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Grouse Mountain has removed all cruel fur products from its retail operations almost immediately after we announced an anti-fur protest for January 7, and following a months-long campaign.

On January 2, following a New Year’s Eve announcement of the protest, Grouse Mountain informed us that there is now “no fur on the mountain.” On January 3, we entered Outfitters and confirmed that the store is now 100% fur-free.

Prior to announcement of the protest, Outfitters had carried fur-trimmed Canada Goose and Parajumpers jackets. In October 2013, we transmitted email and voicemail appeals to Grouse Mountain in order to initiate dialogue, but Grouse ignored the appeals, compelling us to launch a sustained pressure campaign via social media, telephone and in-store presence. At one point, after an activist visited Outfitters and spoke with customers on November 11, Grouse summoned the RCMP, who handcuffed, detained and interrogated the activist.

Given Grouse Mountain’s iconic status, this is a keystone victory in the battle against the vile fur industry generally and Canada Goose in particular. We’ll monitor Grouse every week through the fall.

Grouse Mountain is the second Canadian retailer to drop Canada Goose’s fur products after VADL campaigns: Hills of Kerrisdale dropped Canada Goose and went 100% fur-free in winter 2012 after months of protest. Currently we’re also undertaking a fur-free campaign at Brooklyn Clothing.


Click here to view the outstanding 7-minute+ interview with VADL activist Michael Brooks and Brooklyn Clothing owner Jason Overbo regarding our current fur campaign:

The campaign is going strong, now in its third month. We’ll protest at Brooklyn for years if needed, period.


VADL activists have secured a meeting with the owner of Sun Sui Wah, to discuss an end to that restaurant’s serving of shark fin soup; stay tuned for the outcome. Meantime our Fintastic Friday protests will continue so long as Sun Sui Wah supports torture and extermination of sharks. Nine months of protesting under our belts so far!


Every Wed. and Sat., 11-1: Protests at Brooklyn Clothing on Davie
Every Fri., 630-830: Shark fin protest at Sun Sui Wah



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Captains Owner, Brian Whitlock court appearance, October 11th, 9:00 a.m.

222 Main street Vancouver Bc
Please come out and show your support for captain, and to put pressure on crown counsel to accept the charges as recommended by the SPCA….each rally we are gaining strength ..join the movement! lets give em hell!


Facebook Event:


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CATCA E-Newsletter February 1, 2011~ CATCA Bowling Event back

CATCA E-Newsletter Volume 18th February 1st 2011


The CATCA bowling event for the animals is back (starting on Wednesday February 9th, 2011)

Monday, Wednesday – all day, and Sunday before 3pm.
Price is $20.00 with a vegan or veggie food and a drink.

If you don’t want to eat, then is $13 for 2 games for Mondays and Wednesdays (shoes included or bring your own); and $15 for Sundays.


If you didn’t make a reservation on advance, please call the same day to check availability and/or waiting times. We thank you for your patience .
Call (604) 580-2600 and say that you are going there for the CATCA Fundraising to get this promotion.

We also have a CATCA basket worth it over $100 Dollars with products from the Body Shop. Tickets are $1.00 Each.
You can buy them at the Xcalibur Bowling Reception.

Xcalibur Bowling Centre at 12350 Pattullo Place in Surrey (Very near to the Scott Road Station).
The hours are from 11 AM to Midnight and Sundays from Noon.

We attach our new poster and fliers if you want to print them to post at vegetarian restaurants, stores, libraries, gyms or wherever they allow you to post them.

Xcalibur Bowling Centre at 12350 Pattullo Place in Surrey (Very near to the Scott Road Station).
The hours are from 11 AM to Midnight and Sundays from Noon.

Dear Colleagues, animal activists, supporters and friends,

These are some few of the headlines yesterday here in Canada from yesterday:–Alleged-Whistler-sled-dog-slaughter-sheer-terror-and-chaos-SPCA

One sled dog tour company in Whistler BC, had too many Husky sled dogs after the Olympic Games in 2010, so he sent an employee to slaughter them. The employee shot them, but sometimes shot them on the face (as one dog did and started to run away with an eye ball hanging out). and sometimes he had to chase them after been shot. Then he started to slash their throats and with the dogs still alive and trying to escape after been letally wounded, this man buried them alive in April 2010!

We are asking for sled dogs tour companies to be ban in British Columbia to avoid future similar incidents. We ask for the owner of this company and the employee who killed the 100 husky dogs in such a savage way, to go to jail and for this tour company to close. We need your help to achieve this.

Pls. send an e-mail to this company and tell them where you are, what do you think about this atrocity, and that you will tell all the people you know to never set foot on their tour company.
This is a cruel unethical business and we hope there will be justice for these slaughtered Husky dogs.

