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Video: Live Dog’s Legs Cut Off By A Woman

Video: Live Dog’s Legs Cut Off By A Woman.


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Minus 17 in Vancouver Tonight, a video and pictures for outdoor warming ideas for outdoor people and animals

I just heard about a news report on CBC that said there are 20,000 homeless cats in Surrey alone.  Wow. Here’s the link:

I particularly find this part interesting:

“She offers a few solutions. First and foremost, Morris says pet owners should spay or neuter their cats, especially if they’re allowed outside.

But she’s also calling for a cultural shift: to treat cats with the same respect we treat dogs.

For example, she says, it’s less socially acceptable to abandon a dog than it seems to be to abandon a cat.”

Tonight we drop to an unheard of Minus 17 in the Mainland.  Can you do anything to help?  Do you live in an area where there are perhaps some homeless cats?  Or maybe some skunks or racoons who could use a helping hand for a night or two?

I’m also reminded by Sorelle of rabbitats how wonderful it would be to be able to put out boxes of stray around surrey if that were allowed for all the wild and abandoned bunnies.  Here are some of her great ideas:

“Great ideas here to help outdoor animals. Please spread the word. I wish we could leave bales of straw all over in the parks and bushes where all the dumped bunnies live. Boxes (with two small holes) or bins with straw or blankets, or even just piles of straw left under bushes will probably help a lot of little creatures out there. A sock full of rice or beans microwaved and placed in a box with a blanket is great too. And always check under your hood or at least pound on it a few times before starting your car! Kitties and small animals could be keeping warm under there and can be injured or killed.”

I am also reminded by a very concerned and worried friend about all the homeless, unsheltered people on the streets tonight.  How it seems like an unforgivable sin, that these people could be abandoned and alone in this freezing weather, where there are not enough beds.

I am listing a few more ideas, along with visuals and a quick movie to watch on creating a way to keep feet or paws warm for 8 hours in the cold:

Heres an informal video if thats easier:

1.) hot water bottle method

you need a hot water bottle

tea towel

thermal bag

small blanket if possible, its ok if not!  or sweater or old towel

straw, which wicks moisture away, not hay

even better, add a box for stray cats and animals!

The dollar store might sell them (they are horrible quality of plastic and break down, please beware, but its better than nothing!)

thermal bags are cheap at the dollar store or super market.  it seems layering the hot water bottle helps hold the heat in longer, and then the more layering you can do with hot water bottles, bags, blankets, straw will keep the heat in even longer.

Directions:  Boil the hot water, add to hot water bottle (if you don’t have one, use hot tap water in an old plastic pop bottle, leaving space for expansion), wrap in the thermal bag, fold in half if you like and wrap in an old sweater, blanket or towel.  Give to someone on street or put out for animals in a place you think they’ll hide that looks sheltered from biting wind.  You can also you a tarp or garbage bag to create wind free areas, under a deck or around a tree or in shrubs.  Any hiding places with a tiny bit of warmth will take the edge off, it might just be enough to make it through the night.  If you like, entice an animal there with a bit of food and water, even though it will freeze.  If you happen to be more rural and have access to stray you can layer a thermal blanket with a thermal bag and straw in a box and partially cover it, if open on the top or cut two small holes in for an escape on either side. You can also use a pet carrier of any sort.  Im sure there are a thousand ways to be creative here.  These are just some quick ideas Ive used with some success.

2.) Of course if you have access to electricity even better!   A small light bulb of 50 – 100 watts produces lots of heat.  An electric blanket, of some sort, a trouble light, an electric heater, whatever you have!  Id love to hear your ideas!  this could be put somewhere, out of the wind, around a porch, if you put out tuna it will attract many creatures and they will feel the heat and appreciate it.

3.)  Lentils, rice  or warmed rocks or bricks

These can be warmed in the oven or a microwave or stove top and then placed in a sock or cloth bag.  Of course the more you layer it, the longer it will last and if you have a thermal bag it will last a bit longer. This method only holds heat for a couple of hours, but its something!

