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Stop UBC Animal Research shows short film truisms

Help make it happen! Dr. Ray Greek, President of Americans for Medical Advancement and author of the important work “Sacred Cows and Golden Geese” is coming to Vancouver in late September to expand on the talk “TRUISMS – That Aren’t True”. This is an unprecedented opportunity to get animal research issues before the Vancouver public!

At VPL on the evening of Friday, September 27th, we will be screening the short film version of “TRUISMS” which features a talk given by Dr. Greek at the University of Toronto (plus a few scenes created especially for the Stop UBC campaign by cartoonist Dan Murphy): we will also be showing the important new film “Maximum Tolerated Dose” with a Skyped Q&A with the film’s director.

Please, donate whatever amount you can so that we can make this a comprehensive advertising and public appearance event!

Please take a moment to check out our fundraising page on Indiegogo and share it with your friends. All the tools are there. For every $100 contribution we are offering cartoon original by Graham Harrop.
You can also shop for a range of products at Cafe Press featuring Harrop cartoons – all proceeds to Stop UBC campaign!

Thank you for sharing this with your network!! The animals and people in need of real cures desperately need our help.


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Unbelievable, lawyers threaten legal action against those who speak out against bee killing pesticides

Industry lawyers are threatening SumOfUs with legal action if beekeepers speak out against bee-killing pesticides tomorrow. Thousands of us chipped in to bring beekeepers’ voices to the world’s largest gardening convention — and this is a blatant attempt to silence us.
Can you donate just $4 now to make sure we can get our message out to garden center owners, and show Big Pesticide we won’t back down from their intimidation?

Industry lawyers have just threatened SumOfUs with a lawsuit as we prepare to raise our voices against bee-killing pesticides at a massive gardening convention starting in Chicago tomorrow. Thousands of us chipped in to help beekeepers spread their urgent message at the conference — and we need to show Big Pesticide that we won’t be intimidated into silence as the bees die.

This is a clear attempt to squelch our growing opposition to these lethal pesticides. Already banned in Europe, the chemical industry is now scrambling to ensure it can keep flooding the US market with its dangerous products, even though we know these poisons are killing the bees.

Our plan could hardly be less threatening — if what you cared about was the bees, rather than massive profits from pesticides. We all donated to bring these friendly beekeepers to Chicago, so they could talk with garden store owners and let them know of the dangers of these pesticides. But that hasn’t stopped convention organizers from threatening to sue us if we proceed, barring our beekeepers from the convention, and even telling hotels not to rent the beekeepers rooms or let them screen a documentary film.

Let’s send them a message back. We have to show them that we won’t back down in the face of their blatant intimidation. If 5,000 of us chip in a small amount now, we can take out targeted ads in widely-read industry publications like Garden Center Magazine to make sure the garden center owners hear from the beekeepers, and help them keep up the pressure on the pesticide industry in the months ahead.

Will you chip in $4 today to show that we won’t be silenced by Big Pesticide’s threats? The conference is happening tomorrow, so we don’t have much time.

Thousands of us have already donated to make sure that industry propaganda from the conference’s sponsors doesn’t go unchallenged at the massive gathering of independent garden store owners, who together are the largest distributor of commercial pesticides in the world.

We can’t tell for certain, but all signs point to direct pesticide industry pressure behind these bullying tactics. Pesticide giants like Bayer and Bonide are sponsoring the conference, and Bayer has taken out a massive entry booth filled with information about their “bee care program” after it found out about our plan! When we first approached the organizer about placing our ads inside the convention center, everything was friendly — but not long after that, they stopped returning our calls and wouldn’t answer our questions.

Now, their legal threats and intimidation have made it clear that they intend to do everything they can to make sure that garden center owners don’t hear from the beekeepers that SumOfUs members helped speak out — and we can’t let this go unchallenged.

Click here to donate $4 or more to support the beekeepers’ fight until we win a ban on these killer pesticides, and show Big Pesticide that we won’t be intimidated into silence.

Following scientific evidence that the dangerous pesticides known as neonics are responsible for the bee die-offs, a huge grassroots campaign won a temporary ban in Europe. Now, the chemical industry is worried that other countries may follow Europe’s lead and ban these bee-killers for good.

This ridiculous threat from the company organizing the convention, funded by massive pesticide sponsorship, is our best sign yet that the industry is scared. They know we might win, and they’re lashing out to protect their profits. Now, it’s up to us to show them what intimidation gets them — an even more determined campaign to save the bees.

In just the last two months, 50,000 dead bees were discovered littering a parking lot in Oregon, and a shocking 37 million bees were reported dead across a single farm in Ontario. These die-offs aren’t flukes. This winter, the British Beekeepers Association recorded its worst loss in its history. In China, the situation has gotten so bad that farmers are forced to hand-pollinate their trees. In the biggest kill yet, a large commercial beekeeper in the United States watched in helpless horror as a mind-boggling 500 million of his bees died.

