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Video: Live Dog’s Legs Cut Off By A Woman

Video: Live Dog’s Legs Cut Off By A Woman.


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Minus 17 in Vancouver Tonight, a video and pictures for outdoor warming ideas for outdoor people and animals

I just heard about a news report on CBC that said there are 20,000 homeless cats in Surrey alone.  Wow. Here’s the link:

I particularly find this part interesting:

“She offers a few solutions. First and foremost, Morris says pet owners should spay or neuter their cats, especially if they’re allowed outside.

But she’s also calling for a cultural shift: to treat cats with the same respect we treat dogs.

For example, she says, it’s less socially acceptable to abandon a dog than it seems to be to abandon a cat.”

Tonight we drop to an unheard of Minus 17 in the Mainland.  Can you do anything to help?  Do you live in an area where there are perhaps some homeless cats?  Or maybe some skunks or racoons who could use a helping hand for a night or two?

I’m also reminded by Sorelle of rabbitats how wonderful it would be to be able to put out boxes of stray around surrey if that were allowed for all the wild and abandoned bunnies.  Here are some of her great ideas:

“Great ideas here to help outdoor animals. Please spread the word. I wish we could leave bales of straw all over in the parks and bushes where all the dumped bunnies live. Boxes (with two small holes) or bins with straw or blankets, or even just piles of straw left under bushes will probably help a lot of little creatures out there. A sock full of rice or beans microwaved and placed in a box with a blanket is great too. And always check under your hood or at least pound on it a few times before starting your car! Kitties and small animals could be keeping warm under there and can be injured or killed.”

I am also reminded by a very concerned and worried friend about all the homeless, unsheltered people on the streets tonight.  How it seems like an unforgivable sin, that these people could be abandoned and alone in this freezing weather, where there are not enough beds.

I am listing a few more ideas, along with visuals and a quick movie to watch on creating a way to keep feet or paws warm for 8 hours in the cold:

Heres an informal video if thats easier:

1.) hot water bottle method

you need a hot water bottle

tea towel

thermal bag

small blanket if possible, its ok if not!  or sweater or old towel

straw, which wicks moisture away, not hay

even better, add a box for stray cats and animals!

The dollar store might sell them (they are horrible quality of plastic and break down, please beware, but its better than nothing!)

thermal bags are cheap at the dollar store or super market.  it seems layering the hot water bottle helps hold the heat in longer, and then the more layering you can do with hot water bottles, bags, blankets, straw will keep the heat in even longer.

Directions:  Boil the hot water, add to hot water bottle (if you don’t have one, use hot tap water in an old plastic pop bottle, leaving space for expansion), wrap in the thermal bag, fold in half if you like and wrap in an old sweater, blanket or towel.  Give to someone on street or put out for animals in a place you think they’ll hide that looks sheltered from biting wind.  You can also you a tarp or garbage bag to create wind free areas, under a deck or around a tree or in shrubs.  Any hiding places with a tiny bit of warmth will take the edge off, it might just be enough to make it through the night.  If you like, entice an animal there with a bit of food and water, even though it will freeze.  If you happen to be more rural and have access to stray you can layer a thermal blanket with a thermal bag and straw in a box and partially cover it, if open on the top or cut two small holes in for an escape on either side. You can also use a pet carrier of any sort.  Im sure there are a thousand ways to be creative here.  These are just some quick ideas Ive used with some success.

2.) Of course if you have access to electricity even better!   A small light bulb of 50 – 100 watts produces lots of heat.  An electric blanket, of some sort, a trouble light, an electric heater, whatever you have!  Id love to hear your ideas!  this could be put somewhere, out of the wind, around a porch, if you put out tuna it will attract many creatures and they will feel the heat and appreciate it.

3.)  Lentils, rice  or warmed rocks or bricks

These can be warmed in the oven or a microwave or stove top and then placed in a sock or cloth bag.  Of course the more you layer it, the longer it will last and if you have a thermal bag it will last a bit longer. This method only holds heat for a couple of hours, but its something!

Thank you for caring about our homeless people and creatures who desperately need our help not only in B.C. but all over the world.

Id love to hear your great ideas and hear what works.

Below are some pictures and a quick video.

Take care and stay warm.

