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Support Vancouver Humane Society Demo’s against rodeo cruelty at Calgary Stampede

People who care about animals will be holding demonstrations against rodeo cruelty at the Calgary Stampede (July 5-14). They need your help.
Every year, VHS makes headlines with its campaign against rodeo cruelty at the Calgary Stampede. We do what we can to draw attention to the issue through the news media, advertising, our website and social media. But there is a group of people in Calgary who are on the front-lines of the struggle to stop the suffering of rodeo animals and they are the unsung heroes of that struggle.
There is enormous peer-pressure in Calgary to support the Stampede and not to question what happens during the rodeo. But there is a small but growing number of Albertans who are willing to stand up to that pressure and make their voices heard by attending public protests against the rodeo. They come from all walks of life; from mechanics to filmmakers, from office workers to care givers. They are women, men, young, old, single, married – just ordinary people. But they share an extraordinary compassion for animals.

Last year the demonstrations in Calgary attracted the most support ever, with 55 people attending. This year, the protest organizers hope to build on that success – and they need your help. If you live in the Calgary area and you believe in kindness to animals, this is a chance to show you care and to make a difference. If you hate animal cruelty, don’t stand by and let it happen. Please help if you can.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Anthropologist Margaret Mead
For information on how to join the protests against rodeo cruelty contact:

Protest dates and times:

Friday July 5th at 6pm

Saturday July 6th at Noon

Sunday July 7th at Noon

Friday July 12th at 6pm

Satuday July 13th at Noon

Sunday July 14th at Noon

Location: Across the street from the Victoria Park/Stampede LRT Station on the grassy area.
– See more at:


Photo: Matthew Wolfe


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Update from Vancouver Animal Defence League- Fortune Garden Seafood Restaurant takes shark fin soup off menu and more!

After 8 months of protesting outside of Fortune Garden Seafood Restaurant they have finally agreed to take shark fin soup off their menu. By the end of this month they will have changed their menus and sold the last of their stock. FIN FREE!
Our Fintastic Friday Nights continue! Please join us at Sun Sui Wah (3888 Main St) every friday night from 6:30 till 8:30 pm until they remove shark fins from their menu!

ACTION ALERT: Nanaimo Seal Hunt Protest Saturday 16 March 2013

12:00-2:30pm, Saturday, March 16, 2013, the Vancouver Island Animal Defense League will demonstrate against the Canadian commercial seal hunt beside the old Island Highway in Nanaimo, BC. We will meet on the hill overlooking the traffic lights at the corner of Terminal Avenue North (Island Highway) and Brechin Road, rain or shine. There’s plenty of free parking near the Tim Hortons at Brooks Landing Shopping Centre. This event has been timed to coincide with two ferry arrivals from Vancouver ACTION ALERT: Nanaimo Seal Hunt Protest Saturday 16 March 2013

12:00-2:30pm, Saturday, March 16, 2013, the Vancouver Island Animal Defense League will demonstrate against the Canadian commercial seal hunt beside the old Island Highway in Nanaimo, BC. We will meet on the hill overlooking the traffic lights at the corner of Terminal Avenue North (Island Highway) and Brechin Road, rain or shine. There’s plenty of free parking near the Tim Hortons at Brooks Landing Shopping Centre. This event has been timed to coincide with two ferry arrivals from Vancouver and to catch lunchtime traffic along the highway. Please come and bring any anti-sealing signs you may have. Otherwise you can help hold up our large Stop the Slaughter sign or simply wave at passing motorists. If you can’t stay for the whole time, your presence for even a little while will be appreciated.


National shark fin vote!

On March 27 MP Fin Donnelly’s private members bill C-380 will be voted on by Canada’s MP’s. This bill would ban the importation of shark fins into Canada.
In BC we are focusing on three conservative MP’s who have stated they plan to vote against the shark fin ban. The more people who contact these MP’s the better chance we have to change their vote, it’s still possible!!

James Lunney, Nanaimo- Port Alberni
Check out the VADL on the front page of the Nanaimo Bulletin facing off with James Lunney on this issue.

Andrew Saxton, North Vancouver

John Weston, West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast


Vancouver Animal Defense League SHIRTS!!

Support our efforts by buying our gear!

Thank you!


