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Attention Canada…Help The Beavers…Please Call

Urgent request!

There are beavers living in the pond in our neighbourhood, in Stittsville, and they will be snared (snagged underwater in wires and drowned) any day now, by the City. Beavers are no threat to children or pets. They help keep waterways free of pollutants. The trees around the pond can be protected with wire netting around the trunks. There is no need to kill these gentle, intelligent animals. They mate for life, and they are a national icon. Please flood Councillor Qadri‘s office tomorrow with calls to protest the snaring of the beaver at the Paul Lindsay Park pond in Stittsville. His number is 613-580-2476. Write it down! Call!

The beaver will love you for trying to help save their lives.


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Canadian Schools and Hospitals End Cruel Animal Trauma Training

NEWS RELEASE October 21, 2011


Canada Ends Cruel Live Animal Labs 


Decision Reflects International Move Away from Live Animal Use for Trauma Training

WASHINGTON—Canadian hospitals and medical schools have ended their lethal use of live animals for trauma training. The last two institutions in the country still using animals recently moved to nonanimal methods: The University of Sherbrooke was using 32 dogs a year for trauma training but has switched to simulators. Last month, Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur de Montréal ended animal use following communications from the nonprofit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).

Many Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) programs in Canada had previously involved cutting open anesthetized pigs and dogs to practice emergency medical procedures.

Since 2009, nine Canadian ATLS programs have replaced animal use with simulators developed specifically for trauma training. The University of Saskatchewan, for example, was using live pigs until PCRM successfully lobbied the school to use nonanimal methods. Queen’s University and McMaster University also replaced animals with simulators following requests from the doctors’ group.

Now all of the nearly two dozen ATLS programs in Canada use only modern training methods that better equip medical professionals to respond to trauma injuries.

“I congratulate everyone involved in reaching this win-win decision, which combines the most up-to-date, sophisticated training available and the best ethical and humane practices,” says John Pippin, M.D., F.A.C.C., PCRM’s director of academic affairs. “There is no justification for using live animals in such courses. Nonanimal teaching methods offer a more effective—and more humane—way to teach lifesaving procedures. Canada now leads the way in achieving the best educational and ethical standards for ATLS training.”

Only five of more than 240 ATLS programs in the United States continue to use live animals for training. This shift has been facilitated by innovations in medical simulation technology, a rising awareness of ethical concerns, and a growing acknowledgement that medical training must be human-focused.

For an interview with Dr. Pippin, please contact Dania DePas at 202-527-7382 or

Founded in 1985, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is a nonprofit health organization that promotes preventive medicine, conducts clinical research,and encourages higher standards for ethics and effectiveness in research.


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CATCA WAD Children Animal Artwork Event in New Westminster Sunday October 30th,

World Animal Day with Children’s artwork exhibition Oct 30th/ Raffle

by Ericka Ceballos on Friday, October 21, 2011 at 3:22pm

Dear all,

Here is our poster of the CATCA WAD Children Animal Artwork Event in New Westminster next Sunday October 30th, that CATCA is organizing at the Centennial Community Centre.

Please help us to promote this educative animal event by sending this poster by e-mail to friends, or by printing it and posting it in public libraries, your school, work, veterianarian clinics, pet stores, or your community centre.

If you are not in BC or Canada, please send this message to your colleagues here in BC.

Here is the pdf of the poster of the event: 

If you can come to help me please let me know ASAP in an e-mail (or message in FB), with the subject: CATCA WAD EVENT!

Hope to see you there and thank you very much on ahead.

Ericka Ceballos


Founder and President

Campaigns Against the Cruelty to Animals

Canadian Ambassador for the World Animal Day 2011

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Nacho Needs A Flight Volunteer!

We’ve found a home for dear old Nacho! It’s not often one of our golden oldies gets the chance of a new life & we’re absolutely delighted. Nacho’s totally blind & has virtually no hair, but a very kind lady in Canada (Lisa) has offered to give Nacho a wonderful home. We need someone who’s flying to Canada to take Nacho as accompanied baggage. Nacho’s adoptive parents live close to these cities – Ottawa, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec. They are also near to the United States border and Burlington, Vermont and Plattsburgh, New York. Even someone flying to Toronto is not out of the question. Lisa is willing to drive 5 hours each way to collect Nacho! If you are flying from Phuket to any of these cities in the near future, please email

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Please help by writing Sample Letters to Halt a Bullfight Return in Algeria

Dear Mr. President, Ministers and Local Authorities,

It came to my knowledge that the City Hall of Oran intends to reopen its bullring in December with a bullfight.

Claims have been made that this will boost the tourism in the city.

Bullfights in Spain, France and Portugal, however, have been more and more contested and tourists avoid visiting these countries due to that fact. Indeed.the popularity of the bullfights in these countries is decreasing year after year as tourists decide to spend their money in countries that don’t allow such cruelty against sentient animals. As such, importing a barbaric custom to your country is not a wise financial choice.

