarium
225 Baker Street, NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30313

Tel: 404-581-4000

Tell him:
To please withdraw the permit request to import 18 beluga whales that Georgia Aquarium submitted to the National Marine Fisheries Service on June 15.
That you refuse to patronize Georgia Aquarium or any of its partner aquariums until this action is taken.
That brutally removing these animals from the wild for the purpose of public display is archaic and that captive beluga whales suffer from stress, poor health, and increased mortality.
That conservation is about protecting species and their habitats in the wild, not capturing them for public display.

Take action:

Read more:


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CATCA Comic Fundraiser Event in Victoria

Attend an evening of comedy at Langford Lanes Bowling Centre on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (the 15th, 16th and 17th) from 7:00 – 9:30 p.m.
Tickets are $30.00 each and anyone who attends and mention my referral (CATCA or Ericka Ceballos), will get a $5.00 discount, which will be donated
for our animal activities. For more info check here:

The main performer is Michael Winslow, he is a comedian from the Police Academy and Spaceballs films.
He is better known as the man that can make over 1,000 sounds!

The other performers are from Laff Lines in New Westminster.

To learn more about my international animal activities to save animals check here: and visit and LIKE our CATCA FB page:

Please, help the animals by sharing this event with your friends in Victoria and the whole island.

October 15 at 7:00pm until October 17 at 9:30pm
1097 Langford Parkway, Victoria BC

Thank you!
Ericka Ceballos
President and Founder
Campaigns Against the Cruelty to Animals


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Captains Owner, Brian Whitlock court appearance, October 11th, 9:00 a.m.

222 Main street Vancouver Bc
Please come out and show your support for captain, and to put pressure on crown counsel to accept the charges as recommended by the SPCA….each rally we are gaining strength ..join the movement! lets give em hell!


Facebook Event:


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Please Share this footage of three Animal Rights Activists being Branded by a hot iron in Tel-Aviv


Today, October 2nd 2012, world farm animals day, at Rabin Square in central Tel-Aviv, animal rights activists performed an act of solidarity and empathy towards abused animals in factory farms. Three activists, one whom was flown from Russia, demonstrated in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv a common practice done towards innocent animals in factory farms all around the world. The display’s aim is to call for empathy towards the most oppressed sector of our society.
The activists got branded with a hot steel brand, in the same way farm animals are branded in factory farms. They were then rushed to Ichilov hospital to be treated for 3rd degree burns.
The Number 269, which was burned on their skin, was the designated number of a calf they have encountered in one of Israel‘s factory farms.
If you find this video worthy of public attention as we do, please forward this press release in English to media outlets in your country:
visit the facebook page:


Contact info (interviews, photos, videos):

Alex Boojor (one of the activists who got branded)


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Stop UBC Animal Research Campaign at Vancouver Art Gallery

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