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Dogwood Initiative: Day of Action to Defend B.C.’s coast on Monday, Oct. 22 in Victoria

Dogwood Initiative
An unprecedented day of action to defend B.C.’s coast is nearly upon us. Since we wrote to you a week ago, hundreds of people have committed to attending events in 48 communities across the province to send a clear message to our MLAs that B.C.’s coast must be protected from oil tankers, pipelines and spills.

The event is just a few days away. Find a community action near you:

Some of you are wondering what the difference is between the event in Victoria on Oct. 22 and the province-wide action on Oct. 24, and we’d like to help clear that up.

On Monday, Oct. 22, a Defend Our Coast rally is happening at the legislature in Victoria.

Then, two days later, on Wednesday, Oct. 24, Dogwood Initiative is helping organize a day of action at MLAs’ offices across the province. Why are we throwing all of our efforts into the second event? First, we know there are thousands of No Tankers supporters outside of Victoria who want to take action and second, our voices are most powerful at the local level.

As next year’s provincial election ticks closer, we need you to connect with your MLA as part of a larger push to persuade the provincial government to do more to protect our rivers and coast.

Find a community action near you:

The exact start time and locations depend on your community. Find time and location details for your community:

Please join us in your community on Wednesday to tell your local MLA B.C.’s coast must be protected.

For the coast,

Eric, Celine, Ben, Karl, Emma and Lyndsey on behalf of the Dogwood team

P.S. Your MLA’s job is to represent you. Make sure they know where you stand on proposals to bring oil pipelines and tankers to B.C. by signing up today.


Dogwood Initiative – PO Box 8701 – Victoria, BC V8W3S3
To review our Privacy Policy. 
The email address for you is
If you no longer wish to receive email communication from Dogwood Initiative you may


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Update on Courthouse Rally For Captain


VANCOUVER – September 27, 2012; 9:00am – Courthouse rally for CAPTAIN
222 Main street Vancouver Provincial Courthouse
We have an upcoming rally outside the courthouse in Vancouver for the dog named Captain who was found in a dumpster, starved, stabbed, and beaten. His owner, Brian Whitlock is attending court on an unrelated charge of criminal harassment against a woman. Anyone who can be there would be most welcome, as THE ATTENTION IS BEGINNING TO WANE. Although Whitlock has had 4 appearances scheduled, he has yet to show up, and his lawyer and/or the judge keep asking for adjournments. Details are available at the link below. Thank you.

Join Facebook Group Here:


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STOP UBC multi-day presence at UBC this week



In January, the Province newspaper published a front-page story about Stop UBC Animal Research‘s campaign to halt UBC’s brutal experiments on monkeys (See “Bid to Save UBC monkeys from grim death”). As noted in the article, Stop UBC Animal Research has urged UBC to release the monkeys to a sanctuary so they can live their remaining years in peace. After conducting horrific experiments on the monkeys, UBC intends to kill them, perhaps as early as April.

From Monday, March 28th until at least Friday, April 1, Stop UBC Animal Research will be maintaining a presence on the UBC campus.  Each day members of our group will be gathering at the UBC Student Union Building. (Click here for SUB address and directions.) During that week, Stop UBC Animal Research will be on the UBC campus in shifts from 8AM-12 and 12-4PM.

Stop UBC Animal Research is a community grassroots campaign that employs peaceful, legal, and compassionate approaches to educate the public about the grim realities of research on animals at the University of British Columbia and to ultimately bring about an end to research on animals at UBC. Please visit our website at:


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Motorcade for The Seals in Vancouver and Whistler

Motorcade for The Seals in Vancouver and Whistler (CHANGE OF DATE!)

Due to weather conditions we decided to move the Seal Motorcade to:
March 26th, Saturday at 10:00AM.

The assembly will be at the water-front parking lot on Beach and Bute in English Bay, downtown Vancouver

This year for the Annual Anti-Sealing Day, CATCA is delighted to joined force with HOPE-CARE and it’s Founder/President, our colleague Anthony Marr, who is well known for his animal advocacy work around the world, and who was honored with the “Best All-Around Activist Award” by Negotiation Is Over (NIH) in January 2010, and the “Henry Spira Grassroots Activist Award” by Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) at the 2010 Animal Rights National Conference in Washington DC.

