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Elderly Cat Needs Warm Home

Hi there,

This older cat looks like he was thrown out into the country.  We feel really badly for him, he is scared and he so wants a warm place to curl up. As long as he has a little heat in the cat house and a constant supply of food, he is very content.

We are thrilled he found us and has found a safe place, but we really need to find him a home.  I am told by rescue organizations that an elderly cat is hard to adopt out.  I am only assuming he is older due to the bits of grey on him and I don’t know anything else about his history.

He is affectionate, but gets a little fearful and needs a bit of consistency before he calms down.  Please let me know of anybody willing to take him in. He is currently  happy in an outdoor pet house with a warm light and would be content in a barn situation, but of course an indoor life would be preferable.

After having him indoors for a few days, this is definitely an indoor, cuddly cat. He would sit in someones lap for hours, if anybody was willing to sit that long. He would suite an elderly person who wants a loyal companion.


Contact for more info


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Canada Needs To Start Prosecuting Animal Abusers and Stop Prosecuting Animal Rescuers

Maggie Moore‎ Posted to Vancouver Animal Rights Campaigns
April 21

Canada Needs To Start Prosecuting Animal Abusers and Stop Prosecuting Animal Rescuers

“In Canada, you can inflict the most horrific cruelty on an animal without much worry of prosecution. But heaven help you if you rescue that suffering animal from their abuser.”

That has been the experience of animal rescuer Janet Olson, currently facing numerous charges in Surrey, B.C., relating to the rescue of several abused dogs. She has witnessed first-hand the stark difference between the way animal rescuers and animal abusers are treated by the Canadian justice system. “Although animal abuse is technically a crime under the criminal code of Canada,” Olson states, “in reality, even the worst cases of cruelty are treated as little more than misdemeanors.” In contrast, anyone rescuing a suffering animal from their abusive owner faces serious penalties for theft.

And Olson certainly is. Despite having no previous record or trouble with the law, the crown counselor prosecuting Olson’s case is requesting a jail term of 12 to 18 months for theft of property under $5000, if she pleads guilty and saves the court the cost of a lengthy trial. “If I insist on a trial, at a personal cost of over $100,000 and a cost to BC taxpayers of hundreds of thousands of dollars, the prosecutor will conceivably double that sentence recommendation.” says Olson. “These aren’t abused dogs to the crown. They are nothing more than property with the same rights as your television or toaster.”

In March 2014, Kevin Shiell, a Duncan man rescued an emaciated pitbull who was living in horrific conditions on a short chain in his own filth. Bear, who was known to the SPCA but had been left to was strangling on his entangled chain when Shiell found him. Shiell says if he had missed one more green light Bear, who was standing on the tips of the toes of his back feet to keep from being strangled, would have died. Yet Bear’s owner faces no charges for cruelty. But Shiell, Bear’s rescuer, is facing charges – for breaking and entering.

Olson points out that if these were children that had rescued from starvation, cruel confinement, beatings, hypothermia and near strangulation instead of dogs, it would be the parents who would be facing prosecution instead of her and Shiell. But Canadian animals have virtually no protection under the law from mistreatment. It is extremely rare for anyone in Canada convicted of even the most horrific acts of animal cruelty to receive anything harsher than a fine.

Olson cites the recent case in BC of Robert Fawcett, who was charged and convicted for the horrific slaughter of one hundred sled dogs, burying many of the alive. “The prosecutor did not even ask for a single day in jail,” says Olson. “Imagine – one hundred brutally murdered dogs and no jail time – as if they had no more rights than plants. He got a one year probation, which is shockingly, one of the most serious sentences an animal abuser in Canada will ever receive.”

But in the vast majority of animal cruelty cases, the charges are simply dropped. In 2009, NWT resident, Archie Beaulieu was charged with cruelty for starving and denying water to his thirty four sled dogs, who were all in such terrible physical state by the time they were finally rescued that they all had to be euthanized. The skulls of other dogs were found buried in the same mud and feces that the dying dogs were found standing in. Beaulieu had been starving dogs to death for years, leaving their bodies where they lay, then starting again with more dogs living on top the rotting bodies of the old ones. The charges were stayed by the crown. A NB man, Keith Barton, who was acquitted on five counts of killing his Pomeranians by fracturing their skulls with a hammer, the judge stating that the animals were his property and “he had the right to destroy them.”

