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Meet Paul Watson at PCFF 2011

Projecting Change Film FestivalVancouver, B.C.
Thu, 26 May, 2011 – Sun, 29 May, 2011
Projecting Change Film Festival is Western Canada‘s only environmental and social issue film festival. This is a film festival meets TED-talk-type event. The fourth annual festival takes place from May 26th – 29th at SFU Woodwards and unites individuals who are passionate about exploring some of today’s most pressing global issues through thought provoking films and engaging discussions with speakers from around the world.
Captain Paul Watson will make an appearance, for the second year in a row, to speak after the film Eco-Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson on Friday, May 27th at 6:45pm.
The film festival starts on May 26th at 7:00pm with an Opening Night Gala at the historic Salt Building. Then May 27-28th the festival begins with a 10:00am film showing with the last film starting at 9:30pm. The festival ends on May 29th with the first film starting at 10:00am and the last one starting at 7:00pm.
Location: SFU Woodward’s
149 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1H7

Fees: Adults – $12 ;Students (13-17) – $10; Seniors (65+) – $10; Children 12 and under – $10 At The Door
Calendar: My Sea Shepherd Event Calendar

Sea Shepherd Events Page


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World Parrot Refuge in Coombs, BC Volunteers

First off, just a reminder to call the Japanese embassy as much as you can, thanks to everyone who called last week, the murderers in Taiji were pressured to release 20 pilot whales.  They killed the rest of the 75 whales, so think of what would happen if everyone was calling the embassy!!!  Please keep calling!

Japanese Embassy Canada +1 613 241 8541


Second, we are happy to announce the date of our first work party at the World Parrot Refuge in Coombs BC!!  For those of you who haven’t been it is one of the most amazing sanctuaries in the world!  More than 900 rescued parrots, many of them come from abusive situations, and the WPR gives them a place to live the rest of their lives in a natural free flying 23,000 SQ foot heated indoor jungle.  It is HUGE and they are always short on volunteers!!

Here is the facebook group for the event,

Where:  World Parrot Refuge, Coombs BC

When: Saturday May 28th, 11-3pm

What to bring and how to get there:  Please bring a vegan gluten free snack to share (mini-potluck) and if you need a ride please contact us, we can even pick people up from the ferry!!

We will be doing lots of landscaping, gardening, cage scrubbing, and general tidying up, all the things the wonderful volunteers never have time to take care of!!

This is will a fantastic afternoon and there will be plenty of time to interact with the parrots, bring your gardening gloves!!



International Day of Action against WINNERS!

On Monday May 30TH we are calling on activists all over the world to call the Winners head office and ask them to adopt a fur free policy for their fall collection.

With 211 stores Canada wide, most Canadians have no idea that Winners is one of the largest, if not THE largest retailers of cheap cruel fur trimmed products in the country.

WINNERS sells fur from many different species of animals like rabbits, mink and foxes, ALL raised on cruel fur farms in several different countries including Canada, Greece, Finland and China.

We want Winners to go fur free this fall, here is the number to the head office:


Please mark your calendars!! Thank you for taking action!


Thank you for taking action!!


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Saving America’s Horses

This is an urgent request for funding from the award winning film made by activist Katia Louise:  Saving America’s Horses, A Nation Betrayed

Crucial funds are needed to clear the film for press previewing. Saving America’s Horses A Nation Betrayed is winning awards and doing well at the festival level but this message needs to reach the public at large and the press can help make this happen.
If just 50 people were to give $100 we would meet this immediate goal. Donations to Wild for Life Foundation are tax deductible and are always appreciated in any amount. Donors also have the option of being recognized for their support or they may remain anonymous.

The film presents a focused look into the unseen world of both wild and domestic equines; an investigative exposé that unravels multiple layers of conflict with a revealing look into the hidden pipeline of horses. Great hope is presented through an inspiring and diverse call to action leaving viewers with the inspiration and knowledge to effect change and convey the same to others.

Geared to peak the interest of a wide demographic, the film is a compelling compilation of expert testimony, undercover footage and true life stories. Viewers will adventure across the nation’s sweeping landscapes to witness the magnificence, power and free spirit of one of America’s most treasured icons, the horse. It’s a story about the underdogs and their fight to protect today’s wild Mustangs and yesterday’s Thoroughbred racehorses. The untold truth as reported by the nation’s top equine experts, celebrities and grassroots horse advocates draws a sharp contrast to misleading main stream propaganda. The film premiered in March at the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival and won “Best in Festival”.

You can learn more about this CAUSE at
Founded in 2008, Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) is a 501 (c) (3) volunteer based, nonprofit corporation dedicated to protecting and saving animals from cruelty. WFLF works to accomplish its mission through rescue, sanctuary, educational media and events, investigation, adoption and outreach. Since forming, WFLF produced over a dozen audio documentaries to help animals in need . Since 2009 we have dedicated our work for the protection and welfare of horses and combined forces with the nation’s top equine experts and groups to expose the truth about the insidious international horse slaughter industry.