Thank you for caring about our homeless people and creatures who desperately need our help not only in B.C. but all over the world.

Id love to hear your great ideas and hear what works.

Below are some pictures and a quick video.

Take care and stay warm.

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Project: Save Pine Free Coastal Health Clinic For Youth with David Eby

Pine Action Alert: Meeting tonight!
June 18, 2014

Vancouver Coastal Health has ignored our concerns about the closure of the only dedicated youth clinic in Metro Vancouver for months. Now we have a chance to make sure they hear us loud and clear.

Tonight, at 6:00 p.m., at 899 West 12th Avenue in the Paetzold Auditorium, Jim Pattison Pavillon, Vancouver Coastal Health is holding a public board meeting where they’ll hear an update on the clinic closures, including the closure of the Pine Free Clinic. Click here for more info.

At the end of the meeting, they’ll open up the mic to hear from the public in a question and answer session.

We’ve written to Vancouver Coastal Health and they haven’t written back.

We invited them to our forum and they didn’t show up.

We asked them to consult youth before closing the Pine Free Clinic and they set dates for “consultation” meetings with patients from every clinic of theirs except Pine Free.

We asked them for frank information and they released a poster to clinic patients that said that the Pine Free Clinic wasn’t closing, when it is.

By showing up at this meeting, we can show them that we aren’t going away, and that we will work hard to protect and defend 40 more years of operation for Metro Vancouver’s only dedicated youth and young adult clinic.

I’m reminded of an old saying: “First they ignore you, then they make fun of you, then they fight you, then you win.”

If we can convince the Board that there is enough community support, we may be able to convince them to revisit their strategy of ignoring the community entirely, which is the first step down the road to saving the Pine Free Clinic.

Let’s move this fight to save the Pine Free Clinic past the “ignore you” stage and let the provincial government know that they can’t ignore the concerns of young people and their supporters, because if they won’t come to us, we’ll keep coming to them.

I hope to see you tonight!

What: Vancouver Coastal Health Board Meeting, including update on clinic closures and open mic
Where: 899 West 12th Avenue in the Paetzold Auditorium, Jim Pattison Pavillon
When: 6-8 p.m.
Who: Everyone who wants youth and young adults to have access to a clinic dedicated to their needs

Yours truly,
David Eby

Project #SavePineFree

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Thank you Vancouver Animal Defence League and Fin Free Victoria for pressuring Kirin to go fin free

For two years we have been pressuring Kirin to adopt a fin free menu and they finally agreed without a single protest. A big thank you to activists from Fin Free Victoria who took the time to come over from the Island to meet with management at Kirin, this undoubtedly played a large part in their recent decision.

Kirin was one of the largest shark fin dealers in Canada. With 4 huge locations in the lower mainland, they are a popular choice for weddings and large banquets. After our recent victory with the Sun Sui Wah campaign we made a statement to media about our intention to move on to Kirin with our Fintastic Friday Night protests, soon after that they changed all of their in-house and online menus. Yesterday we confirmed with management that they will not be purchasing anymore shark fin, but they will use their remaining stock to provide for any events previously booked.

Please thank Kirin management for taking steps to protect our planets remaining shark populations.

We are currently searching for a new campaign target. With hundreds of restaurants in the lower mainland serving shark fin soup, we have a lot of work ahead of us.

We are still working on a Provincial shark fin ban with Fin Free Victoria, we should have some positive updates before the end of the month.

If you would like to contribute to VADL campaigns please visit our website.

Thank you!


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Dogwood Initiative, Beyond Coal, New West Quay October 27th 12 p.m.

Thank you for fighting to keep B.C.’s coast safe from the threat of oil spills and to stop the expansion of U.S. thermal coal exports through B.C. ports. Right now, there’s one agency standing in the way of both of these fights: Port Metro Vancouver.

The port has the power to expand the docking facility Kinder Morgan requires to twin its pipeline to Burnaby and to grant permits for coal export proposals like Fraser Surrey Docks. The problem is, Port Metro Vancouver is run like a corporation with an unelected board of mostly industry appointees.