“Tell someone that 360,000 baby seals are being killed this year, his left brain will shelf it under ‘big number’, and his right brain doesn’t quite get to see it at all, and his emotion does not get involved,” says Anthony. “But if you could find some way to show his right brain the scale of the carnage, he would likely take action. At about one meter per baby seal, a single file of 360,000 dead baby seals laid out along a highway will stretch 360km/223mi. You will have drive at highway speeds for 3 hours to go from one end of it to the other. People often stop in their tracks and look stunned.”

So, how do we show this vision to the public? Via media, of course. “We all know that a demo without media coverage ‘did not happen’,” says Anthony Marr. “What media want is not as much information but drama. It is more how a message is delivered than the message itself. Media wants something new, either in the message, or in the delivery, preferably both. But something new is new only once. So we have to invent a new way every time.”

The idea of the motorcade was conceived by Anthony Marr for his Compassion for Animals Road Expeditions (CARE-tours, of which there has been 7 since 2003, each covering 25-44 states in 3-7 months), and has been proven extremely effective as a media tool. A memorable one, involving about a dozen cars, was from Houston to Dallas, Texas, driving distance 385km/239mi, about the length of a single file of 360,000 dead baby seals, at 1 meter each, laid out along the highway. All 4 Houston TV stations showed up, plus newspapers of both Houston and Dallas. Overnight, Texans by the hundreds of thousands who knew nothing about the Canadian seal massacre learned something shocking about it, and took actions to oppose it.

Although he has done many motorcades before in the US, he has never done one in his own hometown Vancouver. So now, it is Vancouver’s turn.

We will ask media to show up around 10:30 AM. It is then we will be decorating the cars and motorcycles with posters and ribbons. The TV cameras will be going around zooming into the posters being taped on to car doors, and reporters will be randomly interviewing participants. At 11:00 AM, Anthony Marr will lead the procession on his motorcycle from downtown Vancouver via the Sea-to-Sky Highway to Squamish and Whistler. The event will end at Whistlerat 1 PM with a media conferencia.

The driving distance from Vancouver to Squamish is 64 km/40mi, and the whole distance to Whistler is 120 km/75mi (respectively about 1/5 to 1/3 the whole length of the 360km seal line).

We hope that you will able to go all the way to Whistler for a good arrival show. Even if not, please join in the departure from Vancouver for a good TV departure presentation. After that, you can go as far as you want – Horseshoe Bay, Lions Bay, Britania Beach, Squamish, Whistler. At Whistler, we will have lunch, then go our individual ways.

Those without cars please come for the media coverage anyway to make the assembly for TV as big as possible. (Recalled the Ambleside Park dog demo? If we would do it for 100 dogs, why wouldn’t we do it for 360,000 baby seals?). You could then go with those with cars, or perhaps hold your own foot demo after the motorcade has departed.


1) Cars and drivers
2) Drivers
3) People to be surrounding the motorcade and stay after the motorcade goes to Whistler, holding a POLITE demo with placards and banners.

If you intend to come, please let me know what you be willng to do, OK?
Can you bring some friends? Can you pls tell other colleagues about it?

Contact me at: ericka@

Thank you!

Campaigns Against The Cruelty To Animals
Western Canada Anti Sealing Coalition

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Global Week of Action Against AstraZeneca/Huntingdon Life Sciences Feb 21-26th

Monday February 21st to Saturday the 26th is AstraZeneca Attack! Global Week of Action against AstraZeneca!!

Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) are the largest contract testing laboratory in Europe. They have about 70,000 animals on site, including rabbits, cats, hamsters, dogs, guinea-pigs, birds and monkeys. These animals are destined to suffer and die in cruel, useless experiments.

HLS will test anything for anybody. They carry out experiments which involve poisoning animals with household products, pesticides, drugs, herbicides, food colourings and additives, sweeteners and genetically modified organisms. Every three minutes an animal dies inside Huntingdon totaling 500 innocent lives every single day.

Huntingdon Life Sciences is the most exposed laboratory in the world. In recent years they have been infiltrated and exposed at least seven separate times for disgusting animal cruelty and rule breaking. Each time horrific evidence of animal abuse and staff incompetence has been uncovered, including workers punching beagle puppies in the face.