Please help to save America’s horses from slaughter by telling your friends. You can help insure that we are able to continue this important work by making a much appreciated donation. Your donationwill help bring the film “Saving America’s Horses to the public eye and in turn help t

o protect and save America’s equines from this barbaric cruelty.

Awards to date:
Best in Fest: Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival (March)
Merit Award for Advocacy, Visuals, Investigative Journalism: Accolade Competition (April)
Cinematography, Advocacy, Editing & Conservation Message: International Wildlife Film Festival (May)
Thank you.

Katia Louise
Volunteer Executive Director, Wild for Life Foundation
Director, Producer
Saving America’s Horses A Nation Betrayed

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University of Alberta Cuts Nerves of Limbs in Cats

Action Alert

Scientists of the University of Alberta cut multiple nerves in both hind legs of cats, implanted electrodes into these animals and forced them to walk a narrow plank that would shift suddenly without warning. The alleged breakthrough result was that cats whose nerves had been cut were more unstable when walking the plank.

Researchers at the BC Women’s Hospital looked at the impacts of their experiments that involve major operations and surgical implants between animals in their laboratory and flock raised animals. They said that “It is concluded that in chronic pregnant sheep preparations, there is a significant incidence of preterm birth and that this is associated with the severity of the surgical intervention and with several maternal and fetal complications.” Obviously the major surgical interventions would result in following medical complications. In other similar experiments the activity and rest of preterm lambs were compared to full term lambs The obvious find was that preterm lambs had a “significantly lower frequency and intensity of activity bouts”.

Read more about how you can help stop the ridiculous experiments on cats and lambs:
Please send a letter to the funding agency, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and monitoring organization, CCAC, politely asking them to evaluate the scarce health care funds wasted on animal experiments. We must phase out vivisection!


Dr. Alain Beaudet at: or Toll Free 1-888-603-4178


Clément Gauthier, PhD.Executive Director, Canadian Council on Animal Care, at:

Peter Hamilton

Lifeforce Founding Director


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Jessie, rescued from Edmonton Reservation Ready for Home

Jessie, who was rescued from an Edmonton reservation, had ten pups – all of whom have been spoken for and seven to whom have already gone to their new homes. Now it’s Jessie’s turn. She will be vaccinated and spayed before we give her up for adoption and we will be asking her adopters to please pay for or at least contribute to the vet costs totaling approximately $400.

We’re guessing Jessie to be coming up for 2 years old. She has been a really great young mother to her ten babies and it was an exhausting experience for her. Now she is starting to relive a puppyhood that she never really had… and acting like a big pup in every way! She is in the right place of course. Pam Cleary, dog trainer, is teaching her the skills needed to become a good family member. However, we think she might be too boisterous for a family with very young children. We’d really like to find a home on Bowen, but if that’s not possible we are willing to consider adopters on the mainland.

Please click here to learn a little more about Jessie and view other photos…

If you are interested in meeting her, or know of anybody who might be looking for a really sweet, energetic, four-legged family member, please contact me. Thx. Iris

PS: See below, great news from Rescue For Life… the group who rescued Jessie in the first place. If you are able to help in any way you either contact Rachel at Rescue For Life or contact me and I’ll pass along.


Big news…we are planning a spay/neuter clinic for First Nation dogs/cats and we need your help!

The clinic will be held at the Crestwood Vet Clinic ( Ed monton , AB ) in the middle of May. The clinic will encompass spaying/neutering approximately fifty (50) First Nation dogs (and maybe some cats too). We will be including a tattoo, revolution treatment, Convenia antibiotic treatment, and vaccinations as part of the clinic. In addition, each dog will be going home with about 20 lbs of food and each family will participate in a small education session covering responsible pet ownership.

We are very excited about this but we are going to need some help – foster homes, adoption homes, volunteers, supplies, and donations! Rescue for Life will be covering the full costs of this clinic – there will be no charge to the families, however, we will seek small donations from each family (as applicable).

Volunteers Required! We need volunteers to help us with the planning and execution of this clinic. Please apply today!

Foster Homes Required! Some of the dogs that will be part of this clinic will not have a home to go back to – we are actively seeking new, reliable, foster homes in advance. We would like to screen all applicants prior to the spay/neuter clinic and have foster homes lined up to receive a foster.

Adoption Homes Required! We currently have dogs up for adoption and for many of the dogs that will be part of the spay/neuter clinic, they will either require Adoption or Foster Homes too! If you are looking for that next forever family member, please contact us today to learn more about our adoptive pets and get pre-sceened today.

Supplies Required! The following is a list of supplies we are requesting: – Wire kennels (36″ and 42″) – Plastic kennels (for puppies, medium size) – Blankets – Paper towel (we always need lots of this) – Raw meat and soup bones (this can be freezer burned, NO PORK please) – we use raw meet to lure shy, abused, dogs to us

Donations Required! For many of you, it is much easier to simply make a cash donation than deliver one of the items listed above. In addition, some of these dogs may require additional surgeries – the standard with many reserve rescues – this will be above and beyond our planned spay/neuter budget.  Donations can be made via the following methods: Rescue for Life, 2 Aspen Glen Drive, PO Box 9043 , Spruce Grove , AB , Canada T7X 4H5 . A cheque donation can be made out to Rescue for Life.

