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Peta response to local restaurants serving boiled lobsters

Quick follow up on the conversations around serving boiled lobster. Peta is following up with a letter to the General Manager of the Restaurant who decided that boiling them alive is the most humane alternative.

Please check out the link that Peta Staff offered to send to other restaurants who still do this barbaric practice and forward it to any restaurants you know of that do this. And please let us know!

OBVIOUSLY we are dealing with pretty low life forms of sentience if we are talking to a tadpole conscious species who think boiling incredibly intelligent, sentient, feeling amazing creatures alive is, yummy! However, do your best to be kind, respectful and polite as it goes much, much further than harsh words (like the comical ones, we couldn’t resist writing here…. Sigh)

Dear Ms. Rose,

Thank you for your reply. I did forward the restaurant’s email address to the appropriate PETA staff member.

If you do contact other restaurants, you could send them the link to the Crustastun system of quickly killing crabs and lobsters. To learn more please visit

Thanks again for writing and for caring about lobsters.





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Urge Cranbrook, B.C. to Halt Cruel Deer Control

The city of Cranbrook is considering netting/trucking and/or bowhunting to control the resident deer population. PETA recently informed city officials of the extreme cruelty of these deer-control methods, but our concerns have apparently fallen on deaf ears.

Netting/trucking deer is horribly cruel. Every minute spent entangled in the netting is a terrifying eternity for these easily frightened prey animals. Being netted is terrifying enough, but these deer would then be tied, stacked, and transported in trucks! Transport is rife with loud noises, vibrations, and the smell of fear. Nothing could be more horrifying for these easily frightened prey animals.

Bowhunting is also among the cruelest forms of killing. Many deer are injured by arrows. Bowhunters routinely spend hours tracking the blood trails of injured deer before finding them. Three decades of research tells us that for every one or two deer struck by arrows and retrieved, another wounded animal disappears, never to be found. And these deer aren’t the only victims: Mass killings tear apart families, leaving young and weak animals vulnerable to starvation, dehydration, and predators.

Even the use of sharpshooters armed with rifles would be far less cruel than the methods being considered. Please politely urge the city of Cranbrook to take netting/trucking and bowhunting off the table:

The Honorable Scott Manjak
Mayor, City of Cranbrook
41-10 Ave. S.
Cranbrook, BC, V1C 2M8
250-256-4211 (tel.)
250-426-4026 (fax)

The Honourable Angus Davis, Denise Pallesen, Liz Schatschneider, Diana Scott, Jim Wavrecan, and Bob Whetham
Cranbrook City Councillors
41-10 Ave. S.
Cranbrook, BC, V1C 2M8
250-256-4211 (tel.)
250-426-4026 (fax)

Thank you for speaking up for animals!


Jodi Minion
Wildlife Biologist
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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Woman Who Crushes Kittens ID’d and on the Run in China


Dear Rosa
I was told that the girl was in Sichuan Province and her QQ ID number was given, then she issue a statement to apologise for her behaviour. But later on people said her apology was not genuine because the crush film was still circulating. Today a message was sent out by PETA. It has provided a reward of RMB10,000 to anyone who can provide any evidence to identify the girls in the film for the prosecution.
There are more than 30 Chinese groups have signed this statement to date, and the number of groups is still increasing. It is excellent that they are all acting together to work on this issue.
Next step, we will ask Chinese groups to mobilise their members to contact these Chinese web sites, which are still hosting this crush film to remove the film eg. and I will send you the compiled list for the contact details of administrators of these sites, so you can send the details to your yahoo groups.
Best regards
Pei F. Su
ACTAsia For Animals


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