The problem in obtaining convictions is often blamed on the requirement to prove “willful intent” to cause suffering. But even when that is clearly evident, the sentences are still extremely lenient. In Alberta in 2008 Daniel Haskett tied his dog’s legs together with duct tape, put a bag over her head, a rope around her neck and then dragged her behind his vehicle until her neck, back and pelvis were broken and one of her eyes had popped out of its socket. The crown prosecutor asked for only three months in jail. The judge sentenced Haskett to 30 days to be served on weekends. He wasn’t even denied the right to own more dogs. David Chan, of Pitt Meadows B.C. was found guilty of brutally torturing 11 Pekingese dogs. The dogs suffered burns, deep cuts, hemorrhages, ulcerated lesions and serious fractures and several died from their injuries. Chan received a one year probation and community service – no jail time, no criminal record and no fine. A Calgary man, Derick Colin Anderson, threw his girlfriend’s puppy off a balcony and when that didn’t kill him, kicked him to death, then sent the pictures of the dead puppy to his girlfriend. Anderson received no jail time, no criminal record and, remarkably, no ban on owning dogs.

Olson despairs, “It is hard to imagine what a person in Canada would have to do to an animal that would be horrific enough for our courts to inflict a serious punishment. If the brutal and deliberate slaughter of 100 sled dogs isn’t enough, if the deliberate starvation of dozens of dogs isn’t enough, if dragging a dog behind a truck until her body is broken and stripped of her flesh isn’t enough, if ritualistically torturing dogs to death isn’t enough – what would be enough?”

Compare this to Olson’s case for rescuing suffering dogs from their abusive owners. “I have already spent more time in jail prior to a conviction than Brian Whitlock, a BC man who poisoned, stabbed and beat his German shepherd named Captain with a baseball bat then tossed him barely alive in a dumpster, spent in jail after his conviction. If I had rescued Captain from Whitlock, I would most likely have spent more time in jail then the week that he did for brutally killing him.”

Olson maintains that there is no crime in the Criminal Code of Canada that goes as unpunished or is as weakly punished as animal cruelty. When it comes to animals, Canada is one of the most inhumane and unjust countries in the world. Not only does our justice system not protect animals from suffering, it prosecutes those who do.

If you agree that prosecuting Janet Olson for rescuing dogs suffering at the hands of their owners is not in the public interest and that you would rather see your tax dollars be spent on prosecuting animal abusers instead of animal rescuers please contact the Attorney General of BC, the Honourable Suzanne Anton by emailing her at You can also reach her with a pre-written letter at the campaign site
Please also sign the petition at
and for Kevin Shiell at
Please share these links far and wide.
Janet Olson can be reached at

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Animal Shelters With a No Kill Policy in BC, updated list

VARC found this on Craigs List and thought it might be useful to share.
Do you know of any others that are definitely no kill shelters?
Please let us know,


Copied and pasted from Craigs List

animal shelters with a no kill policy – updated list (BC)

Please feel free to circulate this and add to the list so we can help more animals !

Dear readers,

Thank you to the 45 of you who responded with more shelters ( and low cost spaying options) to add to the list for birds, cats, small animals and dogs. Please free to circulate the list. If you find out of more low cost or free spaying/neutering, please let me know.

Here some animal shelters and places with a no kill policy in the area. It would be good to see how they run and support them . I guess it’s up to us to lobby for more.

Double check when you call them.

Here they are:

Action for Animals in Distress Society in Burnaby.