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Project: Save Pine Free Coastal Health Clinic For Youth with David Eby

Pine Action Alert: Meeting tonight!
June 18, 2014

Vancouver Coastal Health has ignored our concerns about the closure of the only dedicated youth clinic in Metro Vancouver for months. Now we have a chance to make sure they hear us loud and clear.

Tonight, at 6:00 p.m., at 899 West 12th Avenue in the Paetzold Auditorium, Jim Pattison Pavillon, Vancouver Coastal Health is holding a public board meeting where they’ll hear an update on the clinic closures, including the closure of the Pine Free Clinic. Click here for more info.

At the end of the meeting, they’ll open up the mic to hear from the public in a question and answer session.

We’ve written to Vancouver Coastal Health and they haven’t written back.

We invited them to our forum and they didn’t show up.

We asked them to consult youth before closing the Pine Free Clinic and they set dates for “consultation” meetings with patients from every clinic of theirs except Pine Free.

We asked them for frank information and they released a poster to clinic patients that said that the Pine Free Clinic wasn’t closing, when it is.

By showing up at this meeting, we can show them that we aren’t going away, and that we will work hard to protect and defend 40 more years of operation for Metro Vancouver’s only dedicated youth and young adult clinic.

I’m reminded of an old saying: “First they ignore you, then they make fun of you, then they fight you, then you win.”

If we can convince the Board that there is enough community support, we may be able to convince them to revisit their strategy of ignoring the community entirely, which is the first step down the road to saving the Pine Free Clinic.

Let’s move this fight to save the Pine Free Clinic past the “ignore you” stage and let the provincial government know that they can’t ignore the concerns of young people and their supporters, because if they won’t come to us, we’ll keep coming to them.

I hope to see you tonight!

What: Vancouver Coastal Health Board Meeting, including update on clinic closures and open mic
Where: 899 West 12th Avenue in the Paetzold Auditorium, Jim Pattison Pavillon
When: 6-8 p.m.
Who: Everyone who wants youth and young adults to have access to a clinic dedicated to their needs

Yours truly,
David Eby

Project #SavePineFree

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National Animal Welfare Conference with Dr. Jane Goodall in Toronto

Please distribute this e-mail to everyone you know who cares about animal welfare.

Register by March 1st 2014 to get the early bird rate and be entered to win an opportunity to attend a special VIP event with Dr. Jane Goodall and other prizes!

Conference registration fees increase by $100 after March 1st.

Canadian Federation of Humane Societies – National Animal Welfare Conference
Eaton Chelsea – Toronto, ON – April 12-15 2014

The 2014 Conference is an unprecedented opportunity to share, learn, connect and network with the animal welfare community in Canada. The 2014 conference brings together like-minded individuals and organizations who promote respect for and humane treatment of animals.

Register Now:

Early Bird prizes:

· An opportunity to attend a special VIP event with Dr. Jane Goodall (more exciting news to come about this event)
· Free accommodation for the duration of the conference
· Free conference registration

Conference highlights:

· Keynote: Hope for Animals – Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE and UN Messenger of Peace
· Opening Plenary: The Future of the Humane Movement: Critical Factors in Building a Humane Canada – Craig Daniell, CEO, BC SPCA
· Plenary: The Five Freedoms for Farm Animals: How on Earth Will We Get There? – Geoff Urton, Manager of Stakeholder Relations, BC SPCA
· More than 24 individual sessions in four stimulating concurrent tracks
· Three post-session training courses
· Pre-session site visits
· Nightly accommodation rate of only $119 + taxes at the Eaton Chelsea (hyperlink to registration page)
· $500 Travel bursary from the Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada

Visit: to register, book your accommodation, read the conference program, overview and speakers’ bios.

If you have any questions about the conference please don’t hesitate to contact me. See you in Toronto!

Again, please distribute this e-mail to everyone you know who cares about animal welfare.


David Dern
Marketing & Fund Development Manager
Canadian Federation of Humane Societies

Tel: 613-224-8072, ext 22

Find us on:

CFHS National Animal Welfare Conference early bird registration is now open! Register now:


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Animal Advocacy Camp

Animal Advocacy Camp 2014
Vancouver’s Animal Rights UnConference

March 22 & 23
Croatian Cultural Centre, Vancouver

Join your fellow animal advocates for two days of learning and sharing about taking effective action for animals.

