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No fireworks Vancouver Rant and ask Officials to Switch to Laser Shows

Im getting so sick of trying to politely educate people about things, like for example fireworks harming wildlife, and receiving their brutal prejudged completely uneducated, self righteous responses. Because they have spent so much time thinking about the effects on wildlife and researching it and helping people find their lost cats and dogs the days after. 

Of course they all have asthma, so they know what it is to inhale plumes of carcinogens into their lungs. And they are such caring and thoughtful individuals they actually take the time to think, hmmm, how does that effect the ear drums, of sensitive animals, babies, elderly. And how does the chaos of light and the thundering noises affect fish in the water, birds in the trees, squirrels, racoons, and the infinite species that are aching to find clean water and food and a green tree in sprawling suburbia land of etched in highways, pavement, deafening construction that kills every living being as far as eyes could see… 

Why would anybody care about fireworks?

Maybe i just attract some of the most hardened, jeering people but the snorting rolling eyed looks to my explaining that i do not go to fireworks because it destroys wildlife, makes me dislike people all the more.
Other than all my earth angel friends fighting to make this world a better place, I do not get people, their self imposed righteousness, their complete disregard for every other living being, their selfish and petty needs of pure unequivocal happiness at the expense of others. Its almost like we are living in a mini hell. Where some of us try to plant flowers and someone else comes along and stomps on them, just for the fun of it.
Rant over, I guess common sense will never change anything. That is the reason for activists. Whether they want to or not, for the defenceless.

You can help birds and other animals by asking officials in your town to ban fireworks and switch to laser light shows, which provide all the awe of fireworks displays but are more affordable and kinder to animals and the environment. – Peta




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Steven Watson Sperm Whale

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