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Surrey’s New Time Tethering Bylaw, needs you as a witness


Surrey is now accepting reports from the community about tethered dogs. And just as the Campaign for Animal Rights (CARL) advised Surrey Council prior to the passage of the time limited ban, by-law enforcement officers have been advising the callers that the bylaw is unenforceable and not a single dog has yet been removed from their chain. Since it is impractical for bylaw enforcement officers to sit unobserved outside a chained dogs home for four hours, it is now incumbent on neighbors to prove the dog is on their chain longer than four hours. And how can neighbors be expected to video tape their neighbors dog for a four hour period. As we advised Mayor Watts and her Council, the only enforceable tethering bylaw is a ban on the chaining of unattended dogs.

Surrey residents, please report all dogs who you know are on chains for longer than four hours to Surrey By-Law enforcement at 604-591-4370 and continue to followup with them about the dog until something is done. Please also email the addresses of chained dogs who have not been helped to us at We will go to the media, who is very interested in this issue, and expose the unenforceability of their bylaw.

And everyone, please write Mayor Watts and her council at to complain about their new bylaw and demand they create an unattended tethering ban and truly help end the suffering of chained dogs in Surrey.



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CATCA Distributes brochures on Whales in Captivity at Landmark Cinemas

Dear all, As part of the WAD Activities, Campaigns Against the Cruelty to Animals (CATCA) will be distributing educative brochures about whales in Captivity on Wednesday 23th at Landmark Cinemas (New Westminster Sky Train Station) during the New West Doc Fest presentation of Blackfish.

There will be very great documentaries for three nights only, that you do not want to miss! Bring your family and friends.

I hope to see you there!

Ericka Ceballos
WAD Canadian Ambassadress

**Check the list of documentaries!**

New West Doc Fest (October 23, 24,25)

Wednesday Oct 23
7:00 Feature Film: The Legend of Sarila
9:00 Feature Film: Blackfish

Thursday Oct 24
7:00 Feature Film: GMO OMG
9:00 Feature Film: Twenty Feet from Stardom

Friday Oct 25
7:30 Feature Film: Bidder 70
9:00 Free AFTER PARTY at the Spud Shack Fry Co.
New Westminster SkyTrain Station

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So many cats to save from the horrendous death traps, but this beauty really caught our eyes

Can you help?

URGENT – MUST LEAVE by 6pm TODAY, Aug. 7th!
Okay, Philly Urgent fans, let’s do this AGAIN! Meet Cat 4 (A20575988)! This amazing boy never even got a real name, and now he’s going to be euthanized for being sick! He has TODAY ONLY!! He must leave the shelter by 6pm! He’s available for foster/rescue/adoption. He’s a stunning 3-5 year old solid grey boy who despite being under the weather with a cold, is very sweet and loving. He was found as a stray, but must have been raised in a home because he loves people! Can we pull off another miracle ladies and gentleman? Let’s get Cat 4 a HOME and a NAME!!! E-mail if you can help!


These cats are located at Philadelphia’s animal control shelter, ACCT. They need immediate adoption or foster care. ACCT is located at 111 W Hunting Park Ave and is open 365 days a year. Adoption hours are are 1-8 Monday through Friday and 10-5 on weekends. To check the status of an animal, call 267-385-3800, or email Please visit for more information.


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Veg Fest July 27th at Granville Street between Georgia and Robson

Dear all,

CATCA will have an informative table at the VegFest on Saturday July 27th!
(The VegFest will be at Granville Street between Georgia and Robson).

The event will be from 10-6 PM.
If you could come for 1 or 2 hours that will be greatly appreciated.

Please, send me a private message here in FB if you can volunteer for this nice event.

Thank you very much on ahead.

Ericka Ceballos


CATCA-ACWF will have an educative table at the Veg Fest Vancouver! This is a free summer street festival in it’s third year on happening July 27th, 2013 in downtown Vancouver on Granville Street (between Dunsmuir and Smithe) hosting vegan food vendors, informative tables for animal organizations, local businesses, and much more!

We will be there from 10 AM-6 PM. Stop by to say hi and to pick up our latest ACWF important fliers. CATCA-ACWF is now accepting donations of small animal art/crafts or jewelry for our next online Fundraiser event. You can drop your donations in our table or send them by mail to: Ericka Ceballos/CATCA , P.O. Box 16021, 617 Belmont Street, New Westminster, BC V3M-6W6 Canada

Your items will go a long way to save the animals!

Thank you!/Gracias/ Dzienki!

Ericka Ceballos
Campaigns Against the Cruelty to Animals
Animal Conservation and Welfare Foundation

Welcome to CATCA
Working for more than two decades to stop abuse and cruelty to animals.