You have valuable skills, experiences, and ideas. By working and learning with others you can build a stronger community of animal advocates and make a greater difference in the lives of animals.

Animal Advocacy Camp will be a practical, attendee-led event, where YOU get to set the agenda and host discussions about what YOU want to talk about.

* Share your stories, ideas, and experiences.
* Learn from the experiences of others.
* Discover the wealth of resources available
* Host powerful dialogues about issues and strategies.
* Create and strengthen relationships.
* Become a stronger and more effective advocate for animals.

Animal Advocacy Camp is a step in the direction of a strong and powerful Canadian animal rights movement. Bringing activists together to talk, plan, learn, and share together will lead to more effective activism and greater change.

Be a part of creating change.


Jo-Anne McArthur – photographer, We Animals ( ), The Ghosts in Our Machine ( )

Dylan Powell – Marineland Animal Defense ( )

Lisa Hutcheon – Small Animal Rescue Society of BC ( )

Sara Dubois – Chief Scientific Officer, BC SPCA ( )

Register and learn more at .

Stop UBC Animal Research is a community grassroots campaign that employs peaceful, legal, and compassionate approaches to educate the public about the grim realities of research on animals at the University of British Columbia and to ultimately bring about an end to research on animals at UBC. Please visit our website at:

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Thank you Vancouver Animal Defence League and Fin Free Victoria for pressuring Kirin to go fin free

For two years we have been pressuring Kirin to adopt a fin free menu and they finally agreed without a single protest. A big thank you to activists from Fin Free Victoria who took the time to come over from the Island to meet with management at Kirin, this undoubtedly played a large part in their recent decision.

Kirin was one of the largest shark fin dealers in Canada. With 4 huge locations in the lower mainland, they are a popular choice for weddings and large banquets. After our recent victory with the Sun Sui Wah campaign we made a statement to media about our intention to move on to Kirin with our Fintastic Friday Night protests, soon after that they changed all of their in-house and online menus. Yesterday we confirmed with management that they will not be purchasing anymore shark fin, but they will use their remaining stock to provide for any events previously booked.

Please thank Kirin management for taking steps to protect our planets remaining shark populations.

We are currently searching for a new campaign target. With hundreds of restaurants in the lower mainland serving shark fin soup, we have a lot of work ahead of us.

We are still working on a Provincial shark fin ban with Fin Free Victoria, we should have some positive updates before the end of the month.

If you would like to contribute to VADL campaigns please visit our website.

Thank you!


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Join Stop UBC Animal Research for a discussion on vivisection

Please join Stop UBC Animal Research and VADL for an open discussion on the UBC
vivisection campaign and how to effectively move forward. We will be discussing
campaign goals, strategies and tactics. Bring your ideas and compassion for the animals
in laboratories – yours is their only voice!

Oakridge Public Library at 41st and Cambie – meeting space at rear….
6:45pm on Thursday, January 23rd

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Vancouver Animal Defence League Victories!



Grouse Mountain has removed all cruel fur products from its retail operations almost immediately after we announced an anti-fur protest for January 7, and following a months-long campaign.

On January 2, following a New Year’s Eve announcement of the protest, Grouse Mountain informed us that there is now “no fur on the mountain.” On January 3, we entered Outfitters and confirmed that the store is now 100% fur-free.

Prior to announcement of the protest, Outfitters had carried fur-trimmed Canada Goose and Parajumpers jackets. In October 2013, we transmitted email and voicemail appeals to Grouse Mountain in order to initiate dialogue, but Grouse ignored the appeals, compelling us to launch a sustained pressure campaign via social media, telephone and in-store presence. At one point, after an activist visited Outfitters and spoke with customers on November 11, Grouse summoned the RCMP, who handcuffed, detained and interrogated the activist.

Given Grouse Mountain’s iconic status, this is a keystone victory in the battle against the vile fur industry generally and Canada Goose in particular. We’ll monitor Grouse every week through the fall.

