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Water, Water the Wildlife Everywhere!

Summer season is here. Yesterday. I saw a little duck on the sidewalk at English Bay, paddling in a small puddle, trying to keep wet and find food, unfortunately, she was in the middle of the bike path. She tried to keep her cool, really wanting to stay cool, but the bikes finally annoyed her. She cried, and waddled off, before flying away. I felt so badly for her.

We aren’t California yet, but we could be. Summer is hot enough to burden all the wildlife with lack of food and especially water.

What can you do to help? Can you plant a few flowers on your patio and leave out bowls of water? The core of the city is pretty miserable for animals. A small refreshment amid the jungle city, could go a long way, for our wild life’s broken hearts, wings and a lot of misery.

In the West End, Coyotes are leaving Stanley Park, an unusual occurence, from what local residents say to find, food, which is sadly, some of our beloved pets :-(. I’ve also witnessed skunks and racoons eating pigeons, which seems strange.

When natural habitat is abundant, wildlife is happy, boisterous, alive. Here, in the city, animals struggle. There is not enough “life.” There is not life support.

What can you do? Feed them? Support them? Love them? Keep your cats inside? But definitely, water them…. Build a little Oasis, somewhere, if you can.


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Happy Canada Day! Help CATCA with International Cyber Campaign by sharing Message

Dear all,

To all the Canadians: HAPPY CANADA DAY!

We have this urgent International Cyber Campaign that need to spread as
widely as possible. Only 6 more days to go…

This campaign is targetted to all the CITES member countries authorities
that will meet in Geneve in 6 days time.

Please add your email and share it as much as you can!

Thank you very much on ahead!

Ericka Ceballos
CATCA Environmental and Wildlife Society
(Campaigns Against the Cruelty to Animals)
Animal Conservation and Welfare Foundation

URGENT!/URGENTE!/ Passez à l’action!

Watch this powerful video! IT and then go to: to add your email and voice to this
important campaign. Share widely.

Ve este poderoso video y anda al enlace de arriba para unir tu email y
voz a esta campana tan importante. Comparte ampliamente!

Un clip et un artiste à voir et encourager. S’il vous plaît regarder et
partager largement. Allez au lien ci-dessus pour joindre votre voix à
cette importante campagne.

CATCA EWS & ACWF are partners of this International Campaign.
CATCA EWS & ACWF son socios de esta Campania Internacional.


Ericka Ceballos
CATCA Environmental and Wildlife Society
Animal Conservation and Welfare Foundation

Ericka Ceballos, CATCA

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