We simply don’t have a say in port decisions that have direct consequences on our health and livelihoods. It’s time to take back our port.

When: Sunday October 27, 12 p.m.
Where: The Quay, New Westminster
Why: Because it’s time to take back our port

Join us to show the port what real democracy looks like. RSVP now for a peaceful rally co-sponsored by our partners Communities and Coal, Voters Taking Action on Climate Change and Wilderness Committee.

The port could make a decision any day now to grant the expansion permit for Fraser Surrey Docks and become the biggest coal exporter in North America. You’ve signed petitions, written letters and inspired local leaders to take action against this proposal. The port has responded with PR stunts like holding out-of-the-way open houses instead of public hearings and asking Fraser Surrey Docks to conduct an inadequate “environmental impact assessment” instead of a health impact assessment that meets international standards.

Port Metro Vancouver is unaccountable and undemocratic. In fact, that’s how it’s set up to operate.

This is our moment to show the port it cannot remain unaccountable to the families who would be impacted by Kinder Morgan’s proposal or those living along the coal train routes.

RSVP now and help us take back the port on October 27.

I’ll see you there,

Laura Benson

P.S. We’re not the only ones ready to take back our port. Organizations from across the Lower Mainland fighting to protect critical habitat, farmland and local communities from roughshod port development will join us on the 27th. Please stand with your neighbours and RSVP now.

Image Wilderness Committee


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CATCA Distributes brochures on Whales in Captivity at Landmark Cinemas

Dear all, As part of the WAD Activities, Campaigns Against the Cruelty to Animals (CATCA) will be distributing educative brochures about whales in Captivity on Wednesday 23th at Landmark Cinemas (New Westminster Sky Train Station) during the New West Doc Fest presentation of Blackfish.

There will be very great documentaries for three nights only, that you do not want to miss! Bring your family and friends.

I hope to see you there!

Ericka Ceballos
WAD Canadian Ambassadress

**Check the list of documentaries!**

New West Doc Fest (October 23, 24,25)

Wednesday Oct 23
7:00 Feature Film: The Legend of Sarila
9:00 Feature Film: Blackfish

Thursday Oct 24
7:00 Feature Film: GMO OMG
9:00 Feature Film: Twenty Feet from Stardom

Friday Oct 25
7:30 Feature Film: Bidder 70
9:00 Free AFTER PARTY at the Spud Shack Fry Co.
New Westminster SkyTrain Station

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Update From Vancouver Animal Defense League

A Canada Goose in Massachusetts.

A Canada Goose in Massachusetts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Business is obviously less than booming for Snowflake Furs after they downsized and shut down one of their stores.  Up until recently they had five stores in Vancouver, Whistler and Banff but one of their Banff stores is now shut down.

Alpine Start ‘Canada Goose’ fur trim campaign update.

We have decided to back off of Alpine Start until spring of 2014 after they committed to making changes in their store.  They have agreed to remove the Canada Goose window decals and work this winter to seek out fur-free alternatives to Canada Goose.  Alpine Start is on the same block as MEC and Valhalla Pure, which are both fur-free, so we are confident that a protest campaign would devastate them.  We have made it very clear that we will settle for nothing less than a fur-free policy, and have plans to contact them in March to discuss Fall and Winter 2014.    

"Thanks for your continued support and motivation for us to stay current
with the ethical treatment of wild animals and the cruelty of fur sourcing.
Our decision is already made to support your cause - reduction of fur
products in our retail store. For a small independent store like Alpine Start Outfitters, immediate
elimination of a key category will hugely impact sales and this will surely
put us out of business unless we work on this with a long term exit
strategy - so we can gradually reduce the fur products and replace them
with other non fur products/ brands."

Our new fur target is Brooklyn Clothing company.

We approached the owner today, provided him with a fur trim information package and asked him 
to put his hand in one of our leghold traps so that he could experience the entire reality of the 
fur-trimmed products he carries.  He did not put his hand in the trap, but he committed to researching 
the issue and promised to respond to us soon.  We let them know that we plan on protesting this 
winter if they do not agree to go fur-free.   