Grouse Mountain is the second Canadian retailer to drop Canada Goose’s fur products after VADL campaigns: Hills of Kerrisdale dropped Canada Goose and went 100% fur-free in winter 2012 after months of protest. Currently we’re also undertaking a fur-free campaign at Brooklyn Clothing.


Click here to view the outstanding 7-minute+ interview with VADL activist Michael Brooks and Brooklyn Clothing owner Jason Overbo regarding our current fur campaign:

The campaign is going strong, now in its third month. We’ll protest at Brooklyn for years if needed, period.


VADL activists have secured a meeting with the owner of Sun Sui Wah, to discuss an end to that restaurant’s serving of shark fin soup; stay tuned for the outcome. Meantime our Fintastic Friday protests will continue so long as Sun Sui Wah supports torture and extermination of sharks. Nine months of protesting under our belts so far!


Every Wed. and Sat., 11-1: Protests at Brooklyn Clothing on Davie
Every Fri., 630-830: Shark fin protest at Sun Sui Wah


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Donations needed for Canadian Voice For Animals Foundation (CVFAF )

Donations needed for Canadian Voice For Animals Foundation ( CVFAF )

FROM OUR COLLEAGUE EARLE: I cannot believe my bad luck. I just discovered that not all of my programmes were transferred to this new computer, and I have buy another programme so that I can download my Homestead Site Builder. I have also lost all of my website backup pages that were on the Front Page programme that was already in my old computer when I bought it…I still hope that everyone on our mailing list will send in donations as we are in dire-need of donations as we have new rescues and our vet bill is outrageous…I can go to the Library every day to check my mail, as all library members can use their computers for free and up to two hours.
Thank you to everyone who sent in donations.

Earle and the CVFAF Team

The Canadian Voice for Animals Foundation is totally funded by donations and receives no monies from governments or corporations. Our dedicated team ensures that even the smallest contribution goes a long way. Our Registered Charity number is: S-53007 British Columbia Certificate of incorporation




Coast Capital Savings Credit Union

17th and Marine Drive

West Vancouver, B.C.

Account name: Canadian Voice for Animals Foundation

Branch: 19640 Institution: 809 Account: 41000807875



The Canadian Voice for Animals Foundation

Mail to:


205-1495 Esquimalt Ave.,

West Vancouver, B. C.



Registered Charity Number: S-53007


Image: Dani, a rescue dog from Ecuador


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Dogwood Initiative, Beyond Coal, New West Quay October 27th 12 p.m.

Thank you for fighting to keep B.C.’s coast safe from the threat of oil spills and to stop the expansion of U.S. thermal coal exports through B.C. ports. Right now, there’s one agency standing in the way of both of these fights: Port Metro Vancouver.

The port has the power to expand the docking facility Kinder Morgan requires to twin its pipeline to Burnaby and to grant permits for coal export proposals like Fraser Surrey Docks. The problem is, Port Metro Vancouver is run like a corporation with an unelected board of mostly industry appointees.

We simply don’t have a say in port decisions that have direct consequences on our health and livelihoods. It’s time to take back our port.

When: Sunday October 27, 12 p.m.
Where: The Quay, New Westminster
Why: Because it’s time to take back our port

Join us to show the port what real democracy looks like. RSVP now for a peaceful rally co-sponsored by our partners Communities and Coal, Voters Taking Action on Climate Change and Wilderness Committee.

The port could make a decision any day now to grant the expansion permit for Fraser Surrey Docks and become the biggest coal exporter in North America. You’ve signed petitions, written letters and inspired local leaders to take action against this proposal. The port has responded with PR stunts like holding out-of-the-way open houses instead of public hearings and asking Fraser Surrey Docks to conduct an inadequate “environmental impact assessment” instead of a health impact assessment that meets international standards.

Port Metro Vancouver is unaccountable and undemocratic. In fact, that’s how it’s set up to operate.

This is our moment to show the port it cannot remain unaccountable to the families who would be impacted by Kinder Morgan’s proposal or those living along the coal train routes.

RSVP now and help us take back the port on October 27.

I’ll see you there,

Laura Benson

P.S. We’re not the only ones ready to take back our port. Organizations from across the Lower Mainland fighting to protect critical habitat, farmland and local communities from roughshod port development will join us on the 27th. Please stand with your neighbours and RSVP now.

Image Wilderness Committee


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