Please use the bullring for exhibitions of art and not spectacles of bloody torture, pain, suffering, and a cruel death.

Trusting that your wisdom will prevail over atrocity, I request you to not allow this or other bullfight proposals as unmerited and cheap entertainment to your country.

Waiting for a positive response.














More Info Here:

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Join CATCA in celebrating World Animal Day 2011

CATCA is still celebrating the World Animal Day 2011.
Date: Sunday October 30th
Time: 12 – 4 PM
Place: The Centennial Community Centre in New Westminster

Our BC Children drawing and animal message contest exhibition and the delivery of the prices for the winners will be on Sunday 30th from 12-4 PM at the Centennial Community Centre in New Westminster (Next to Canada Games Pool on 6th Avenue).

The winners will receive their prices at 3 PM.
There will be a price for the kids wearing the cutest animal costume!

Refreshments and veg snacks will be served.
Donations for CATCA will be accepted.

This will be a public event and the media will be invited.

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Stop UBC Animal Research Outreach at upcoming Occupy Vancouver Event

Stop UBC Animal Research outreach at upcoming Occupy Vancouver

Time Saturday, October 15 · 10:00am – 1:00pm

Location Vancouver Art Gallery 750 Hornby Street Vancouver

ALERT: Stop UBC Animal Research outreach at upcoming Occupy Vancouver On Saturday, October 15, diverse groups will gather in downtown Vancouver as part of the global “Occupy Movement” – a movement launched weeks ago in New York City to protest against social and economic inequality, corporate excess, and the influence of corporate money on government. The “Occupy Movement” has since spread to demonstrations across the world, including one to begin in Vancouver this weekend. Stop UBC Animal Research’s mission ties in closely with the Occupy Movement. After all, Canadian taxpayer dollars are used to fund animal research, research that is incredibly cruel, at odds with our society’s sense of compassion, and is conducted largely without any oversight or public scrutiny. In addition, much of that research is performed to benefit large pharmaceutical companies which have shown little interest in ending animal suffering.

WHEN: 10:00 AM, Saturday, October 15

WHERE: Meet at the Vancouver Art Gallery, 750 Hornby Street, Vancouver. Look for our members in Stop UBC Animal Research T-shirts. If you get lost Saturday or can’t find us in the crowd, call Brian on his cell at 604-618-1030. Click here for Google map:

WHY: Occupy Vancouver will be finalizing its mission statement at the Saturday morning general assembly meeting. While the statement mentions protecting the environment and civil liberties, it does not yet contain any language about ending the oppression of animals.

(See Occupy Vancouver’s statement by clicking here: We can help influence the Occupy Vancouver statement to embrace animal rights. In addition, Saturday’s downtown meeting will give Stop UBC Animal Research a chance to distribute literature about UBC’s animal research to a sympathetic crowd and to recruit new members to our cause. We will also set up an information table. This is a prime outreach opportunity!

WHAT TO BRING: Please wear your Stop UBC Animal Research T-shirt. T-shirts will be available for sale for $20. We will have literature available for distribution.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Brian, 604-618-1030,

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Eye Witnesses Watch in horror as 30 Dolphins Slaughtered in Japan

Yesterday I witnessed something I hoped I would never see.  I have been volunteering as a Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian in taiji for 2 weeks and for the entire time we were here there was no slaughter.  Many times the boats went hunting and came back with nothing, we even saw them attempting to drive dolphins in but they escaped.


Yesterday was a total nightmare.  We watched in horror as approx. 30 striped dolphins were slaughtered right in front of us.


I will never forget this little baby dolphin, no bigger than my arm, so small we thought he was a fish at first.  He kept launching himself out of the water in an attempt to escape the loud banging of the banger boats.  Four adult dolphins surrounded him to protect him, one on each side.  I watched in horror as one of them launched herself out of the water onto the rocks, blood gushing from her face.  Divers pushed them into the cove, and the tail thrashing started.  I will never forget the sound of the tails thrashing against the water, and then the blood started to run.


Please check our blog for a detailed report of the day


We are leaving today, our hearts broken for that family of dolphins.  We will be forever traumatized by what we witnessed.  Please follow Sea Shepherd on Twitter, campaign leader Rosie Kunneke sends out live tweets every day letting the public know what’s happening as the day unfolds.!/SeaShepherd



Please take action for these dolphins!!!  After what I saw, I pledge to contact the Japanese embassy and consulate every single day until this stops.  Even if you pledge to make a weekly call, but one call is not enough!  We must not forget about the dolphins in Japan, and the dolphin hunters will hunt every single day of the week until the end of March!!



Japanese embassy in Ottawa,



Japanese Consulate in Vancouver



Marley and Carisa

Cetacean Defense League

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