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To push Kijiji to finally do the right thing, ban sales and promote adoptions, I took inspiration from the Facebook group. I contacted RBC Royal Bank and asked them to stop advertising on Kijiji’s pet section. It worked! This week, RBC’s VP of Marketing contacted me to say they are removing their ads from all pages that advertise pets for sale on Kijiji Canada. Thank you RBC!
We haven’t won yet, but we’re sure the campaign is working.
There are many companies that have ads on Kijiji and I’m guessing some of them wouldn’t want to be associated with Kijiji if they knew it was providing a platform for puppy mills and unethical breeders to make a profit off the suffering of animals and the ignorance of consumers.
Will you take 3 minutes to join me in asking Kijiji’s advertisers to drop their ads and stop supporting Kijiji until pet sales are banned?

1) Choose a company that you see advertising on Kijiji. Here are some companies I’ve seen advertising on Kijiji Canada’s pets section in the past week and their Twitter handles:
National Bank: @nationalbank
TD Bank: @TD_Canada
American Express: @AmexCanada
Tangerine (formely ING DIRECT): @TangerineBank
Dell: @DellCares
Zulily: @zulily

2) Tweet to the company using their Twitter handle and add one these messages below or write your own.
You advertise on Kijiji where customers are cheated by puppy mills? Do like @WestJet & @RBC & drop your ads?
Is your brand at risk for advertising on a site that allows puppy mills to profit? Info:
@RBC & @WestJet did the right thing and pulled their ads from @Kijiji’s pet sales site. Will you? Info:

3) If a company responds to you and says they’ll drop their ads send me an email at and I’ll post your news as an update on the petition page.
It’s been a long campaign. Thank you for staying with me. We’ve made progress and I know we can win this for the animals.
Barbara Lapointe

PS. If you don’t use Twitter, consider posting on the Facebook page one of the companies you’ve seen advertising on Kijiji. You can use information from my petition page


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Violent Crimes Occur Through Craigs List adds; be cautious when giving away pets

Dear Sir, (or Madam)

I’m very sorry to hear that the truth about animal abuse occurring via Craig’s List happens to offend you. Should you have any caring for animals, you would want the truth to be exposed, perhaps you are also one of the violators.

One in 25 people are born as psychopaths, they do not carry the gene that allows them to feel any empathy for any other individual. They have no feelings.

When you place your pet or animal in the vulnerable position of being given to somebody on Craig’s list, chances are 1/ 25 that they will be capable of doing some horrendous things to your pet.

Please consider this before you so easily throw them away.
Instead, use the services around Vancouver that have some knowledge of how to ask the right questions to get the most caring, conscientious and resourceful people in our communities.

Please read the story below about a puppy given to somebody on Craig’s list who was euthanized due to medieval torture. Fortunately the man was caught and sentenced to 55 years in jail.

If you flag this, perhaps you should ask yourself if you have the capacity to feel love and empathy and caring for the vulnerable? perhaps you are one of the 1 in 25…

Thank you,


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Mayor Gregor Robertson: Please call a public referendum regarding the addition of more captive cetaceans at the Vancouver Aquarium!

VancouverAnimal – There’s a new petition taking off on, and we think you might be interested in signing it:

Mayor Gregor Robertson: Please call a public referendum regarding the addition of more captive cetaceans at the Vancouver Aquarium!

By Marcie Callewaert

Sign Marcie’s Petition

This petition aims to convince the current Vancouver Park Board Commissioners to respect democracy and allow a whale referendum question to be placed on the municipal election ballot on November 15, 2014. The referendum question would ask the public if they agree with keeping whales and dolphins in captivity in the public aquarium.

The only way that the Vancouver Public Aquarium can be compelled to end the barbaric practice of keeping whales and dolphins in captivity is through the democratic process. Because this aquarium is located in Stanley Park, which is public land, this means that the democratically elected Parks Board Commissioners have the jurisdiction to determine whether or not whale and dolphin captivity should be tolerated in Stanley Park. This is a sensitive matter that requires a wider public discussion and ultimately, a democratic resolution. Tragically, until now the Parks Board, regardless of which political party has been in power, has consistently refused to give the citizens the democratic option to express their opinion on this issue. The public should be consulted through a whale referendum during the upcoming November, 2014 civic elections. Please help make this happen and sign this petition.

Whales and dolphins are highly intelligent, intensely social, highly cooperative animals that in the wild live in extended family units called pods. In captivity, they are often forced to share tanks with animals from different pods, species and geographic locations. Like humans they suffer greatly in captivity. In captivity they are perpetually stressed out and often die prematurely. In the wild these animals dive hundreds of feet into the depth of the ocean and may easily travel more than a 100 kilometres in a single day. It is simply not possible to meet the complex physical and behavioural needs of these animals in captivity.

The American Humane Society has concluded that keeping dolphins in confinement in concrete tanks is “inhumane beyond comprehension”. They suffer whether or not they were taken from the wild or bred for captivity. For these reasons, in May 2013, the Government of India “officially recognized dolphins as non-human persons, whose rights to life and liberty must be respected” and thereby banned the import, capture and captivity of cetaceans in all public and private enterprises.

In stark contrast the Vancouver Aquarium is currently expanding its whale tanks and plans to maintain the whale and dolphin captivity program in perpetuity adding more animals to fill up those tanks. These animals are suffering in captivity for one reason only, profits. There is no educational or scientific value to the Aquarium’s whale and dolphin display. As the internationally respected oceanographer and educator Jacques Cousteau aptly put it, “the educational benefit of watching a dolphin in captivity would be like learning about humanity only by watching prisoners in solitary confinement”.


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Vancouvers Captive Whale Debate is Heating Up, please add your vote

NEWS 1130 : Vancouver’s captive whale debate heating up

Park Board says more information needed before any decision

Click on this link, scroll down and to the left you will find a poll we
are currently loosing SO PLESE VOTE NO NOW!


Should the Vancouver Aquarium continue to keep belugas and dolphins in

Thank you!

No Whales In Captivity
Box 461 – 1755 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC V6G 3B7 CANADA
Tel 604-736-9514
Twitter: @nwicbc


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