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Who was Captain?


Here is a write-up from the Justice For Captain Facebook Group:

Today it has been 2 months since Captain’s death. I’d like to remember Captain today by sharing his story with the world. Captain was a 2-year-old German Shepherd who was a tryout for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police but he was rejected because he was “too friendly” and was also alleged to have been deaf. He was sold by the RCMP to a man in Langley who subsequently sold him to Captain’s current

owner, Brian Edward Whitlock. On July 18, 2012, Captain was discovered in a dumpster in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, by a couple out for a walk. He was emaciated, and had been stabbed, cut, and brutally beaten, to the point of likely being rendered quadriplegic and with brain hemorrhaging. Captain was rescued from the dumpster and taken immediately to a veterinary hospital. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts to save him, including performing CPR for 30 minutes, Captain passed away the next day. Captain’s owner was nowhere to be found in the days following Captain’s discovery in the dumpster. A warrant to search his residence was subsequently secured, and during that search a Swiss army knife, baseball bat, and heavy chain were recovered. The SPCA recommended charges of animal cruelty (causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal in accordance with the Canadian Criminal Code) to Crown Counsel in Captain’s death, but have indicated they will not name the suspect in Captain’s death until charges are laid. However, media sources have reported that the charges have been recommended against Brian Whitlock. Crown Counsel have not yet approved charges. They returned the file to the SPCA seeking further information regarding witness statements and expert witness testimony, as well as results of DNA testing. The SPCA is currently awaiting the results of the DNA analysis, and have indicated that Crown Counsel will not proceed with charges until they have all the evidence before them. The SPCA have expressed, however, that they are “very confident” that charges will be laid in Captain’s case and that he will get justice in the courts. There are measures that YOU can take to ensure this happens.

1) Please sign and share the petition to our government to strengthen and enforce animal cruelty legislation:

2) Please phone, send an e-mail (, or write a letter to BC’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General to RESPECTFULLY ask when charges will be pressed against Captain’s killer:

Minister of Justice and Attorney General
Honourable Shirley Bond
PO BOX 9044 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC V8W 9E2
Phone: 250 387-1866
Fax: 250 387-6411

Thank you for remembering Captain today by taking action to ensure that he did not die such a horrific and indefensible death in vain. WE NEED JUSTICE FOR CAPTAIN.



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Vigil for Spinnaker at Vancouver Aquarium on Saturday March 10th

Dear colleagues, friends and supporters,

VIGIL for Spinnaker

Saturday, March 10, 2012

1:30pm – 3:00pm

Outside the Vancouver Aquarium


Please join us on Saturday at 1:30pm
for a Vigil outside the Vancouver Aquarium
to say good-bye to Spinnaker who died on March 8
and to pray for the freedom of all the others still inside.

We would like everybody to please stand quietly,
hold hands or hold candles, but be mindful.
Honour the life of Spinnaker by attending this Vigil.

Help convince the Vancouver Aquarium not to replace Spinnaker.


Saturday at 1:30pm

Bring candles and friends

No Whales In Captivity

Vancouver, Canada

Tel: 604-736-9514

Find us on Facebook NO-WHALES IN-CAPTIVITY


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Vigil For Japanese Dolphins in Vancouver

Dear colleagues, activists, supporters and friends,

First let me wish you a Happy Cruelty Free Halloween!

There is a couple of important dates coming:

Vigil for the Japanese dolphins!
Thursday Nov. 3rd Meet at Cordova and Burrard (one block up from Canada Place)
at 11:15 AM.
We will move closer to Fairmont Pacific Rim entrance where Japanese officials
will be arriving for 12 noon luncheon with Stockwell Day.  Silent vigil for
dolphins and whales slaughtered by Japan.

The vigil will be up to until 2:30 PM but some might like to walk up to
Skytrain station at Burrard St. near Georgia and collect signatures on the
petition. Everybody is welcome to join us, but please remember tha this is a
CATCA event, so we expect you to be respectful to the general public and the
people attending the meeting. This is not a protest. This is a vigil.

This meeting is to discuss recovery efforts after the recent earthquake and
tsunami in Japan.

Please, read this news from Japan and their whaling activities from just 2 days
Unbelievable, eh?

Demo at the Aquarium
Friday Nov. 4th: meet at Aquarium entrance at 6:15 PM and prepare to greet high
donors as they arrive for the year’s biggest Aquarium fundraiser – candlelight vigil (weather permitting) for marine mammals exploited by Aquarium for profit.

Our CATCA last WAD event yesterday was very cool!
We had a double long CATCA informative table, an animal crafts table, a food
table with organic and veg food and a prize table.

Many thanks go to Gazala’s wonderful parents, Charlene, Owen, Kelly, Alexia,
Sam,Sophia, Frank, Jason and Yvo, for all their help for this event.

Special thanks goes to IFAW for sponsoring this event.
Soon we will have pictures of this event in our webpage.

Please don’t forget to vote for replacing animals in research from our
colleagues of the Animal Defence and Anti-Vivisection Society of BC:

Want to know the latest animal news, alerts and petitions?
Visit our webpage in FB: Campaigns Against the Cruelty to Animals and pls. LIKE
So more people will be able to see the urgent animal alerts.

Thank you!

Ericka Ceballos
Founder and President

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Stop UBC Mock Funeral in the News!

This weekend, Stop UBC Animal Research staged a mock funeral for the animals used in research at UBC. The action, which had stunning visuals including caskets, photos of animals in laboratories, the Grim Reaper, and campaign members dressed for a memorial service, was an outstanding success. More than two dozen Stop UBC Animal Research members participated. And the demonstration received good media coverage (See links below):

Animal research protestors state mock funeral at UBC (UBYSSEY newspaper)

Fake funeral held in protest of UBC animal research (UBYSSEY youtube video)

Memorial at UBC for lab animals (Saving Animals News)

Activists protest UBC animal testing (CBC TV)

To see photos from the Saturday action go to:

Thanks to all who made the event such a brilliant success!


Stop UBC Animal Research is a community grassroots campaign that employs peaceful, legal, and compassionate approaches to educate the public about the grim realities of research on animals at the University of British Columbia and to ultimately bring about an end to research on animals at UBC. Please visit our website at:

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A Vigil For The Lost Lives of 100 Sled Dogs on April 23rd

Sadly this tragic event is a glimpse into a much broader picture of the treatment of the entire animal kingdom.  Most animals are treated as resources to be used for financial gain, whether wild or factory farmed.  I just hope this sad and horrific view into the daily cruelty of what happens to innocent animals everywhere will encourage people to look at how they also are contributing to the mass slaughter of other species of animals and to find their own voice in speaking up for all animals.

Please Contact or go to the Facebook Page for further info!

Basic Information

Founded Feb 5th 2011
Location North Vancouver Canada
About We’ve gone Global! Goal:

An International Candlelight Walk

on April 23rd to honor the 100 Sled Dogs.

Give them a voice. Organize in your town now.

Description One Day~ One Petition~ One purpose~ Change!

We now have 19 cities in four countries on

board for April 23rd united Vigil.

Come join us and organize in your

community now. We can make a

difference but only as a united front!

Awareness is moving slowly across the globe.

Mission Bring National and International exposure

on the Anniversary date of the sled dogs

death on April 23rd in order to create

opportunity for activists, as well as

change laws in Canada to protect

sled dogs, and animals used for

commercial use. Lastly, to honor

these beautiful dogs in a National vigil

so they do not die in vain.


Please download this link for a

petition that we will be using


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