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Friday June 29th Demo For Sharks!

Friday June 29th
6:00 PM
Corner of West Broadway and Willow
Protest against the sale of shark fins at Chinese Seafood restaurants! Our goal is to smash these restaurants economically! We can cost them THOUSANDS in lost revenue by protesting during a busy friday night!
Location to be announced upon arrival to the demo!
Brings your signs, and anything SHARKY!
email for more info

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Presse Release, Anthony Marr Shark Fin Ban Urged for Vancouver, Richmond Burnaby

Media release

Anthony Marr will present at Burnaby City Hall June 25, Monday, 7pm

In Ontario, the cities of Toronto, Brantford, Mississauga, Oakville, Newmarket, Pickering and London have banned shark fins outright.

In the U.S. Pacific: California, Oregon and Washington have all banned shark fins state-wide.

Here in British Columbia – Port Moody, Coquitlam and North Vancouver have publicly announced their own bans.

Conspicuously absent: Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby, which should be in the forefront of this charge.

The Vancouver Animal Defence League aims at outright shark-fin bans in all cities of British Columbia, beginning with Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby.

As a first salvo, Anthony Marr will deliver a 10-minute presentation at the Burnaby City Hall (4949 Canada Way) on June 25, Monday, at 7 pm. The Vancouver Animal Defence League will hold a respectful demonstration in front of the city hall at 6 pm. All are welcome to join.

“Other than shark-finning being exceedingly cruel, half of all shark species are endangered,” says Anthony Marr. “Every year, 75-90 million sharks of various species are killed for their fins, with the rest of their still-alive bodies thrown back into the ocean. Shark-finning is by and large illegal, but almost every country with a coast line do it. And these poached products end up in the Chinatowns of cities like Vancouver and Richmond where the trade is legal, and over half of the fins could be from endangered species. The ‘one-bowl-at-a-time voluntary withdrawal’ approach may work, given a few decades; unfortunately, the sharks just don’t have the time.”

Please contact:

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)



And here is Anthony Marr’s interview on Animal Voices radio:
His segment starts at 34:09.



By Wanda Chow – Burnaby NewsLeader
June 21, 2012

Like many people of Chinese heritage, Anthony Marr ate shark fin soup, a symbol of wealth and prosperity often served at wedding banquets.

Then, as a young man, he learned how shark fins are harvested.

“I was appalled,” said Marr, now an animal rights activist. “I actually saw a video that showed how the sharks were just baited and hooked, brought on board … then had the pectoral fins and dorsal fins and the tail cut off and the rest of the shark thrown back.

“Then there was also footage showing one of the sharks sinking to the bottom and just trying to gasp for breath and couldn’t move, just kept wriggling the body until they die. It was horrible.”

Marr, a Vancouver resident, will be speaking as a delegation to Burnaby council on Monday evening on behalf of the Vancouver Animal Defence League. The group wants to see the city ban the sale of shark fins and the serving of shark fin soup.

In recent months, Port Moody and Coquitlam have already approved such a ban, Marr said, and several cities in Ontario done so before that.

The group is now aiming to get such bans in place in the Lower Mainland cities with the largest populations of people of Chinese heritage—Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby.

Marr said that, of the more than 400 species of shark, over half are endangered. Shark finning is mostly carried out by poachers who “don’t give a hoot” what species they’re poaching, so half of the shark fins sold are likely from endangered species.

The largest harvesters of shark fin are in Costa Rica, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Singapore and Taiwan, he said.

Marr has been involved in campaigns to protect tigers in India and whales and dolphins off the coast of Japan. For him, the campaign to ban the trade of shark fins is personally significant.

“I also feel if it’s a Chinese activist who stood up and led to the banning of it then the Chinese people would doubly redeem themselves,” he said, “by number one, stopping it, number two, stop using it.”

Marr and the Vancouver Animal Defence League will hold a demonstration in front of Burnaby city hall at 6 p.m. on Monday, June 25, which he is calling on members of the public to join. That will be followed by Marr’s 10-minute presentation to council at 7 p.m. Monday in city hall council chambers. Info:

Article URL:

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Help Albert the Taiwanese dog Get surgery!


**HELP ALBERT THE TAIWANESE DOG!**This is Albert. He is a 5 year old dog recently rescued in Taiwan and brought to British Columbia by the ABLDR. Albert had a degenerative illness that destroyed all his jaw and teeth, he has been abused and suffered a lot in the past. He is undergoing several reconstructive surgeries to fix his mouth and nose to be able to eat without his food slidding by the sides. He is a very sweet loving and VERY happy and grateful dog that was lucky to be adopted 3 months ago by a dear friend that happens to be a well known devoted animal activist in Burnaby, BC, Canada. If any of you want to donate some money to help her pay these expensive surgeries and improve Albert’s life, pls. send it to our address and we will collect it for her. On the cheque or envelope please write: For Albert’s medical care. Thank you! Ericka



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Letter to Nepal Representatives Re: Young men rip goat Apart?