The B.C.C.R (BC Chihuahua Rescue)

BCEBS bc exotic bird society

Bunny Homes in Surrey

CARES in Langley

City of Coquitlam Animal Shelter ( spaying/neutering services etc)

Critter Aid — Summerland, BC. (also horses. donkeys and alpacas)

Dog Bless Rescue Partners

Greyhaven Exotic bird sanctuary

Katie’s Plcae in Maple Ridge

Kittimat Community Human Society

Meow-Aid No-Kill Cat Shelter Vancouver, BC

L.A.P.S. Langley animal protection society


( in Victoria, they foster dogs but do not have a shleter)

R.A.P.S. Richmond animal protection society

Royal City Humane Society

T.L.C. shelter Tender loving care in Langley (cats) shelter

Turtle GardensAnimal Rescue

S.A.I.N.T.S. Senior Animals in Need Today Soceity ( also for special needs animals)

Safe Haven in Chilliwack (cats only)

SARAH society in Surrey

Small Animal Rescue (rodents, hedgehogs)

Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy

VOKRA (rescue society – not a shelter)

shelters with LOW COST SPAYING and NEUTERING :

Dogwood Dog Rescue ( they foster animals in homes, no kill organization)

Greater Victoria Animal Crusaders (GVAC)

Humane Society of BC-

Similar FREE

Atlas Animal Clinc owned by Dr. B. Bhullar (Fraser st)

Kamloops Spay & Neuter Clinic

Spay & Neuter Clinic of Langley

LAPS ( listed above) also helps the animals living in the community though their pet food bank and their Trap, Neuter, Release program for free-living cats

British Columbia Rescue Organizations & Shelters
(There is low cost spaying in some of these shelters )

Richmond Animal Protection Society (cats only)

I also know a great vet with low cost neuter/spay: Dr Rana, at Apex Animal Hospital in Langley (64 Ave with 199 St) Aside from cats and dogs, he is also a great vet for rabbits. Excellent service and very affordable.

Please tell me if you know more shelters so I can compile a bigger list for our readers.

I hope this spreads to more postings, cities and places where people want to talk about animals and make it easy for them to have a good life.

I don’t think it’s that difficult for us. helping them is only a couple of buttons away for us but for them, it is a lot more.

thank you


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Urgently needing a home for DayDee, can you help?

Daydee is a beautiful dog who is looking for a loving home. We feel she would be best suited for a home without other animals as she was raised to fight and it would not be safe for other smaller animals. She is however, loyal, gentle, trusting, extremely sweet, affectionate and very good natured. Somebody who is firm, but loving would be well suited to care for her.



Please contact Keetah for mor info at:

Or VARC at

Video of Daydee:

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Letter to Philadelphia Animal Control Shelter

Dear Philadelphia Animal Control Shelter,

Thank you fro doing your best for the animals who come through your shelter. I was made aware of a little grey cat that is apparently headed for euthanization today. I feel very sad, that at least out on the streets, he had a chance for life and now your shelter, is putting him down.

This seems very unfair, to the life of this being. It must at times be hard, to keep reminding yourself how sacred and important each life that comes to you is. How each one, left to fight for him or herself has no protection in the world around them. That they love as you do and will do anything for their lives as you will.

It must too be challenging to come to grips with the world and the place in society, where we currently are, where life seems as though it is less important than commerce. Were a living being who fought countless odds, to be here, to exist, to make it so far, is now coming under the capitalist spell of, death, because he is less important than money.

Isn’t it sad? How much this animal, far more coherent, intelligent and sophisticated than probably even you believe, is stuck in a cage, awaiting a death sentence, because human populations have mismanaged the world around them, in their own ignorance of the chemistry of all that is reasonable and vital on our earth.

It must be painful decisions to make each day, deciding who will live and die, to decide what is more important, this animal or the money to support him? We all know the answers in our hearts, but how hard is it to listen, when nothing in this world supports us to do what is right, each day for life, for all living creatures.

I have been listening to the souls of animals since I was 3 years old, I hear their hearts, their words and their wisdom. I know how strong and capable they are and how vulnerable and emotional they are.

I know that this life more than others deserves a real chance of life. I have seen in his eyes how far he has struggled. To erase the accomplishments of his life, without another thought, without a care, without a chance, would be, something that would go against the natural laws of life. And finding ways to work within the natural laws of life and order are what all shelters must be willing to strive for, even if the system does not support its choices.

I, as part of the inner worlds of animals, nature and life, who understands the natural laws and balance of this world, need you and this earth’s people to wake up and pay attention to your heart. To put your hand on your heart, to look deeply and longingly into this souls eyes and ask, why… Why is the world this way? Why are we doing what we are doing to you? Why do we get to decide, while you sit their awaiting your fate….? And most importantly, what can I do to make your life ok?