We are reaching the point where our global ecosystem is straining, and the threat to the bees is becoming a threat to all of us. As bees die off, up to a third of the food we consume is threatened, and food prices are already being affected around the world.

The global pesticide industry is doing anything it can to protect its profits — and as usual, the U.S. is ground zero. Pesticide corporations are following the playbook written by Big Tobacco regarding lung cancer and Big Oil on climate change — pouring millions into lobbying and fake science to stop decision-makers from taking action, and intimidating opposition into silence. Now they’ve turned these dirty tactics on us, and we need to respond.

Click here to chip in $4 now and show them that it won’t work. We’ll keep fighting until the bees are safe.

Thank you for fighting for the bees,
Kaytee, Claiborne, Taren, and the rest of us

SumOfUs is a world-wide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy. You can follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook.


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Urgent funds needed to rescue baby horses from slaughter . . . God, please help


We are going to be rescuing 20+ baby horses from the Fallon Slaughter auction tomorrow and we desperately need your help to save them!

The hardest part of rescuing horses from the slaughter auction in Fallon is that by law each horse that comes into California from Nevada must have a current Health Certificate and current negative Coggins test. We were unable to find a facility that could handle adult horses, but at the last minute a place opened up that could handle baby horses. We are told that there are 28 babies, but the number could go up or down depending on how the auction goes.


DONATE!!! To donate using Paypal, send it to our Paypal address:, for other ways to donate, please visit our website:

This is a very last minute fundraising, and your support is the only way we can make this happen.

Please LIKE and SHARE this post!

Clarification: the picture is from a baby rescue we did years ago, we do not currently have pictures of the babies we will be rescuing this weekend.


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Letter to Philadelphia Animal Control Shelter

Dear Philadelphia Animal Control Shelter,

Thank you fro doing your best for the animals who come through your shelter. I was made aware of a little grey cat that is apparently headed for euthanization today. I feel very sad, that at least out on the streets, he had a chance for life and now your shelter, is putting him down.

This seems very unfair, to the life of this being. It must at times be hard, to keep reminding yourself how sacred and important each life that comes to you is. How each one, left to fight for him or herself has no protection in the world around them. That they love as you do and will do anything for their lives as you will.

It must too be challenging to come to grips with the world and the place in society, where we currently are, where life seems as though it is less important than commerce. Were a living being who fought countless odds, to be here, to exist, to make it so far, is now coming under the capitalist spell of, death, because he is less important than money.

Isn’t it sad? How much this animal, far more coherent, intelligent and sophisticated than probably even you believe, is stuck in a cage, awaiting a death sentence, because human populations have mismanaged the world around them, in their own ignorance of the chemistry of all that is reasonable and vital on our earth.

It must be painful decisions to make each day, deciding who will live and die, to decide what is more important, this animal or the money to support him? We all know the answers in our hearts, but how hard is it to listen, when nothing in this world supports us to do what is right, each day for life, for all living creatures.

I have been listening to the souls of animals since I was 3 years old, I hear their hearts, their words and their wisdom. I know how strong and capable they are and how vulnerable and emotional they are.

I know that this life more than others deserves a real chance of life. I have seen in his eyes how far he has struggled. To erase the accomplishments of his life, without another thought, without a care, without a chance, would be, something that would go against the natural laws of life. And finding ways to work within the natural laws of life and order are what all shelters must be willing to strive for, even if the system does not support its choices.

I, as part of the inner worlds of animals, nature and life, who understands the natural laws and balance of this world, need you and this earth’s people to wake up and pay attention to your heart. To put your hand on your heart, to look deeply and longingly into this souls eyes and ask, why… Why is the world this way? Why are we doing what we are doing to you? Why do we get to decide, while you sit their awaiting your fate….? And most importantly, what can I do to make your life ok?

Where is that message, deep inside your own heart, telling you to do what is right and to see what can be done, against the odds, to trust the miracles of life, instead of the forceful, arrogant ways that humans have strove to dominate all species.

We have a luxury in this world of choosing everything, the animals are given nothing, nothing but their own precious life, it is probably far more valuable to them, than even your own is to you.

Please, do what you can for this grey beauty. Get a glimmer to the romance in his soul, the love in his heart and the imagination in his dreams. He sees a beautiful home somewhere for him, somewhere, like we all do. Please give him a chance. There is a home out there for him. He knows this, he is waiting for your love to recognize this.


VARC Team Writer and Contributor,
Animal and plant communicator,
Vancouver, B.C.

Re:URGENT – MUST LEAVE by 6pm TODAY, Aug. 7th!
Okay, Philly Urgent fans, let’s do this AGAIN! Meet Cat 4 (A20575988)! This amazing boy never even got a real name, and now he’s going to be euthanized for being sick! He has TODAY ONLY!! He must leave the shelter by 6pm! He’s available for foster/rescue/adoption. He’s a stunning 3-5 year old solid grey boy who despite being under the weather with a cold, is very sweet and loving. He was found as a stray, but must have been raised in a home because he loves people! Can we pull off another miracle ladies and gentleman? Let’s get Cat 4 a HOME and a NAME!!! E-mail if you can help!