Paypal – We now have the choice of either a one-time donation or a monthly donation choice – please to learn more (right hand side column)!

Canadian Tire Money Donations! Yes! You can donate your Canadian Tire money to Rescue for Life! This will help towards all the different pet products that can be purchased at Canadian Tire including kennels, leashes, puppy pads, paper towel, etc. that we are in desperate need of.

Please contact us today to learn more about what we do in the community and how you can help with this spay/neuter clinic!

Thanks, Rescue for Life,, (780) 702-6151, (780) 222-3969




CAWES (Coast Animal Welfare & Ed ucation Society)


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Looking to start a cohesive rescue database in British Columbia

Hi All,
I attended both days of the Petnership Conference in Vancouver this past weekend. Plenty of rescue groups present along with trainers, vets, nutritionists and of course suppliers of things like pet friendly accommodations and raw foods and snacks. I had a conversation with Maureen Scott of Aire Canada regarding the many overlaps that happen in our emails – especially with those “desperate, last-minute-save-them-or-they-die-tomorrow” pleas that just wrench us all.
Maureen is starting a list of rescue organizations with an eye to forming a cohesive, informative, centralized place where people can go to find a list of rescue organizations that are either breed specific or in their neighbourhoods to facilitate the adoption of these animals. She is looking to form a central email list so that when an animal is listed on a particular rescue group’s “desperate” list, people on the email list will get one message about the animal. I know some of us get several emails from our various contacts about the same animal and having a central database to work from will reduce and/or eliminate this overlap.
If you are interested in participating in this centralized web site, please let me know by replying to this email directly. I know some of you have my private email but please answer to this one as I am trying to organize my animal related correspondences all together. A short note with your preferred email address and which rescue organization you are affiliated with (if applicable) will help keep the work organized. Please feel free to pass this on to your contacts – with my apologies in advance because some of you will get this message more than once!
All animal supporters wishing to participate are welcome to reply to
Thanks for all you do to help our friends.

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Tyson, a back yard dog needs a home

Tyson is a great senior dog that needs a place to call his own. Micki wrote…

I believe Tyson was a back yard dog (or spent most of his life outside). I don’t think much is known about him other than what Bev says in her email = that he gets along with some dogs and may be possessive of food etc. If he is at Countryside Kennels, don’t think they have much of a chance to test him with cats so who knows. I will let Bev answer for herself as she has met him – but I do know that when she meets most dogs she does test them extensively as to how they react to being handled.So he is probably ok with people, but would most likely need someone who can teach him how to live in a home environment as well as socialize him properly so he learns to accept other dogs and perhaps other critters such as cats??

For anybody that might be able to help, please contact Bev as below.

—– Original Message —–

Sent: Friday, April 29, 2011 9:30 PM

Subject: Tyson is becoming urgent

He is becoming stressed in this kennel. He really needs to find either a foster home or a forever home. I have met this dog and he is very sweet. He is good with some dogs but can be a bit possessive around other dogs and food. Please share with anyone and everyone you can think of.
Please pass this on as usual. If you can offer Tyson a warm home please call 604-617-6173 or 604-945-0125 or contact West Coast Rottweiler Rescue.

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Rescued Shadow Needs A Home

Stephanie pulled Shadow from the Payette high kill holding facility. We think she was abused and neglected.  We thought she was 4-6 months as she is tiny but might be 1-2 yrs. old.   I met her a few days ago.  A real sweetheart. Black dogs are VERY DIFFICULT to place here.   I will pay for all her vaccinations.  Here are photos of Shadow; she has a long lab tail that was between her legs in the photos.  When she is scared she just freezes or tries to escape.

Here are details from Stephanie, her foster mom, and photos of SHADOW.

  • Weight: 40 lbs.  20 inches at the shoulder.
  • She is housebroken and isn’t a chewer; she is starting to play with tennis balls.
  • Lab and ??:   She is thick coated but it is not curly.  Solid black. 
  • Energy level:    She is very calm if you sit on the couch she finds a place on the floor by the couch and lays down, she will occasionally follow the kids around but not a whole lot.  And ideal home environment? Her ideal would be someone who is home a lot, she really likes to be with people. I named her SHADOW because she is a lot like my shadow wherever I go.
  • How is she with your other dogs?    She is fine with my dogs though the Dane trying to play with her makes her quite nervous and she runs, she doesn’t bark or growl she just tries to get away from them if they get overexcited with her.
  • With kids less than 6 yrs.:    I have a 4 yr old and a 1 1/2yr old she is good with them but they scare her sometimes with all of the running and noise, she has NOT shown any signs of aggression even when she is really scared she just tries really hard to get away. She is not a fan of the crate at all. She takes a little while to warm up but when she does it is well worth the wait.
  • She may be fixed already, no sign of ever having a litter or a heat.
  • She is a very sweet cuddle bug, when she sneaks into bed she snuggles as close as she can get to you. She could use some more weight but we are working on that.
  • VERY CAT friendly.
Please Contact  for more info

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