Where is that message, deep inside your own heart, telling you to do what is right and to see what can be done, against the odds, to trust the miracles of life, instead of the forceful, arrogant ways that humans have strove to dominate all species.

We have a luxury in this world of choosing everything, the animals are given nothing, nothing but their own precious life, it is probably far more valuable to them, than even your own is to you.

Please, do what you can for this grey beauty. Get a glimmer to the romance in his soul, the love in his heart and the imagination in his dreams. He sees a beautiful home somewhere for him, somewhere, like we all do. Please give him a chance. There is a home out there for him. He knows this, he is waiting for your love to recognize this.


VARC Team Writer and Contributor,
Animal and plant communicator,
Vancouver, B.C.

Re:URGENT – MUST LEAVE by 6pm TODAY, Aug. 7th!
Okay, Philly Urgent fans, let’s do this AGAIN! Meet Cat 4 (A20575988)! This amazing boy never even got a real name, and now he’s going to be euthanized for being sick! He has TODAY ONLY!! He must leave the shelter by 6pm! He’s available for foster/rescue/adoption. He’s a stunning 3-5 year old solid grey boy who despite being under the weather with a cold, is very sweet and loving. He was found as a stray, but must have been raised in a home because he loves people! Can we pull off another miracle ladies and gentleman? Let’s get Cat 4 a HOME and a NAME!!! E-mail if you can help!


These cats are located at Philadelphia’s animal control shelter, ACCT. They need immediate adoption or foster care. ACCT is located at 111 W Hunting Park Ave and is open 365 days a year. Adoption hours are are 1-8 Monday through Friday and 10-5 on weekends. To check the status of an animal, call 267-385-3800, or email Please visit for more information.


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So many cats to save from the horrendous death traps, but this beauty really caught our eyes

Can you help?

URGENT – MUST LEAVE by 6pm TODAY, Aug. 7th!
Okay, Philly Urgent fans, let’s do this AGAIN! Meet Cat 4 (A20575988)! This amazing boy never even got a real name, and now he’s going to be euthanized for being sick! He has TODAY ONLY!! He must leave the shelter by 6pm! He’s available for foster/rescue/adoption. He’s a stunning 3-5 year old solid grey boy who despite being under the weather with a cold, is very sweet and loving. He was found as a stray, but must have been raised in a home because he loves people! Can we pull off another miracle ladies and gentleman? Let’s get Cat 4 a HOME and a NAME!!! E-mail if you can help!


These cats are located at Philadelphia’s animal control shelter, ACCT. They need immediate adoption or foster care. ACCT is located at 111 W Hunting Park Ave and is open 365 days a year. Adoption hours are are 1-8 Monday through Friday and 10-5 on weekends. To check the status of an animal, call 267-385-3800, or email Please visit for more information.


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Kittens for adoption at Bosleys Pet Food Store

Clara, a VARC animal guardian, stopped by Bosleys Pet Food on Broadway in Kits, at 3045 west Broadway. She discovered two kittens that were looking for a home. Apparently dropped off by Angels for Animals, a new rescue group in town? She found the little Calico to be gentle, sweet, cuddly and a little under the weather. Apparently she had surgery not too long ago and maybe feeling a bit down from that.

Her brother was so eager for attention he could not stop crying and reaching through the cage. Clara spent some time cuddling them both and wrapped them up in their blankets so they felt a bit more secure. This helped calm them for a bit. No fun being kittens in cages, but good that they are going to find a perfect home. We really hope they can be adopted together for the bonds of birth are something to be seriously respected. The beginnings of their lives born, entwined. They are adorable to hold and see.










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Meet Spirit, a Husky from Costa Rica who needs to come to Vancouver, can you help?