AstraZeneca are a major customer and vocal supporter of Huntingdon Life Science’s cruel methods of
animal torture and scientific fraud, AZ even have the audacity to state that no
suffering occurs at HLS! This was there response to the Animal Defenders
International’s expose from 2008. During the time of the expose, AstraZeneca
were funding experiments on primates at HLS. Not only did the breeding farm in
Vietnam who supplied the poor animals not meet basic UK animal welfare
standards, but the conditions of the animals when housed inside HLS was
extremely poor; some monkeys were missing limbs, had skin problems or other
infections. Monkeys routinely escaped from cages, resulting in some being raped
and attacked. Read more about HLS here:

So we have a major AstraZeneca shareholder in Vancouver and Victoria.

AstraZeneca shareholder – Axa (Equity and Institutional investor with nearly 70 million shares in AZ)


999 Hastings West Street
2nd Floor, Box Office 22
Vancouver, BC
V6C 2W2
604 669-0595

711 Broughton Street
2nd Floor
Victoria, BC
V8W 1E2
250 381-1535

We want AXA to cut their ties with AstraZeneca as long as they are funding horrific animal experiments and we want AstraZeneca to cut their ties with HLS. PIECE BY PIECE we will take them apart.

Please join us for a demo against AXA at the Vancouver HQ on Friday Feb 25th at NOON at 999 Hastings West Street.

Please join us for a demo against AXA in Victoria on Friday Feb 25th at 3pm at 711 Broughton Street.

If you can’t make it to the demo please call the offices and ask them to cut their ties with AstraZeneca animal abusers, or you can send an email here

HERE IS THE PHONE NUMBER FOR ASTRAZENECA as well, please phone them and ask them to cut their ties with HLS!!
English Toll Free:      1-800-668-6000 and 1-800-565-5877
French Toll Free:      1-800-461-3787


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Update From Vancouver Animal Defense League

March is a busy month for Vancouver Island animal lovers!!  We have several events going on including seal hunt demos, screenings of the Cove in Victoria, and an informative talk happening on Gabriola!!


THURSDAY MARCH 3RD We will be heading to BOTH Jean Crowder’s AND James Lunney’s office for a rally in support of the protection of Harp Seals. As Canadians we are sick and tired of our government ignoring our opposition to this attrocity and we need to let our MP’S hear about it!  Bring posters if you have any, we will have some.

NOON to 1pm
Jean Crowder’s office
77 Victoria Crescent

1:30PM TO 2:30PM
James Lunney’s office
Suite 6, 6894 Island Highway North

Please be on time for these demos as it they will be media events, arrive early if you can!



In Nanaimo, British Columbia, we will converge on the entrance to the
Departure Bay Ferry Terminal on the morning of Saturday, March 19, 2011.
The ferries from West Vancouver arrive in Nanaimo at 1010 and 1210 and
leave at 1030 and 1230. Thus we will be on the street at the traffic
lights on the corner of Brechin Road and Stewart Avenue in front of the
terminal in two shifts, from 1000 to 1030 and from 1200 to 1230 to catch
most of the cars coming and going.

Participants need only commit to being there for 30 minutes to do one
shift. Those willing to do two shifts can retire to a nearby pub from 1030
to 1200. Free parking is available all along the harbour side of Stewart
Avenue or there is pay parking right next to the demo at Millers Pub.
Please set aside a couple of hours on March 19 for this symbolic



Please join us on Saturday
March 5th at 6pm for a screening of
The Cove’. Following the documentary there will be a discussion with local
Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians who are heading to Taiji, Japan on the 7th of March to document the dolphin slaughter.
Tickets are $10 at the door, seating is limited.


The Gabriola Vegetarian Society is hosting a great discussion about xenotransplantation which is the transplantation of living cells, tissues or organs from one species to another.  In 1997 during the biggest ever leak from a UK laboratory documents revealed that Huntingdon Life Sciences were involved in the grotesque transplantation of genetically modified pigs hearts and kidneys into wild caught baboons on behalf of the drug firm Novartis- known as xenotransplantation- but the horrible experiments caused so much suffering, they were deemed illegal.  The greatest success of this research program was that one baboon survived for 30 days with a pig’s heart implanted into the back of his neck, the poor animal was seen holding the swollen red transplant, which was seeping yellow fluid, for the rest of the last days of his life.  The rest of the animals lasted an average of 10 days.  Animals in laboratories all over the world are suffering for these brutal pointless experiments.