Joey Hussian is the owner. The guy who killed the dogs is Robert T. Fawcett
Office Ph.604 932 0647 or 604 932-3205 Fax.604 932 0657

Please, contact the TOURISM WHISTLER OFFICE and urge them to stop sending tourism to this unethical Outdoor Activities Whistler and to cancel all sled dog tour activities in Whistler after this atrocity.

Phone 1.800.944.7853 and e-mail:

Barking Mad Event Sun Feb 6 ~ 12:00 – 2:00

Location: Ambleside Dog Park, Ambleside Beach – 1300 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC

“A man who killed 100 sled dogs has received not a prison sentence but workers’ compensation”*796351p-c651b910


Other urgent alerts:

URGENT! 2 sheep in need of permanent home or foster home!!!
If you can help or know someone who can, pls. contact: for more info.

ALERT: Help save the monkeys at UBC!

Te Province newspaper published a story about Stop UBC Animal Research’s campaign to halt UBC’s brutal experiments on monkeys (See “Bid to Save UBC monkeys from grim death”). As noted in the article, STOP has urged UBC to release the monkeys to a sanctuary so they can live their remaining days in peace. After conducting horrific experiments on the monkeys, UBC intends to kill them in the coming months.


*Donate to Stop UBC Animal Research’s “Adopt a UBC Monkey” project to help us raise the funds for the UBC monkeys. If we can show UBC we have the money to pay for the monkeys to be released and transported to a sanctuary where they can be rehabilitated UBC may surrender them to us. To donate go to the following link and click the donation button:

*Urge UBC’s President to release the monkeys immediately to a sanctuary so the animals may live their remaining days in peace. To contact UBC President and Vice-Chancellor Stephen J. Toope:

Phone: 604.822.8300
Fax: 604.822.5055

**Action Alert – please ask Air Canada to stop transporting primatesby Brian Vincent on Monday, January 24, 2011 at 8:21am
The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), STOP UBC Animal Research and Animal Alliance of Canada are calling on Air Canada to stop transporting primates destined for the research industry. The call comes following a tip-off to the BUAV from a concerned member of staff at Toronto Airport that monkeys from breeding farms in China are flown into Toronto Airport. They are held at the airport overnight, for up to 15 hours or more, before sent on another Air Canada flight to Montreal and their final destination – the research laboratory. The most recent shipment of 48 monkeys arrived in Toronto on Saturday, January 23.

In recent years, an increasing number of airlines have taken the decision to dissociate themselves from the cruelty and suffering that are intrinsic to the trade in primates. These include British Airways, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Northwest Airlines, Qantas Airways, South African Airways, Delta Airlines, Eva Air and China Airlines. Air Canada is one of only a small number of passenger airlines that continues to be involved in this grim business.

We are calling upon Canadian citizens, Air Canada passengers and concerned individuals and airline passengers from around the world to contact Air Canada to show the strength of public feeling on this issue.

The call to Air Canada has already been picked up by leading newspaper, the Toronto Sun:

Please write to Air Canada urging it to stop transporting primates:

President and CEO Air Canada
Air Canada Centre
P.O Box 14,000
Dorval QC
Canada H4Y 1H4

For more information on the transportation of primates:



**In another great news, my colleagues from the Mexican Association For The Animal Rights (AMEDEA), will have the big honor tonight to be the guests of honor in a huge Mexican Lottery event.
AMEDEA’s logo was chosen as the first animal rights/welfare NGO to appearon the Mexican Lottery tickets. This is the first time  in Latin America that an animal rights NGO get’s this honor.
This is a historical event!

I am VERY PROUD to be Co-Founder of AMEDEA, that was created in 1996 in Mexico City and has an umbrella network of about 50 Mexican NGO’s.
(Guess where the part of the title “For the Animal Rights” comes from 😉 )


***UVIC tries to kill rabbits again

***Live pig burials in Korea By now it is almost 3 million animals!!!!
(Please read this article:

*** Stop the slaughter of bisons in Yellowstone

*** Dolphins are dying in Las Vegas

*** Urge the Namibian SPCA to protect the Cape fur seal!

*** Cops kill dog in Colombia

VIDEOS from our colleague Leah: Taiji dolphins are in dire straights

WE NEED DONATIONS for these important animal conservation issues:


Poland will held the EU Presidency during the next IWC in Jersey this summer.
(As you may know, CATCA got Poland to join the International Whaling Commission in 2009. Personally I assisted the first appointed Polish Commissioner two years ago during his first IWC)

I already wrote to the last Polish Commissioner a long letter explaining her why Poland MUST participate this year at the IWC.

If they go, I need to go too. I will not let the WWF and other so called “anti conservation” big NGO’s influence the new and unexperience Polish delegation at the IWC!

I need to get $2,500 CAD to pay for my travel expenses, and for my participation in July.

