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Sample Letter for Banning Traps in Enderby

Dear Mayor and City Councillors of Enderby

I am writing to ask that you please ban the use of all types of  Body Gripping Lethal Traps in Enderby.   These traps are extremely barbaric and inhumane. Even the inventor of the Conibear trap admits that it is not a humane trap. It slowly crushes an animal to death and depending on how the animal enters the trap, it could take days or weeks to die.  Sometimes the animal will even chew it’s limb off to escape.

Last year in Enderby one dog died in her owner’s arms after being caught in a trap. Other  communities have banned traps because of it’s inherent cruelty.  I hope you will follow suit in banning these barbaric and outdated traps.  Please find out more about trapping on this website:

I urge you to do the right thing and ban these traps in Enderby. You will set a precedent that other cities may follow. I think this will be a remarkable achievement for 2012.

I wish you a safe, healthy and compassionate holiday season and new year.



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Urgent: Call Enderby City Councillors Asking Them to Ban Leg Hold Traps

Please contact City Councillors of Enderby, BC  politely asking them to support a bylaw which would ban all Body Gripping Lethal Traps!

Tomorrow December 19th at 4:30 pm there will be a City Council meeting in Enderby, B.C.  Please help to support a fellow activist who will be there in person to ask for the removal of all Body Gripping Deadly Traps within Enderby town limits.  Currently there are no bylaws prohibiting or restricting the use of any or all Body Gripping Deadly Traps.  Ask city council to create a by law banning the use and laying of traps within city limits.  According to this activist, the councillors are currently making recommendations against the recommended by law.  Recently there was an article published in the Vernon Morning Star.    We can help move this forward with our concerns.

The activist whom we shall call Raven Lady has found out that there are many traps set through out the Shuswap and Okanagan area from Grindrod, Enderby, Salmon Arm, Sicamous and down throughout the Okanagan and that they are of the worst kinds: cruel leg hold, Conibear and Snare Traps.  Lady made a presentation to city council several weeks ago to educate them on the use of traps and in response a man who has traps set up all over the area has written to the City Councillors encouraging their use.  Please help us make a stand against these outdated measures.

Writing and Speaking Points:

  • Please support a ban of all Body Gripping Lethal Traps in Enderby.
  • They are excruciatingly, unbearably painful, the animals are terrified and in some areas the trappers don’t have to check traps for 2 weeks, by law.
  • In the mean time they die agonizingly slow deaths or chew their own legs off to get out.
  • There was a woman who found her dog caught in a snare trap and held him while he died in it.  This happened in Enderby last year.  Pets as well as wildlife get caught in these painful traps.  Not only are traps cruel, but unsafe for domesticated pets and children.
  • If the ban does not take place we will be contacting the media and encouraging a boycotting of Tourism in the area and of local businesses.
  • Please find out more and educate yourself on the real horrors of trapping at the following site:
Contact Info Has Been Updated!
Mayor Howie Cyr

Home: 250-838-0082
Mobile: 250-517-0244

Councillor Tundra Baird
Home: 250-838-0882

Councillor Brad Case
Home: 250-838-9525
Work: 250-838-2262

Councillor Raquel Knust
Home: 250-838-6730

Councillor Beryl Ludwig
Home: 250-838-2361

Councillor Greg McCune
Home: 250-838-9874
Mobile: 250-550-5930

Councillor Earl Shipmaker
Home: 250-838-6167
Work: 250-838-2262

More Info:

According to Raven Lady “because the fur trade is such a lucrative market anybody can set any traps anywhere, unless there is a specific bylaw created by city council to ban it’s use.”  Also according to Raven Lady, Fur Bearer Defenders advised that we can only ask for a ban within city limits,  not in a rural area. Lady also said that trappers will do so in the  winter so they can follow the blood trail.   Animals caught die long, slow painful deaths of being crushed to death, starvation, dehydration and they will even chew their own limbs off to escape.  As many of us know trapping is used mainly for fur which is often sent to Asia: Korea, China, Tibet but is still used in Canada for trim.   Trapping animals is bloody, messy and excruciatingly painful.  Please help us by emailing or calling the Enderby City Councillors.

