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Vancouver Animal Rights Campaigns! is expanding into an environmental and social forum for important events. We have been an independent organization in service to the community, listing various activities around Vancouver to support the activists working for animals.  Some of the groups working in Vancouver are listed below:

Action for UVic Rabbits

Animal Voices Radio Show

BC Pet Rescue Associations: Listings


Circle F Horse Rescue Society

Creature Comforts Pet Rescue (Exotic)

Fur-Bearer Defenders


Hearts On Noses



Liberation BC

Lifeforce Foundation

No Whales In Captivity

Rabbit Advocacy Group

Royal City Humane Society


Stop UBC Animal Research

Vancouver Animal Defense League

Vancouver Animal Shelter

Vancouver Humane Society

Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy

Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue (VOKRA)

Wildlife Rescue Association of BC

Wild Arc Rehabilitation Centre

Pamela Anderson Speaks for the Seals during the Vancouver Olympics

43 Responses

  1. Trev says:

    Hello, can you contact me? I’d like to help grow this

  2. Danielsany says:

    Actual topic,

  3. my question is about something that most people don’t really talk about for various reasons they might be embarrassed they might think people might think they’re crazy they just might not know exactly how to say what they want to say either way I know that throughout this experience I’ve experienced in all these feelings and emotions from within myself and as well from outside in.
    My dog Annabelle was raped in a more commonly understood way of saying it my dog was a victim of bestiality and I reported it to the SPCA and I was pretty much told to come back in a couple days and the officer never showed up and relaid a message to the worker at the women’s center saying there is nothing we can do and I was pretty much left to deal with it on my own and one of the persons that was suspected of being involved was my ex who is starting to stalk me so I did what any proper animal owner would have done in my situation I feel and that was to get my dog somewhere safe and unfortunately in my situation at the time the only way to do that with options I had was just surrender her to adoption now I’m not sure if anybody out there is reading this and if they are if anybody that is reading this has ever experienced anything similar or even remotely like this situation but if you have please speak up you’re not alone I know you’re out there and right now I feel like I’m alone and bestiality is an issue and it’s a huge issue more of an issue than people realize I think and it needs to be talked about and unfortunately for these animals that are being victimized they cannot speak for themselves so if you can’t speak for yourself speak up for them please sincerely Project Annabelle

  4. Shaun Douglas says:

    I absolutely love animals. I like them more than most people which is why I surround myself with the unconditional loving fur balls

  5. Aaron B Cohen says:

    My wife works for a government organization,we just lost our German Shepherd and now had to put down her mare she loved dearly her management will not reckinize that animals to them are not as thay say family related I’m sorry we choose not to have children our children are now one dog two cats and now four horses losing both in less then two weeks is making our hearts empty for both we believe that all our animal have the same feelings of love them children have and more Thanka ABC

  6. Char says:

    My son had an accident involving a group of deers on the road, he clip one and ran off the road and crashed my car. ICBC told me he would have to kill or hurt the deer to prove the colllion. When we are driving and Coming into contact with an animal for them to honor the claim “kill the animal, or injur it to be compensated they said, sad information given by a government company .

  7. Fawzia Shaikh says:

    I would like to help.

  8. Luis says:

    I am a true believer of animal rights and would love to volunteer and make a difference in animal lives around the world. How can I go about to volunteer for this organization?

    Luis Esquivel

  9. Frank Gounder says:

    I was wondering if there were any paying jobs in your organization?

  10. Brian Des Champ says:

    I have a question regarding the medical records and x-rays of my pet that recently passed away.The question is am I entitled to have all records and x-rays released to me? And if you dont know this information can you provide it to me or who i may contact.Thank You Sincerely Brian Des Champ

  11. Stuart Richardson says:

    Hi there, I’m in the process of starting a project that I would love to have your input on and possibly some assistance. Please give me a reply if this is something you may be interested in.
    Thank you

  12. Jane Kim says:

    I have a ultimate passion for animals. I would like to join the campaign and help out with the animals. Please give me a reply back if this is a possible thing I can do. Thank you.

  13. alysss mcdonald says:

    Thanksgiving weekend I had brought my dog to South Fraser Animal Hospital in Abbotsford to get spayed and this is the tragedy it ended in. Please click the link, please share. Lets get some justice for my poor little babygirl!!!!

    • theroaringbutterfly says:

      Im so sorry.i have only had access through my phone which did not notify me of your message. I will check out your gofundme link. Please post this on the facebook page, vancouver animal rights campaigns!

  14. steve says:

    dose captain deserve a voice??? let me no !!!

  15. Iouise,MOLLOT says:


  16. shawna caputo says:

    This looks like someone at UBC and UVIC have emails in my name or have had in the past and are in contact with celebrity in the USA. No wonder Obama said it was time to crack down on celebrity…I think it’s time to have them extradited and charged for inappropriate behaviors, harassing and endangering the public especially children and costing lives. I don’t give a damn if it’s some PIMP COP named Rob Webb. Both have to be charged on the soil where the victims and so do family if their just as ARROGANT or IGNORANT or blatantly don’t give a damn who their conduct affects and try to mask their good will initiatives off the back of animals. They have significantly harmed both as in my case and cost lives . Charge them all I need to sue and maybe Pam can fuck off and do what she does best…blow someone

    Their names, including family, contact info and lawyer IMMEDIATELY

    Text me!

  17. Ashton Groves says:

    Please read the above link and help spread awareness of this heinous crime!

    • Cortney says:


      I’ve started the petition “Grouse Mountain Resorts Ltd.: Stop the Fur Market: Tell Grouse Mountain to Stand up for its Portrayed Values” and need your help to get it off the ground.

      Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here’s the link:

      Here’s why it’s important:

      My name is Cortney and I am a former employee of Grouse Mountain Resorts Ltd. in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Grouse Mountain has been an advocate for wildlife education for several years. They house two orphaned grizzly bears as well as a retired timber wolf that was once working in the film industry. In addition to care taking, they offer several educational programs that teach students the importance of conserving British Columbia’s wildlife and wild places. Grouse Mountain should be commended for the work they do in educating the public about Canada’s environment and wildlife.

      Ironically, Grouse Mountain is selling products that are a result of the torture and mistreatment of innocent wild animals, while promoting conservation and education at the same time. These products include the brand Canada Goose hooded jackets with coyote fur ruff. Canada Goose purchases fur from trappers whose methods include leg-hold traps, which are shamefully still legal in every province and territory across Canada. These traps are designed to hold an animal fighting for their life. Animals will, and do, break teeth and bones trying to escape. Trap check times range from every 20 hours to once every 14 days. Many of these animals die of starvation, dehydration or blood loss. Furthermore, these traps often kill other “non-target” species such as endangered or protected wildlife and pets. (For more information please visit:

      Please let Grouse Mountain know that selling these products is contradictory to the image and values that Grouse Mountain portrays and should be terminated immediately. If you know of a place selling fur products in your area, I encourage you to petition them. Without a market for fur products, we can finally put an end to the cruel practice of fur trapping worldwide.

      You can sign my petition by clicking here.

      Cortney Flather

  18. I for all time emailed this web site post page to all
    my contacts, because if like to read it next my links will too.

  19. excellent points altogether, you just gained a brand
    new reader. What would you suggest in regards to your post that you made
    a few days ago? Any positive?

    • theroaringbutterfly says:

      Thank you! We so appreciate your feedback, comments and readership!

      Assuming you are referring to the Transit Police story and thus far there has been no response from Translink Officials or the City.

      However, we feel we have made our point and our opinion is out there publicly!

      Thanks again and happy travelling!!

  20. Wed Sept 5 12 I met a bunch of people last Thurs @ the rally “Justice for Captain”, outside 222 Main St., in Vancouver. One lady, in particular stated that “animals are considered property, I did not catch if it is in Canada?, BC? or Vancouver?” My question is what is being done? to change this 100 + years old rule / legislation…. ???? CHANGED !!!!!!!!!!!!
    When is the court date & Rally for “CAPTAIN”????

  21. Chris Jordan says:

    Hi folks, I’m a disabled guy in East Vancouver and someone stole my beloved dog, Bella. She is three years old and loves people. Being a Border Collie, she’s wicked smart and will lose her mind when you show her a ball.

    She licks a spot on her tummy that will leave a raspberry like mark and there is an unmistakeable spot right on the top of her head.

    Bella and I have been with each other for her entire life. I am only one of the people in Bella’s life who are devastated over her loss.

    The reason I’m posting in here is because I suspect the culprit is likely to see this. If not, someone they know most certainly will.

    Bella and are living in an apartment. I found one with the largest outdoor garden patio available during my marriage separation. I couldn’t take her out as much as I used to so I hired a woman to take her out to the woods for me. I stopped using her services because her “jokes” about stealing my dog stopped being funny. I know, coincidences like this are hard to swallow.

    Someone took my fence apart and coaxed Bella out. Someone is going to be ridiculously proud of the amazing and gorgeous new Border Collie they just “rescued” from some evil man. That evil man is devastated and cannot come up with the words to say to the person who stole his greatest love.

    • theroaringbutterfly says:

      Chris, I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your precious friend and beloved dog, Bella. This sounds heartbreaking… I will pass this forward for sure and see if anybody knows anything. Did you contact the police or SPCA to see if they know anything?

  22. Tatiana Bobko says:

    I see an empty calendar online, on the page you referred me to. I guess not much is going on…. I will check the page often. I hope someone is doing something for fur-free friday. Do you have any idea how I can find out?

  23. Tatiana Bobko says:

    is CATCA doing a bowling event for the animals in 2012?
    Is anyone doing anything for Fur Free Friday? On PETA website there are no listings for Canada, nobody is doing anythign for this event in Canada? I can’t believe it. It’s so sad, if it’s true. Please let me know!!

  24. please add Royal City Humane Society to your list. and on facebook too

    • theroaringbutterfly says:

      Oh my gosh, we missed this! So sorry and thanks for bringing it to our attention!!! Thanks for your great work!

  25. sunny says:

    Thanks so much for the response Ericka.

    I just posted about the Bowling Fundraiser event on Sounds like a great event, best of luck!!

  26. If there is any problem, please contact us at:

  27. Dear Sunny,

    I just got great news:
    The CATCA bowling event for the animals is back (starting on Wednesday February 9th, 2011)

    Monday, Wednesday – all day, and Sunday before 3pm. Price is $20.00 with a vegan or veggie food and a drink.

    If you don’t want to eat, then is $13 for 2 games for Monday and Wednesday (shoes included or bring your own); and $15 for Sunday


    If you didn’t make a reservation on advance, please call the same day to check availability and/or waiting times. We thank you for your patience .

    Call (604) 580-2600 and say that you are going there for the CATCA Fundraising to get this promotion.

    We also have a CATCA basket worth it over $100 Dollas with products from the Body Shop. Tickets are $1.00 Each. You can buy them at the Xcalibur Bowling Reception.

    Xcalibur Bowling Centre at 12350 Pattullo Place in Surrey (Very near to the Scott Road Station).
    The hours are from 11 AM to Midnight and Sundays from Noon.

    We may have an event there next weekend. I will keep you posted! 🙂


  28. Alison C. says:

    You could also add Animal Voices radio to this list:

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