Dear Nepal Representative,

I was recently forwarded a petition from Care2 and I find this so deeply disturbing and difficult to believe that I thought I would write to ask if you have any further information. As far as you know, is this actually true? Is this a tradition in Nepal? Is this accurate information? Do young men actually rip a goat apart to be called hero’s? I sincerely look forward to your response and to finding out if this is accurate information. And if so I hope you can forward me information that would help to end this barbaric practice as I trust none of you, in your positions of authority could be remotely in support of this horrible tradition.

Sincerely, A. Rose, Vancouver Animal Rights Campaigns

Email BCC:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Thank you to the following blog for their helpful info!

I would also like to know what PETA is doing about this if anybody has info!  Thank you!!

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Join Anthony Marr and Vancouver Animal Defense League in asking for ban of shark fins in Burnaby

The Vancouver Animal Defense League is joining the fight to save our finned friends! We want to see shark fins banned not only in Vancouver, but we are pushing for a simultaneous ban in Burnaby, Richmond AND Vancouver.
We want the sale, possession and trade of shark fins to be banned outright in all three cities.
On June 25th we will be appearing before the city council of Burnaby to speak for our finned friends. Vancouver activist Anthony Marr will be speaking and he has only 10 minutes to convince the city why this ban should be put into place. The meeting room fits 90 people and we want to make sure there is standing room only.
We will be arriving at city hall an hour before the meeting starts to rally for the sharks. Bring your signs and banners!
This demo is one of the most important we will see all year, bring your friends and family!
Watch for the Richmond rally coming soon!

Email for more information.


Date: Monday June, 25th, 2012

Time: 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Location: Burnaby City Hall, 4949 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC V5G 1M2

Contact: for more information

Join Facebook Event Here:

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OCEAN DAY ACTION: Email to Help Sharks in Vancouver · By Artist for the Ocean

Please help Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby BAN shark fin! A city councillor stated today that if they get enough emails asking for a ban, this issue WILL be taken seriously. She said at this point they have not received enough emails to bring this issue to the table YET. PLEASE email them and pass this on!


Subject: Ban Shark Fin Soup

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please celebrate the ocean today by making a vote to ban shark fin soup. Over 70 million sharks are horrifically killed by cutting the fin off and throwing the body alive back into the ocean. It has grown to be big business globally by illegal practices that have reduced the sharks in the ocean to 10% remaining. The finning is for a bowl of shark fin soup that is nothing more than a tasteless soup used as a status symbol for weddings in the Chinese Culture.

We would like you to take this glorious day “Ocean Day” and make a point to protect its biodiversity by protecting the sharks with an action of banning shark fin soup.

Watch Sharkwater
The feature film trailer for Sharkwater – internationally award winning documentary by Rob Stewart

Thank you.


View Original Event here

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Rescued Chicken needs home!

Forward, please respond here if you can help.

My neighbor has 3 laying he was driving by the poultry processing plant near Rona in Coquitlam and a chicken was running around loose..he stopped and caught it and felt he didn’t want to take it to the plant since it had made it’s bid for freedom..he brought it home and put it in with his hens but it attacked them..a much larger he removed it and now says..what do I do? Can they eventually get along…oh and then he thought because it is so much larger it might be a rooster..but bam it laid an egg on the floor right in front of rooster…any thoughts of what he can do with this is a brown one..

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K-9 Amber Alert! Ted’s 2 dogs Ditto and Drizzle were stolen in Vancouver!

Please Twitter, blog, report to police and share far and wide.

They may have been stolen to be forced into the cruel and illegal trade of dog fighting.

If you have any information please call Ted at 360-933-4871

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Mui Tau, a sensitive Cocker Spaniel looking for a new home

Dog Needs a New Home
Name: Mui Tau
8-yr-old cocker spaniel, potty trained. Family is moving and can’t bring her with them.
Location: Vancouver

Okay- so I adopted my dog from the Hong Kong SPCA when she was a puppy. We never got around to rename her, so she has a Chinese name- Mui Tau (but I call her puppy sometimes and she responds to it too so I’m sure if you started calling her another name, she’d catch on really quickly). She’s turning 8 this summer.. and the life expectancy for her breed is 12-15 years.

When we moved to Canada in 2007, she flew on the plane with us.. it proved to be a horrible idea because she was traumatized by it. From then on, she’s been really fearful of strangers.. and really protective over my family. This is why SPCA won’t take her in..

She is aggressive to strangers whenever she’s around my family but when we bring her to the groomers, the vet and the doggy daycare place, they all say she’s super sweet. I’m pretty sure she’s a sweetheart when we’re not around.

Also, she has chronic skin allergies. I think it’s pretty common with the breed (Cocker Spaniel). It’s nothing too serious but the fur on her back is sometimes sparse, depending on the season. It comes and goes, sometimes it’s so good you won’t even notice it. There are specific spots that can get more serious. If she starts gnawing on a part, there is an ointment you can get from the vet.. it eases the itching.

I’m taking her to a friend’s this weekend to test things out. We’ll find out how she really is when we’re not around… Hopefully, she’ll be good and I’ll let you know if she’s ‘adoptable’.

I attached a couple pictures and here are some more:

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