Please ask them to adopt a fur free policy.


‘Meat the Truth’ documentary screening.  

Tues November 5th, 7:30pm
Spartacus Books 684 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, Coast Salish Territory, BC
Spartacus books is wheelchair accessible.
By donation, all proceeds to benefit Vancouver Animal Defense League’s grassroots campaigns.

“Do you like having a planet to live on? Well we do! Turning off lights is a good start, but what we eat might even be more important. Meat The Truth reveals the startling links between meat eating and global warming, and is a must-see for anyone who cares about the future of life on this planet! Watch the film that picks up where ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ conveniently left off. A must-see for anyone who cares about the future of life on this planet.”


Fintastic Friday Nights are STILL happening!

Please join us Friday nights at Sun Sui Wah, 3888 Main St, 6:30 till 8:30.

Check out this video of a 17 month old boy whose first words happen to be one of our shark fin chants.  His family lives 2 blocks from our demo location and his mother says he can’t even say daddy yet.  He and his brothers have been listening to our shark fin protests from their house for the last eight months and they love to join in once and a while.  Very cool. 



Sun Sui Wah shark fin restaurant has several massive billboard sized advertisements up INSIDE YVR airport and we want them removed.  Ronald Smith has the ability to remove those ads IF he gets enough complaints.  Please ask him to stop promoting a business that has endangered species on their menu.


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Romania, approve a humane, compassionate law for stray dogs

Dear friends,
Now more than ever the stray dogs in Romania, and their protectors need OUR VOICE….the sperter of EXTERMINATION has been cast upon them, and it could be OUR LAST chance to help save them from HORRIBLE DEATH.
Please send this letter to the provided emails
( they are from the president, prime minister, parliament, media, Romanian embassie…some might bounce back…but it is OK…) PLEASE, I BEG YOU….HELP these poor souls.


Mister President
Honorable Prime Minister
Distinguished Members of the Romanian Parliament
Dear Officials and Romanian Media

We write you, to express our sadness about the tragedy which took the life of a little boy who got lost in a park in Romania and was bitten by dogs, on a private property. Although we understand the suffering this horrible accident has caused, we cannot accept the horrible, unreasonable and hateful mentality and decisions which have appeared in Romania leading to the call to exterminate all stray dogs.

For almost 20 years Romania killed indiscriminately and unlawfully, probably millions of dogs instead of implementing mandatory sterilizations of strays as well as owned dogs and severely punishing the abandon of puppies, everywhere.
We are well aware of the Law which will be debated upon in the Judiciary Committee of the Romanian Parliament and which will be voted upon in the Plenary…We are well aware that this important law has been approved by the Romanian Senate with an overwhelming majority, but was not well received by mayors in Romania, for very subjective and questionable reasons.

We cannot remain silent to this CALL of MOST BARBARIC mentality which could impose and legalize the EXTERMINATION of all stray dogs – literally – by people, by dog catchers, by mayors and BY one the most horrific LAW in the EU…

We know how dogs are “euthanized” in Romania, for decades : beaten to death, injected with water, vinegar, paint thinner, electrocuted, at the hands of the lowest for the lowest individuals in the society , hired as dog catchers…individuals who brings shame on Romania and on the notion of HUMAN BEING itself.

We kindly ask the Romanian Legislators to approve a HUMANE, CIVILIZED and COMPASSIONATE LAW, basically to approve the Law 771/912/2007, in the form approved by the Romanian Senate.
Anything less will make Romania, officially The Land of Death for Stray Dogs (at least)
The time for Romania to show the world that it is indeed a civilized country, in the 21st century is NOW, and this law, could become one of the most important ever, because it will reflect the mentality, the attitude, the humanity and the compassion of en entire people…