Normally we would not encourage calling home numbers, but since they are listed on the main site and because often in small towns it’s the only way to get a hold of them, we are encouraging this.  Please be polite and respectful and ask for mercy for the animals and ask them to learn more about this cruel industry and ban the use of these Body Gripping Lethal Traps.

For more information please go to the Fur Defenders Website:

Article in Vernon Morning Star:;id=6944 for full list of contact info

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Weeping Buffalo

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The Buffalo was standing still, sad and frightened to tears.

According to China’s People’s News, whether people believe it or not, this incident actually happened in Hong Kong. TheWeekly World News reported that a group of workers were bringing a water buffalo into a packaging factory, ready to slaughter it to make steak and beef stew.

When they approached the front door of the slaughterhouse, the sorrowful buffalo suddenly stood still, refusing to move forward, kneeling on its two front knees, and had tears streaming from its eyes.

How could the buffalo be aware that it was going to be slaughtered, before entering the slaughterhouse? This shows that it was even more alert than many a person. “When I saw what is believed to be a stupid animal actually crying, and when I noticed that its eyes were full of fear and sadness, I could not help but shiver.” Extremely shocked by this, butcher Shiu Tat-Nin recalled: “I quickly called the other people to come and see, and they were as surprised as I was! We pushed and pulled the water buffalo, but it would not move; it just sat there crying constantly.”

Billy Fong, the boss of the Hong Kong packaging plant said, “Mankind has always thought that animals are not like people who can cry, but this buffalo is really sobbing like a baby!”

At that time there were at least a dozen strong, burly men present, but their hearts were softened by the buffalo’s crying, and those who were responsible for killing water buffaloes were even more touched by this, tears welling out of their eyes.

Buffalo weeping non-stop – When workers from other slaughterhouses heard the news, they also ran to the crying and kneeling buffalo, and the site was soon crowded with people who were astonished at what they saw. Three of them were so shocked that they said that from now on, even when they slaughter other kinds of animals, they will never forget that buffalo’s tears.

At the point when a buffalo is crying and people are crying as well, we can all be sure that none of them will kill the buffalo now. Then the question was how to take care of this matter. Finally, they decided to buy the water buffalo with cash, and then they sent it to a Buddhist temple, for the monastic to take good care of it, so that it could be assured of living out its life peacefully.

When this decision was made, an amazing thing happened again: “When there was an assurance that the buffalo would not be killed, it finally agreed to move, got up, and it’s here with us.” How could a water buffalo understand human words? Shiu said: “Whether you believe it or not, this is really true, although it sounds really incredible.

Undoubtedly, this buffalo has changed the lives of these butchers.

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Please ask the Enderby Pet Store to relinquish Chinchilla

An animal loving lady has contacted us from Enderby, BC with grave concerns about a pet store located in this city.

She said it was the worst pet store she had ever seen and that sounds of desperate birds screaming and terrified filled the store, not to mention dirty cages.

The store called Enderby Paws and Claws has a collection of animals from doves, rats and snakes to a lonely little chinchilla.

Although she would love to see all the animals rescued from there, for now she is asking that efforts be made to have the Chinchilla removed.  According to her, chinchilla’s need to be kept in quiet and dark places to rest.  This one is surrounded by the ongoing cries of the animals as well as very bright fluorescent lights. Although images are of a low density resolution and it’s hard to see, she also said the cages are filthy and look as though they have not been cleaned in months.  It is full of layers of feces.

There is also concern over a ball that is in the cage for the Chinchilla.  Apparently others have reported it as dangerous because they go in to hide and then overheat easily.  It is called by some the Deathball.

She is asking for animal rights friends to call the store and ask that the Chinchilla be allowed to be rescued and go to a new home.

Please contact the Enderby Pet Store at 250-838-7383 and ask the storeowner to relinquish the chinchilla to a reputable rescue group and to stop selling chinchilla’s (and all animals!) for good!


VARC Team!

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