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Tell Justin Trudeau not to support big oil and Tar Sands in Canada

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s only been on the job for a couple months – and already he’s getting off on the wrong foot by sounding like he’s shilling for the oil industry by promoting the Keystone KXL tar sands pipeline.1

Just weeks ago, he high-fived Alberta Premier Alison Redford for spending billions lobbying for the oil industry. And then, believe it or not, in the same breath he slammed Prime Minister Harper for not doing enough to promote the Keystone XL pipeline. Come on Justin – really? Billions in oil subsidies and massive cuts to countless environmental regulations weren’t enough?!

Here’s the thing: Justin’s new to the job, and he cares deeply about public opinion and is watching it closely as he formulates his policy agenda. A flood of messages telling Trudeau we want the next Prime Minister of Canada to stand with Canada’s First nations and Canadians from coast to coast who oppose dangerous pipelines and tankers could force him to change his position for good.

Click here to send your message now to Liberal leader Justin Trudeau: Do the right thing and stop promoting KXL.
Alberta’s tar sands are a human rights issue. Since 2007 by doctors, the Alberta Health Department have documented higher incidences of rare and deadly cancers in First Nations communities downstream of the oil sands. Massively expanding the tar sands as this pipeline will be game over for the climate as tar sands production emits 3 to 4 times more greenhouse gases than conventional crude oil.

Trudeau hasn’t yet firmed up his stance on the tar sands, and is vulnerable now because he needs to differentiate himself from Stephen Harper without losing ground to NDP leader Thomas Mulcair. A flood of emails now could shift Trudeau’s stance on KXL and the tar sands and help get us on the right track towards jobs we can be proud of.

Our MPs are supposed to make their policy agendas on what the public wants – not what lines the pockets of industry. We have a real opportunity now to force Justin Trudeau to amend his dangerous position on pipelines and tankers, and need to act now before he does damage we can’t undo.

It’s still possible that Justin Trudeau could become a Prime Minster that lives up to the legacy of his father that so many Canadians remember so fondly but that means standing up to interest groups and doing the right thing.

Canadians deserve to know right now: Does Justin Trudeau stand behind Canada’s First Nations and Canadians from coast to coast who are saying no to pipelines and tankers, or does he stand behind Big Oil?

Send your message now to Liberal leader Justin Trudeau now: Do the right thing.


Ben West
Tar Sands Campaign Director, ForestEthics Advocacy

P.S. The recent spill of 60,000 barrels of toxic water in Northern Alberta is just the latest reminder of the dangers of tar sands operations.2 Remind Justin Trudeau that we should be on a path to reducing global dependence on this dirty energy – not increasing the health and safety risks to people, the local environment, and our shared global climate.




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Tell Home Depot and Lowe’s to stop stocking neonicotinoids.

Scientists hot on the trail of the cause behind the massive global bee die-off have unearthed a slew of evidence on the devastation across the food chain caused by the most widely-used pesticide on Earth, neonicotinoids. Once they enter the water supply, neonicotinoids wipe out dragonflies, snails and other waterborne life. The few hardy species that survive are left so toxic that they’re killing birds — and Home Depot and Lowe’s are putting this toxic product right in our back yards.

The European Food Safety Authority just imposed a two-year ban on neonicotinoids. It’s a bold step taken to avert a new Silent Spring. With up to a third of all honeybees vanishing each winter, beekeepers are saying that we are “on the brink” of not being able to pollinate all our crops.

Home and Lowe’s Depot still stock their shelves with neonicotinoid pesticides, spreading the ecosystem-destroying toxin to homes and gardens across Canada. As consumers, we need to demand that these retailers pull the devastating pesticides from their shelves.

Tell Home Depot and Lowe’s to stop stocking neonicotinoids.

Bayer and other pesticide manufacturers are shoveling cash at lobbyists in order to continue selling their poisonous products. But we’re not here to protect corporate profits, we’re here to protect our ecosystem to ensure our future. The first thing we need to do is take this devastating toxin out of our own neighborhoods.

One of the reasons these pesticides are so toxic is that they don’t simply coat the surface — neonicotinoids are absorbed into the plant itself. Scientists believe honeybees that stop by later to pollinate the crops accrue a lethal dose in their systems as they wander from flower to flower. Research suggests that the neurotoxin scrambles their system of navigation and other critical parts of the bee’s brains. Even when it doesn’t kill the bees outright, neonicotinoids alter immune system function in bees, making them more vulnerable to parasitic infections that are spreading through bee populations like wildfire.

Major retailers don’t care what type of pesticides they sell, only what type of pesticides their customers will buy. If we send Home Depot and Lowe’s, the two large home-and-garden superstores, a loud, clear message, we can get these toxic products off their shelves and out of our back yards — and get smaller retailers around the country to follow suit.

Tell Home Depot and Lowe’s to get rid of the bee-killing neonicotinoids.