Please take note about the international petition against the acceptance of Romania in the Schengen Space, until the problem of stray animals is solved in a civilized, humane and efficient manner without the legalization of the mass killings of stray dogs in public shelters, and all the other international petition generated by the BARBARIC suggestion coming from the President of Romania, to EXTERMINATE all stray dogs.
Open petitionsötung-der-straßenhunde?share_id=PmhuZZUDaJ&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petitionâmnicu-vâlcea-drop-your-plan-to-kill-all-homeless-dogs-after-7-days-it-s-unlawful
Closed petitionsürgermeister-von-craiova-rumänien-mayor-of-craiova-romania-immediately-stop-the-plans-off-killing-of-stray-dogs?utm_campaign=friend_inviter_chat&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition&utm_term=permissions_dialog_false

We do not agree that the state run shelters be opened to public access only based on local schedules, at the discretion of each mayor. .The shelters, MUST be all, at national level, open to the public from 12pm to 8 pm, like in all civilized countries in the world. The local organizations for the protection of animals must be involved in the activities in the public shelters.

We do not accept the idea that the adoption of animals from state run shelters be done based on the written approval of the next door neighbor, nor the Associations of Tenants, because these requirements are in fact a violation of constitutional rights, intrusion in one’s private life, and also the violation of the right to own property.

These requirements are not imposed anywhere in the world.
We kindly ask the Judiciary Committee and The Committee for Public Administration to reject all the amendments made by AMR, and all the other amendments which can be proved unconstitutional, because a national law MUST be applied in the same manner in the entire country and must respect the Constitutional and Human Rights as stipulated in the Romanian Constitution and the Universal Chart of Human Rights, and to reflect the degree of the moral progress of a nation in the way the animals are treated.

We kindly ask to categorically BAN the euthanasia of healthy animals.

The image Romania and the Romania people will have in the world depends on the decision of the Romanian Parliament…which will become responsible for the way Romania and the Romanian people will be judged…
Romania is already known by animal cruelty.

Please, be advised that if the killing of dogs starts, we will show to the entire world the reality of the dog camps, we will notify worldwide about the financial interests behind the business of killing dogs, we will withdraw any support that we have given so far to your country, we will boycott Romanian products and tourism, as no one will want to associate with a corrupt, cruel and immoral country.

Please remember that the Constitutional Court of Romania decided (Decision 1/2012) that euthanasia is ILLEGAL as a stray dogs management method until all other solutions have been applied properly, uniformly and with responsibility by local authorities
The Lisbon Treaty (art. 13, TFEU) states that the “animals are sentient beings”
The European Parliament Resolution of 4 July 2012 on the establishment of an EU legal framework for the protection of pets and stray animals ( 2012/2670 (RSP )
The time for Romania to show the world that it is indeed a civilized country, in the 21st century is NOW, and this law, could become one of the most important ever, because it will reflect the mentality , the attitude, the humanity and the compassion of en entire people…Please do NOT harm your country.
PLEASE…BAN forever the euthanasia of healthy animals, with or without owners.
PLEASE …impose mass sterilization, severely punish the abandon and all act of cruelty towards animals, regardless of who commits them.

Thank you very much for your attention
Your NAme, town and country

TO :,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

CC :,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,tonł,,,,,

BCC :,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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New CATCA-ACWF Auction page!

To all my FB friends and colleagues: Here is our new CATCA-ACWF Auction page!:! Each month the items won will be shipped to the winners and we will add new items. The deadline for this Auction is September 30th. Our work is volunteer based, so we need to do these auctions to help pay for the office expenses. check what we do: and
This Auction is good for Canada, US and the world!
Thank you!
Ericka Ceballos

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Join Stop UBC on July 27th starting at 9:30 please RVSP

Please join Stop UBC Animal Research at VegFest on July 27th!
Granville Street between Georgia and Robson, starting at 9:30 but
a few different shifts are available….
We need leafleters, people to attend the table, sell t-shirts and
bake us vegan dog treats (to give away upon donation)!

Please RSVP at this e-mail address or phone 604-551-3324

Also, the Animal Welfare Department at UBC is calling for animal advocates
to join a focus group on animals is research issues: if you would like to
apply, please contact Elisabeth Ormandy

These are 2 important opportunities to make the animals’ voices heard so please
consider investing just a small amount of your time.

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Stop UBC Animal Research Campaign at Vancouver Art Gallery

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