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Elderly Cat Needs Warm Home

Hi there,

This older cat looks like he was thrown out into the country.  We feel really badly for him, he is scared and he so wants a warm place to curl up. As long as he has a little heat in the cat house and a constant supply of food, he is very content.

We are thrilled he found us and has found a safe place, but we really need to find him a home.  I am told by rescue organizations that an elderly cat is hard to adopt out.  I am only assuming he is older due to the bits of grey on him and I don’t know anything else about his history.

He is affectionate, but gets a little fearful and needs a bit of consistency before he calms down.  Please let me know of anybody willing to take him in. He is currently  happy in an outdoor pet house with a warm light and would be content in a barn situation, but of course an indoor life would be preferable.

After having him indoors for a few days, this is definitely an indoor, cuddly cat. He would sit in someones lap for hours, if anybody was willing to sit that long. He would suite an elderly person who wants a loyal companion.


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