Hey everyone, meet Spirit. She was rescued from a puppy mill here in Costa Rica that’s breeding Huskies, and as much as her caretakers have been trying to make life as comfortable as possible for her, the only way to stop her suffering from overheating, fleas, ticks and major skin sensitivities is to get her to a cooler climate that she is more suited for. We’re working to raise enough money to get her back to Vancouver with me in May so that she can get back to being a happy dog, and with your help we’ll be able to make it happen! Please share this fundraiser with your community and if you can, make a contribution. Every bit helps and will go to her transportation, permits, airplane fees and a kennel. Thank you for the support!! ♥ ♥ ♥ – with Tim X Rusmisel.
Get Spirit the Husky to a Cooler Home!
Spirit was rescued from a Husky puppy mill in Costa Rica and suffers immensely in this hot, tropical…


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SPCA Letter defending pet ownership to unfriendly Landlords: 2500 pets surrendered due to lack of pet friendly housing

A Letter from the BC SPCA

To whom it may concern,

The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA) takes the position that companion animals enrich our lives and contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of communities. Therefore we strongly endorse the concept of pet-friendly housing. When responsible pet guardians are allowed to keep animals, they tend to stay in units longer and take good care of their property. This, along with the increased social interaction between neighbours who are out walking their pets, leads to lower turnover of residents, good relationships between
neighbours and better security in buildings.

The benefits of pet guardianship to human physical and emotional health are well-documented. Companion animals assist children with the development of language skills, empathy, responsibility and self-esteem and studies have also shown that companion animals reduce feelings of loneliness,
anxiety and stress.

Despite the obvious advantages of having a companion animal, many strata councils and landlords have taken steps to either reduce or eliminate pets from residential housing under their jurisdiction. Most strata bylaws include substantially restrictive pet policies — only five per cent of rental housing allow dogs, and nine per cent allow cats.

Of the animals who are surrendered to our shelters, we estimate that more than 2,500 are there because their guardians were unable to find housing that would accommodate them.Some strata bylaws and rental agreements attempt to regulate pets by size, in addition to number. This is in spite of the fact that there is no documented evidence, scientific or otherwise,
to support the notion that larger pets create problems.

When a strata council or landlord restricts pets by weight, it is primarily with the intention to prohibit large dogs from being on the premises, presumably because larger breeds are thought to be louder, more destructive and more poorly behaved than their miniature counterparts. But our experience would indicate this is not true. In fact, larger breed dogs are often quieter and well suited to apartment or townhouse living.

The BC SPCA vehemently opposes blanket “no pets” policies, and encourages strata councils and landlords to instead consider a collaborative process to meet the needs of pet guardians and their neighbours. It is widely agreed that it is not animals who cause problems — it is irresponsible pet guardians.

However, the majority of pet guardians are extremely responsible and willing to take whatever steps are required to keep their animals in rental or strata housing. Having clear guidelines/contracts in place for pet guardians can easily ensure that responsible behaviours are followed and enforced.

Some options include:
~ Placing guidelines on where pets are permitted in shared outdoor/garden space;
~ Agreement that pets will be on leash and/or within the control of their guardian at all times in shared indoor and outdoor space on the property;
~ Agreement that all pet guardians must pick up after their pets on the property;
~ Agreement on noise restrictions during late-night and early-morning hours;
~ Designating individual units or wings as pet-friendly;
~ Ensuring that pet guardians complete a detailed registration form for their pet that includes a photo and description of the animal; proof of vaccinations; proof of municipal licence; proof of spay/neuter; tattoo number; letters of reference on the animal from a trainer, veterinarian, breeder, or rescue organization; contact information for a veterinarian;
and contact information for a person who agrees to care for the pet should the guardian become incapacitated; and
~ Ensuring pet guardians are apprised of local strata bylaws concerning noise, and that they take steps to have their pets properly adjusted and socialized for the sights and sounds of life in a multi-unit complex.
We strongly urge you to consider steps that will promote responsible and humane communities which include both humans and the animals who enrich our lives.

For more information on the BC SPCA, please visit
Lorie Chortyk
General Manager, Community Relations

Image By Ariel Rose:

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Bunny, a beautiful, sweet, intellignet dog needs a forever home

Bunny needs a home!

She is a sweet 1.5 yr old spayed staffy X looking for her furever home. She was found as a stray, adopted out from a shelter, returned as they “didn’t have time for her”… Ended up in a high kill shelter, and was to be put to sleep last monday… A fabulous team helped get her to me and now she needs a family to grow old with!

Good with dogs and cats, high energy and lots of fun! Needs some basic obedience training that we are working on as well as leash training ect. She is very smart and a fast learner!

For more info please message Paw Prints Grooming Salon at 604-733-1144 and ask for Jenn.


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