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Donations needed for Canadian Voice For Animals Foundation (CVFAF )

Donations needed for Canadian Voice For Animals Foundation ( CVFAF )

FROM OUR COLLEAGUE EARLE: I cannot believe my bad luck. I just discovered that not all of my programmes were transferred to this new computer, and I have buy another programme so that I can download my Homestead Site Builder. I have also lost all of my website backup pages that were on the Front Page programme that was already in my old computer when I bought it…I still hope that everyone on our mailing list will send in donations as we are in dire-need of donations as we have new rescues and our vet bill is outrageous…I can go to the Library every day to check my mail, as all library members can use their computers for free and up to two hours.
Thank you to everyone who sent in donations.

Earle and the CVFAF Team

The Canadian Voice for Animals Foundation is totally funded by donations and receives no monies from governments or corporations. Our dedicated team ensures that even the smallest contribution goes a long way. Our Registered Charity number is: S-53007 British Columbia Certificate of incorporation




Coast Capital Savings Credit Union

17th and Marine Drive

West Vancouver, B.C.

Account name: Canadian Voice for Animals Foundation

Branch: 19640 Institution: 809 Account: 41000807875



The Canadian Voice for Animals Foundation

Mail to:


205-1495 Esquimalt Ave.,

West Vancouver, B. C.



Registered Charity Number: S-53007


Image: Dani, a rescue dog from Ecuador



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Help Vancouver city council stop Kinder Morgan

Dogwood Initiative:

Earlier today Kinder Morgan submitted an application to twin its Trans Mountain Pipeline and more than triple the amount of bitumen being shipped by tanker from the Vancouver area.

The proposal would bring hundreds more bulk crude oil export tankers to our south coast every year, dramatically increasing traffic through Burrard Inlet and the southern Gulf Islands – we all know the unacceptable risks this poses to our communities. Fortunately, our municipal government is stepping up.

Vancouver city councillors are voting on a motion at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday Dec. 18 that would allow the city to intervene directly in the National Energy Board’s Kinder Morgan review. They need to hear from Vancouver residents who support their involvment. The Vancouver city council has already voted to oppose the Trans Mountain expansion proposal – they would be a powerful voice of reason in the review process.

Can you attend the meeting and speak in support of this motion? You will have five minutes to tell council you support their leadership and strong stance on this dangerous proposal. Here’s how to get involved:

To register to speak, call meeting coordinator Lori Isfeld: (604) 871-6355
Or register by email:
Please copy me on your email to the meeting coordinator or let me know if you’re planning to attend by replying to this email.
If you can’t be there in person, you can communicate your thoughts about the resolution to the mayor and councillors by emailing by the end of Tuesday.
This is your chance to show municipal politicians if they stand up against this project, Vancouverites will be there behind them.

Thank you for supporting our champions for the coast,

Celine Trojand
Organizing Director

P.S. Pasted below is the resolution being considered and a link to the agenda:

That Council direct staff to apply as an intervenor in the National Energy Board hearings on the anticipated Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion proposal to advance the following points:

1. The expansion of the pipeline through the Metro Vancouver region and associated increases in tanker traffic pose an unacceptable risk to the City of Vancouver, residents and businesses including, but not limited to, risks to Vancouver and the region’s vibrant economy, local environment and parks, infrastructure, financial and legal liability, public health, and our international brand as one of the world’s most liveable cities.

2. That the City of Vancouver does not agree with the NEB’s position that harms caused by the eventual combustion of the fossil fuels carried by the pipeline not be considered as part of the review of impacts on the public interest. Further that the City of Vancouver views an increase in the extraction of fossil fuels intended for combustion, and the increase in greenhouse gases associated with this extraction and combustion, as posing a direct risk to the City as a result of sea-level rise and extreme weather impacts associated with anthropogenic climate change.

3. The City of Vancouver has grave concerns on the following points:

that no appropriate emergency response plan is in place from appropriate provincial and federal government agencies, in fact capacity has been reduced in recent years.
that the City of Vancouver, it’s residents and businesses are not indemnified against all financial loss associated with a spill from current or proposed shipments.
that full recovery funding is not guaranteed for all affected parties.
that Kinder Morgan and other responsible agencies have not invested in appropriate mitigation efforts to avoid a spill of current shipments



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Surrey’s New Time Tethering Bylaw, needs you as a witness


Surrey is now accepting reports from the community about tethered dogs. And just as the Campaign for Animal Rights (CARL) advised Surrey Council prior to the passage of the time limited ban, by-law enforcement officers have been advising the callers that the bylaw is unenforceable and not a single dog has yet been removed from their chain. Since it is impractical for bylaw enforcement officers to sit unobserved outside a chained dogs home for four hours, it is now incumbent on neighbors to prove the dog is on their chain longer than four hours. And how can neighbors be expected to video tape their neighbors dog for a four hour period. As we advised Mayor Watts and her Council, the only enforceable tethering bylaw is a ban on the chaining of unattended dogs.

Surrey residents, please report all dogs who you know are on chains for longer than four hours to Surrey By-Law enforcement at 604-591-4370 and continue to followup with them about the dog until something is done. Please also email the addresses of chained dogs who have not been helped to us at We will go to the media, who is very interested in this issue, and expose the unenforceability of their bylaw.

And everyone, please write Mayor Watts and her council at to complain about their new bylaw and demand they create an unattended tethering ban and truly help end the suffering of chained dogs in Surrey.


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Tell Health Canada to protect bees

Even while tens of millions of bees die, Health Canada isn’t doing anything.

On December 1, the European Union imposed a two year ban on neonicotinoids, the pesticide manufactured by Bayer that scientists have tied to the massive global bee die-off. It’s a bold step and not a moment too soon. With up to a third of all honeybees vanishing each winter, beekeepers are saying that we are “on the brink” of losing our crops’ vital pollinators.

The Canadian government agency in charge, Health Canada, has been dragging its feet for years. But we need a pollinator-friendly policy now, to ensure a safe, sustainable environment for future generations.

Tell Health Canada to protect the bees, and enact sensible restrictions on bee-killing pesticides now.

It’s not an exaggeration to say we owe our prosperity and even our survival to millions of bees. Bees are responsible for pollinating over 30% of world’s food supply, and they help generate over hundreds of billions to the global economy. And bees are dying worldwide. This summer, a shocking 37 million bees were reported dead across a single farm in Ontario. Bee die offs aren’t one off incidents — in China, the situation has gotten so bad that farmers are forced to hand-pollinate their trees. have been right at the front of the global campaign to save our bees. Over 360,000 of us have already demanded that Bayer drop the lawsuit to stop the two-year neonicotinoid ban in Europe. We also came together to fight Bayer at a huge independent garden store show in Chicago, where the German chemical maker was out in force. Tens of thousands from the Canadian SumOfUs community also took action to demand that big stores Home Depot and Lowe’s stop selling the bee killing chemicals. Now, we need to ask Health Canada to take action to save the bees.

You can bet the pesticide manufacturers are shovelling cash at lobbyists in order to continue selling their poisonous products in Canada. But we’re not here to protect corporate profits, we’re here to protect our ecosystem to ensure our future. Join in today to protect Canada’s ecosystem.

Demand that Health Canada take action on protecting our bees.

Thanks for all that you do,
Angus, Paul and the rest of us.

More Information:

Bee die-offs: New tests find bee-killing pesticides in ‘bee-friendly’ plants from garden centers nationwide, Friends of the Earth, August 14 2013.

SumOfUs is a worldwide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy.


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