These cats are located at Philadelphia’s animal control shelter, ACCT. They need immediate adoption or foster care. ACCT is located at 111 W Hunting Park Ave and is open 365 days a year. Adoption hours are are 1-8 Monday through Friday and 10-5 on weekends. To check the status of an animal, call 267-385-3800, or email Please visit for more information.


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So many cats to save from the horrendous death traps, but this beauty really caught our eyes

Can you help?

URGENT – MUST LEAVE by 6pm TODAY, Aug. 7th!
Okay, Philly Urgent fans, let’s do this AGAIN! Meet Cat 4 (A20575988)! This amazing boy never even got a real name, and now he’s going to be euthanized for being sick! He has TODAY ONLY!! He must leave the shelter by 6pm! He’s available for foster/rescue/adoption. He’s a stunning 3-5 year old solid grey boy who despite being under the weather with a cold, is very sweet and loving. He was found as a stray, but must have been raised in a home because he loves people! Can we pull off another miracle ladies and gentleman? Let’s get Cat 4 a HOME and a NAME!!! E-mail if you can help!


These cats are located at Philadelphia’s animal control shelter, ACCT. They need immediate adoption or foster care. ACCT is located at 111 W Hunting Park Ave and is open 365 days a year. Adoption hours are are 1-8 Monday through Friday and 10-5 on weekends. To check the status of an animal, call 267-385-3800, or email Please visit for more information.


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Monthly Donations

Team VARC Panther

Team VARC Panther

Dear Subscribers and Followers

We have been doing this since 2007, a totally unpaid, free service we offer our fellow animal activists and community members.

This is a labour of love, but a time consuming one, nevertheless.

Blogs look like they should be a breeze, but each one takes at the minimum an hour to write, not to mention the pictures and follow ups.

Collectively we spend many hours in shops finding info for animals and online discovering better ways to communicate and connect. We spend hours looking at emails and many other details encompassed here.

We would like to do so much more, but are limited by time.  If there is a sincere interest and if anybody feels this is a valuable service, we would love to hear from you.

We think with the proper support we could also do so much more.

If you like this blog and the community efforts we try to support, please let us know, drop us a line and consider making a donation to our efforts.



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Kittens for adoption at Bosleys Pet Food Store

Clara, a VARC animal guardian, stopped by Bosleys Pet Food on Broadway in Kits, at 3045 west Broadway. She discovered two kittens that were looking for a home. Apparently dropped off by Angels for Animals, a new rescue group in town? She found the little Calico to be gentle, sweet, cuddly and a little under the weather. Apparently she had surgery not too long ago and maybe feeling a bit down from that.

Her brother was so eager for attention he could not stop crying and reaching through the cage. Clara spent some time cuddling them both and wrapped them up in their blankets so they felt a bit more secure. This helped calm them for a bit. No fun being kittens in cages, but good that they are going to find a perfect home. We really hope they can be adopted together for the bonds of birth are something to be seriously respected. The beginnings of their lives born, entwined. They are adorable to hold and see.










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Did you know BC gov logs the Great Bear Rainforest?

Just a few weeks ago the Minister of Forests for British Columbia stood in front of a conference room full of representatives of major wood and paper purchasing companies and declared that completing the Great Bear Rainforest conservation agreement is a priority for the province. That’s great news and we thank them for it. But what are they doing to make that happen?

Four major logging companies in the Great Bear Rainforest control the logging rights to the majority of the forest land – millions of hectares. One of them is BC Timber Sales a company wholly owned and operated by – wait for it – the province of British Columbia. What?!

You’ve signed the petition to the BC government, demanding they make this agreement a priority, and they’ve heard you.

Now it’s time for British Columbia to put its timber where its mouth is. If BC considers the Great Bear Rainforest agreement a priority, it’s time to step up and show some leadership as one of the largest logging stakeholders in this partnership!

Email BC’s Minister of Forests, Steve Thomson, (the guy who oversees BC Timber Sales) and demand that the province:

Set the bar high and motivate action for meaningful levels of conservation in the Great Bear Rainforest.
Finalize initiatives with First Nations in the region to improve their communities’ social and economic health. A high level of human wellbeing for communities in the area will help ensure low levels of ecological risk to the forests.
Contribute more of BC Timber Sales timber lands toward conservation and share more of the pie with First Nations communities, who for decades have seen big timber companies make big profits logging their traditional lands.
While it seems like the BC government has its intentions in the right place, there is still a lot to be done before the March 2014 agreement deadline. With just 8 months left, there is no time to waste! Email the Honourable Steve Thomson now!


Valerie Langer
Director of BC Forest Campaigns,
ForestEthics Solutions

P.S. Don’t forget that by forwarding this email to three friends you can help us stregnthen our message to the BC government!

Tell BC government that it’s time to step up!

As owner of one of the biggest logging companies in the Great Bear Rainforest agreement coalition, the BC government should be putting its timber where its mouth is.


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