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Spending on sport hunting trumps Great Lakes Clean-up Fund

Is there anything more evident to show us the deep sickness that runs through Canada?  Peaceful Parks Coalition Press Release



Peaceful Parks Coalition



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Ontario Election – Honesty Press Release


Spending on sport hunting trumps Great Lakes Clean-up Fund



September 20, 2011 Toronto, Ontario:  Last week, the McGuinty government announced 52 million dollars to clean up the Great Lakes.  To give some perspective to this announcement let’s compare it to the millions of dollars dedicated annually to the sport hunting and fishing industry.


This year, the McGuinty government has earmarked 68 million dollars to sport hunting and fishing interests through the Fish and Wildlife Special Purpose Account.  All projects and research focus on enhancing sport fishing and hunting with little funds supporting species at risk or habitat preservation.


What does 68 million dollars get you?


An additional wild turkey hunting day specifically targeting youth hunters;

Develop fisheries plans;

Develop fisheries management zone councils;

Longer Lake Trout fishing seasons, streamlined bass and pike limits;

Over 7 million fish stocked in the Great Lake to enhance sport fishery;

Five year moose study;

Online deer and moose surveys;

New Framework to Enhance Bear Management;

Moose pregnancy rate study, and so on.


“While some of these projects may have broader wildlife value, each project is chosen first and foremost to enhance sport hunting and fishing – 68 million dollars worth – every year,” says Valastro.


The number of people joining the hook and bullet crowd is declining, including the sport of deer hunting.  According to ministry of natural resources data, the number of active deer hunters has fluctuated since 2004 but has declined by 29,000 participants from its peak in 2007 (226,377) to 197,174 active hunters in 2010.


“Millions of people depend on clean drinking water from the Great Lakes, yet the best the McGuinty government can do is make a one time cash offer of 52 million dollars to protect this invaluable water source,” says Valastro. “I think he should stop bribing voters and seriously re-evaluate his priorities.”





For more Information, please contact AnnaMaria Valastro at 416.785.8636 cell



Note to the Editor:


Statistical information was retrieved through the office of Assistant Deputy Minister Rosalyn Lawrence, Policy Division, Ministry of Natural Resources.




Peaceful Parks Coalition

P.O. Box 326, Station B

Toronto, Ontario M5T 2W2



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Update From CATCA on World Animal Day

Dear Colleagues and supporters,


Definitely the informative table event tomorrow will be postponed.

Not only because of the weather but also because a permit is required and City

Hall is closed up to Monday 😦


We will hold this event in the second or third week of October,

Will let you know a definitive date in early October.


SEE YOU ON MONDAY 19h at the WAD Bowling Fundraiser at Xcalibur Bowling Centre.


Monday September 19th: 6:00pm – 10:00pm Xcalibur Bowling Centre, 12350 Pattullo

Place Surrey, BC

Bowling for the animals to celebrate the WORLD ANIMAL DAY!


**$17.00 vegan burger platter and a drink

**$20.00 with a vegan burger and a beer. This include the shoes and 2 games.

You can bring your own shoes if you want.

**$13 if you don’t want to eat and just for 2 games (shoes included or bring

your own).

If you plan to go, please send me a message here or in FB!



Thank you and have a nice weekend.


Ericka Ceballos, CATCA



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Man tortures dogs to death: Please write asking for justice

I can not bare to watch this.  If you have the stomach for it, here is the video link.  Please either way write to the following Sheriff and ask for the heaviest sentence possible for this horrible action of slowly torturing this dog to death.

Here is more info and a sample letter:

Please call Sheriff Greg Bewley @ 254-386-8128 – Send the sheriff an e-mail:
– The person who killed these dogs is: Randy Klatt contact info:
(254) 386-8427 Hamilton, TX


Get involved with facebook page here:

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Important! Special CATCA Fundraiser Event Sept. 19th!

IMPORTANT: Special CATCA Fundraiser Event: September 19th (Monday) from 6PM-10PM Bowling for the animals to celebrate the WORLD ANIMAL DAY!

Price is $20.00 with a vegan or veggie food and a drink.
No food: $13 for 2 games (with shoes) Xcalibur Bowling Centre, 12350 Pattullo Place Surrey, BC

PS.-If you can’t make it consider to send us a donation to help the animals (go to for more info). Thanks!

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CATCA E-Newsletter Volume 21

CATCA E-Newsletter Volume 21

World Animal Day Ambassador, Local news, Help Yupi the polar bear


I am proud to announce that this year I am the World Animal Day Ambassador in Canada, so CATCA will hold an event in September 18th to celebrate the World Animal Day in Vancouver and two other events will be held in New Westminster and Surrey BC, Canada as part of the WAD events this year.

We will have an educative table in downtown Vancouver on September 18th and also we are calling some schools to launch a competition of children drawings with different subjects about animal welfare for the World Animal Day to create a wall of drawings to exhibit to the general public. We will also have a fundraiser event in a bowling center in the city of Surrey.

Sunday September 18th:
We will be in Vancouver (behind the Art Gallery on the Georgia side) from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Monday September 19th:
Bowl for the Animals event at Excalibur Bowling Centre in Surrey 12350 Pattullo Place (Very near to the Scott Road Station) Surrey, BC from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Come with your friends and family, have fun, have a veggie/vegan meal and help the animals in need!

CATCA is organizing with some schools in New Westminster an animal awareness drawing contest for kids from grade 4th to grade 7th, but I will have more details of this contest later on.

Come and celebrate the World Animal Day with us!

Ericka Ceballos
Founder and President
Campaigns Against the Cruelty to Animals

PS.- Check this event in FB here:

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