On average, 20-30% of Canadian patients who require a transplant die on waiting lists every year, and the gap between need and availability continues to widen as demand for organs and tissues accelerates. Canada has one of the lowest organ donation rates in the western world. Is animal-to-human organ transplantation the answer?

You are invited to join

Dr. Michael Mehta for Xenotransplantation:

Should we harvest animal organs for use in humans?

Presentation will be followed by a short question and answer session

Tuesday, March 8th

7pm at the Roxy

Cost: Free or by donation

Sponsored by the Gabriola Vegetarian Society

Organ donation forms from the BC Transplant Society will be available. These forms are also available anytime at both our medical clinics, the pharmacy and the volunteer GHCF office. For more information, please call Sheila Haniszewska at 247-8482.


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A Vigil For The Lost Lives of 100 Sled Dogs on April 23rd

Sadly this tragic event is a glimpse into a much broader picture of the treatment of the entire animal kingdom.  Most animals are treated as resources to be used for financial gain, whether wild or factory farmed.  I just hope this sad and horrific view into the daily cruelty of what happens to innocent animals everywhere will encourage people to look at how they also are contributing to the mass slaughter of other species of animals and to find their own voice in speaking up for all animals.

Please Contact or go to the Facebook Page for further info!

Basic Information

Founded Feb 5th 2011
Location North Vancouver Canada
About We’ve gone Global! Goal:

An International Candlelight Walk

on April 23rd to honor the 100 Sled Dogs.

Give them a voice. Organize in your town now.

Description One Day~ One Petition~ One purpose~ Change!

We now have 19 cities in four countries on

board for April 23rd united Vigil.

Come join us and organize in your

community now. We can make a

difference but only as a united front!

Awareness is moving slowly across the globe.

Mission Bring National and International exposure

on the Anniversary date of the sled dogs

death on April 23rd in order to create

opportunity for activists, as well as

change laws in Canada to protect

sled dogs, and animals used for

commercial use. Lastly, to honor

these beautiful dogs in a National vigil

so they do not die in vain.


Please download this link for a

petition that we will be using


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Show Your Heart Help Stop Animal Suffering Feb 13th

I apologize for any confusion about this Sunday’s “Have a Heart– Walk for the Animals” dog walk on Sunday. I did not know there was an anti-fur demo on Sunday as well. To accommodate that demo, we have MOVED the time of the dog walk to Sunday, 2-4PM.



…Valentines Walk for the Animals


WHEN: 2-4PM, Sunday, February 13

WHERE: Meet at the Inukshuk statue at the southwest end of English Bay beach. The statue is located off the popular Vancouver seawall. It is near where the large trees are lit up during Christmas. Along Beach Ave near Bidwell Street.
See map at:

*Your companion dog on leash

*Wear your Stop UBC Animal Research T-shirt. If you don’t have one, we’ll have shirts for sale for $20.

*Signs that read: “End all animal exploitation,” “UBC – All animals should be respected,” “One man killed 100 dogs in Whistler. At UBC 100,000 animals are harmed each year,” “End animal research at UBC,” “Every animal can feel pain – Stop animal research at UBC.”

WHY: Understandably, there has been much public outrage over the killing of 100 sled dogs in Whistler. Stop UBC Animal Research joins the chorus of voices against that senseless slaughter. From this tragedy, we hope the public will begin to make the connection between “Man and woman’s best friend” and the animals suffering in UBC’s laboratories. Each year UBC conducts thousands of experiments involving animals yet much of that research is hidden. Our dog walk along the Seawall will help raise awareness about what is happening to animals at UBC. And it is meant to spark a dialogue about how all animals among us should be treated.

CONTACT: or call 604-551-3324.

Stop UBC Animal Research is a community grassroots campaign that employs peaceful, legal, and compassionate approaches to educate the public about the grim realities of research on animals at the University of British Columbia and to ultimately bring about an end to research on animals at UBC. Please visit our website at:

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Stop UBC Animal Research Campaign at Vancouver Art Gallery

Flickr Photos