Thank you for being one of us,

Taren and the team at

More information:

The Independent: ‘Victory for bees’ as European Union bans neonicotinoid pesticides blamed for destroying bee population, 29 April 2013
The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation: Are Neonicotinoids Killing Bees? (PDF), 2012
American Bird Conservancy: Birds, Bees, and Aquatic Life Threatened by Gross Underestimate of Toxicity of World’s Most Widely Used Pesticide, 2013
Mother Jones: 3 New Studies Link Bee Decline to Bayer Pesticide, 29 March, 2013


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Dairy Farmer profiting from Veal in Enderby?

Somebody forwarded us this message . . . .

There is a dairy farmer, at the beginning of Matthews road that is doing the most revolting torture of baby cows for veal profiting. He tears baby cows from their mothers, imprisons them in tiny pens, puts heavy chains around their neck tied to the ceiling that is very short, deprives them of their mother’s milk and feeds them only denatured grain so they become anemic to make the “meat” white. The pen is so short the baby cows cannot stand up and the chains so short they cannot move one inch to the left or right nor one inch foward nor backward. These babies are imprisoned like inmates in a maximum security prison held by chains around their necks until they are killed to make a profit for Davidson. His business is called J N J farm outside of Enderby.

EVERYBODY CALL THIS MAN AND TELL HIM WHAT HE IS DOING IS REVOLTINGLY BARBARIC AND REVOLTINGLY SAVAGE AND HE MUST STOP THIS NOW!!! He must be exposed. He does not want bad publicity. If people call and demand that he stop, he will stop.

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Please Help Vancouver Family Find Their Lost Dog at Christmas

Lost dog

·         Dogs

One Vancouver, B.C. family is frantic to find their dog, “Levi,” who disappeared on Dec. 18.

Levi’s owners, who had flown to Boston, Mass., had just left their beloved dog with a dog-sitter that same day. Upon hearing the devastating news of Levi’s escape, they immediately flew back home to find him.

Today, the miniature Australian shepherd is still gone and his family is desperate for his return.

Levi is described as sweet, but shy and he will likely run if approached. He weighs approximately 17 pounds and is micro-chipped (            866-597-2424       microchip #0A12206166).

Levi was last seen on Dec. 21, at Kingsway, crossing Knight on the north side.

Those searching for Levi are worried that he is in the vicinity of busy roadways.

Please take a moment to cross-post this information and help find Levi. Anyone who has spotted him is asked to call:             778-847-7045

Christmas will not be the same for this family without Levi. Thank you for taking a moment to cross post this information.

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Posting on Behalf of Special Needs K9

This directly violates code 717B (neglect) because they are not protecting the dogs against the elements (heat).
These dogs are located on a USDA-licensed puppy mill in the Bedford area in far southern Iowa.

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Vex is a Handicapped dog living on the streets of Romania: can you donate anything to help him get medical care?

Please Help Vex get the Medical Care he needs! He is a Handicapped Dog, and has been living on the Streets of Romania like this since 2010! He’s now at Praxis Vet in Bucharest, Romania! He needs Fundraising for his Medical Care, and also a Wheelchair! Please Help him! Thank you! Vex’s CHIP IN LINK: Update from Criss Anca regarding Vex (4/1/12): I just came home…Me and Maria Tudor went to Oltenita and took Vex to the vet in Bucharest. He is now in care of Dr Stefan at Praxis Vet ! I am trying to upload the photos and videos, it will take a while. The dog’s back legs are in very bad conditions…but the vet will clean them…. The problem is …he will need a cart …he will not be able to walk…He was living since 200 by crawling :((( Vex is now at Praxis Vet in Bucharest, Romania! Update (3/30/12): Maria Tudor will try to find this boy tomorrow, and bring him to a Vet Clinic in Bucharest, Romania * Maria Tudor’s FB Page: is the man who’s been feeding “Vex” on the Streets of Romania, and built him a little Shelter during Winter Time! * BD Liviu:******************* There are 2 People who are Inquiring about Adopting Vex! They are both in Western Europe! Here are their names below! 1. Fiona Flynn (she lives in Ireland): 2. Tricia Clemens (she lives in Wales, UK), and runs an Animal Rescue Sanctuary there on 12 Acres of Land: Tricia Clemens Message regarding this Handicapped Dog, “Vex”: Not sure if my offer has got through. We are in Wales, UK and have a sanctuary in the country with 12 acres. We help mainly old, sick, terminally ill or disabled animals though also help any animal who needs help. We are entirely voluntary so cannot afford transport but if this can be arranged then we can offer this dog a safe, forever home living en famille as our permanent dogs do. any queries by all means ask and check us on our web site Also seek references via Facebook. 26 years in rescue. I forgot to mention in my offer that, although we can’t do the transportation we will certainly arrange and pay for neutering if he comes to us. Can you possibly let us know what is happening? Having offered him a home I am keeping a space for him but if he is not coming then I will offer it to another dog. Would be so happy to help. ********************** Here is the ANimal Rescue Organization, who first posted “Vex’s” Pics on Facebook. Please note that poor Vex is still living on the Streets like this! * Asociatia pentru protectia animalelor Robi:

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