I would certainly provide some kind of guidance to help Poland on their first EU Presidency term at the IWC, to be sure they do a good job for the whales sake and that they hang with the “good” crowd. I am pretty sure the Japanese and all the pro-whaling countries will be on top of them like flies, knowing that they can influence them, due to their lack of experience on IWC issues and just starting with their first EU Presidency.

If you want to donate some money to help me go to Jersey to the IWC this year, please send us a cheque or pay by paypal in our website.


CATCA needs to raise money to pay to do a wide investigation on the internet ivory trade in Asia and Africa to have the results printed in a report that will be distributed during the next CITES CoP16 in 2013. The Internet trade of elephant ivory in Latin America Report 2009, was in huge demand during the last CITES CoP15, but because of my very limited financial resources (I didn’t have any sponsor),
I managed to print only 300 issues from my own pocket. These Reports disappeared quickly like hot bread and played an important role in the delegations voting against the Proposals that threatened the African elephant populations.

The results would be distributed to the proper enforcement authorities, Interpol, CITES Secretariat and of course, among the delegates of the CITES CoP16.

This monitoring would take me 15 months to complete, plus working on the results and to edit the report it would take me another 2 months.

This last report is here in this link:

As you may be aware, Tanzania and Zambia haven’t given up on downlisting their elephant populations and on having a onetime sales of their ivory.

During the CITES CoP15 many delegates were really surprised to find out that there is quite a large trade of ivory in Latin America and with the “informative article” I wrote inside the report (plus all the constant lobbying that Il did). That helped many delegations to decide to vote against the elephant proposals from Zambia and Tanzania.

Kenya as the head of the African Elephant Coalition of 24 countries, asked me to lobby with their Kenya’s Minister of Environment and Forestry, which I did non stop for 3 days. At the end, CATCA secured some countries within the EU,  so the EU that originally intended to vote in favour of these Zambian and Tanzanian proposals had to abstein (twice!). CATCA’s lobbying also secured the vote against these Proposals from many countries in Latin America.

Our efforts helped save the lives of about 38,000 African Elephants.

This is one of the reasons why the results of this e-monitoring can be very crucial for the elephants. This has never been done before with the proper methodology that I use (praised as the “formal” methodology by the CITES Secretariat), so the results could be also used by the governments to take this elephant ivory trade more seriously and hopefully to strengthen their enforcement policies, while at the same time providing some interesting results for all the other governments and their enforcement authorities.

Thank you!

Check our updated website. We are getting our pages translated to Spanish, Polish, Swedish and French.

Thank you Mika  (Tack sa mycket!) for your awesome job and muchas gracias a mi estimada amiga Monica por ayudarnos con las traduciones.

Any one out there wishes to contribute some another languages?

As usual we are in need of donations for our office expenses.
If you can, pls send us a donation.

Thank you!

Ericka Ceballos

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September Calendar of Events

Please Check Out The September Calender of Events on Google Calender.

I am looking for people to contribute to the ongoing updating of this calendar. Please email me if you are interested. Also if you have an event you would like added, please email the details of the event along with any links. You can also post it on the Facebook Group Here.

Thank you!

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Liberation BC Gearing Up for Vegan School Pamphleting

Following is a message from Joanne Change of Liberation BC.  If you are interested in participating in this volunteer opportunity please contact her at or 604-761-4162

Every year, Liberation BC goes to school campuses in September to distribute Vegan Outreach pamphlets to students. For more info on what this is all about, visit
The schedule below only includes colleges/universities. However, if we have pamphlets left over at the end of each day, we will head over to a nearby high school to distribute them.

Please contact me if you want to help out or 604-761-4162

Vegan Outreach Schedule:

Wed, Sept 8 (8-11) BCIT
Thur, Sept 9 (8-1) SFU
Fri, Sep 10 (8-1) SFU

Wed, Sep 15 (10-1) SFU
Thur, Sep 16 (11-1) Capilano
Fri, Sep 17 (9-11) Emily Carr

Wed, Sept 22 (8-11) BCIT
Thur, Sept 23 (10-1) SFU

Wed, Sep 29 (10-1) Kwantlen Richmond
Thur, Sep 30 (11-1) Capilano

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Active Vegans Group


Check it out as a way to get involved with other Vegans to meet up and join in various activities (outside the restaurant)!

Here is what they say:

“hello! we’re a Meetup group for vegans in the Vancouver area things!

it’s not a ‘fitness club’, it’s not a ‘team’, it’s not a ‘club’. it’s just a non-restauranty setting to hang out with vegans, and share a(nother) common interest.

things will perhaps be relatively spontaneous, but I suppose we’ll organise some planned events from time to time.

come along! you don’t *have* to be vegan, but be respectful and enjoy yourself 🙂

Join up Here:

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