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Sign Petition to End Horse Slaughter in Canada

Please Sign this Petition. The Petition will be sent to the Canadian Government and is asking to end Horse Slaughter in Canada.

THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT: Pass Bill C-322 and End Horse slaughter in Canada
Horses from Canada and the US are enduring incredible suffering as you read this. They are being packed into trucks and hauled,sometimes very long distances to one of 4 federally run slaughter plants in Canada, designed for killing cattle, not horses. They are often gravely injured, at times even dead upon arrival, and due to their flight nature, the suffering and terror continues for these poor souls up until the very end which is all too frequently prolonged and so dangerous that even inspectors do not want to be present for fear of injury.Horses are extremely sensitive animals, are aware of danger and in a state of panic they thrash about so violently that a clean kill is practically impossible. There is overwhelming evidence in the form of both video and witness accounts to verify that horse slaughter is indeed cruel and inhumane. Horses are not food animals,however many people are under the misconception that slaughtering horses is no different than slaughtering cattle and pigs. The treatment and slaughtering of food animals is definitely in need of reform and changes as well, but the cruelty and suffering does not compare to what horses endure–these are animals that have shared their lives with people. They are companion animals, working, entertainment and wild horses–Yes wild horses–something our country should treasure and be proud of, but instead our government is sponsoring round ups of these magnificent creatures and dooming them to an imprisoned and torturous end! The horses waiting in slaughter stockyards, often in horrendous conditions are of all breeds and ages, from the very young, the pregnant, the old–even ponies,donkeys and burros. Also, most domestic horses have medication in their bloodstream that is banned in animals slaughtered for food–this is not being monitored because if it was most of these horses would not be approved for slaughter. This is Canada’s dirty little secret – and the Conservative government seems quite happy to keep it that way.They are not listening!! We want to let our Government know that Canadians care about our horses –this country was built on their backs and it is an outrage to mistreat them like this–they deserve so much better. Please sign and urge the Canadian Government to end horse slaughter and adopt bill C-322.




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Horse Meat on Top Chef Canada

Tell Food Network Canada to stop airing programs that glamorize horse meat.

Sign the Petition


Part of the fun of watching Top Chef and other cooking shows is seeing the pros grapple with wacky ingredients we’d never find in our own kitchens. But when the ingredient in question is horse meat, that’s a problem.

Last month, an episode of Top Chef Canada (which airs on Food Network Canada) featured a challenge in which the contestants had to cook horse meat. During the airing of the episode, a Facebook group called “Boycott Top Chef: Protect the Horses” cropped up — now the group has more Facebook fans than Top Chef Canada.

Top Chef Canada execs have pledged to “carefully consider all the facts around this topic” before serving horse meat again. Here are some facts we think they ought to know:

  • Horses face horrific conditions during transport to the kill floor and during slaughter itself. Most horses are awake and feel terrible pain when they are killed for meat.
  • Many horses are sent to slaughter straight from the racetracks, and may have drugs in their systems that make them too toxic for human consumption.
  • Horse slaughter is illegal in the U.S., but that doesn’t stop would-be profiteers from shipping tens of thousands of horses illegally into Mexico and Canada to be slaughtered there.

Several states in the U.S. are even facing legislative fights from those who want to re-open horse slaughterhouses — and having television shows declare that horse meat is a “delicacy” doesn’t help advocates who are working tirelessly to keep horse slaughter illegal.

Please sign the petition today to tell Food Network Canada to pledge not to air any more programming that glamorizes the consumption of horse meat:

Thanks for taking action,

– Patrick and the team

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Saving America’s Horses

This is an urgent request for funding from the award winning film made by activist Katia Louise:  Saving America’s Horses, A Nation Betrayed

Crucial funds are needed to clear the film for press previewing. Saving America’s Horses A Nation Betrayed is winning awards and doing well at the festival level but this message needs to reach the public at large and the press can help make this happen.
If just 50 people were to give $100 we would meet this immediate goal. Donations to Wild for Life Foundation are tax deductible and are always appreciated in any amount. Donors also have the option of being recognized for their support or they may remain anonymous.

The film presents a focused look into the unseen world of both wild and domestic equines; an investigative exposé that unravels multiple layers of conflict with a revealing look into the hidden pipeline of horses. Great hope is presented through an inspiring and diverse call to action leaving viewers with the inspiration and knowledge to effect change and convey the same to others.

Geared to peak the interest of a wide demographic, the film is a compelling compilation of expert testimony, undercover footage and true life stories. Viewers will adventure across the nation’s sweeping landscapes to witness the magnificence, power and free spirit of one of America’s most treasured icons, the horse. It’s a story about the underdogs and their fight to protect today’s wild Mustangs and yesterday’s Thoroughbred racehorses. The untold truth as reported by the nation’s top equine experts, celebrities and grassroots horse advocates draws a sharp contrast to misleading main stream propaganda. The film premiered in March at the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival and won “Best in Festival”.

You can learn more about this CAUSE at
Founded in 2008, Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) is a 501 (c) (3) volunteer based, nonprofit corporation dedicated to protecting and saving animals from cruelty. WFLF works to accomplish its mission through rescue, sanctuary, educational media and events, investigation, adoption and outreach. Since forming, WFLF produced over a dozen audio documentaries to help animals in need . Since 2009 we have dedicated our work for the protection and welfare of horses and combined forces with the nation’s top equine experts and groups to expose the truth about the insidious international horse slaughter industry.

Please help to save America’s horses from slaughter by telling your friends. You can help insure that we are able to continue this important work by making a much appreciated donation. Your donationwill help bring the film “Saving America’s Horses to the public eye and in turn help t

o protect and save America’s equines from this barbaric cruelty.

Awards to date:
Best in Fest: Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival (March)
Merit Award for Advocacy, Visuals, Investigative Journalism: Accolade Competition (April)
Cinematography, Advocacy, Editing & Conservation Message: International Wildlife Film Festival (May)
Thank you.

Katia Louise
Volunteer Executive Director, Wild for Life Foundation
Director, Producer
Saving America’s Horses A Nation Betrayed

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Heartwarming story of rescuing a horse in Richelieu

Listed  below is media coverage of protests held across Canada plus a you tube video of a collection of photos and clips from protests across Canada.

At our protest in Massueville at the Richelieu slaughterhouse, the protesters were met by a man who wanted to bring his horse to slaughter. He had to come talk with us as we were blocking the entrance, and upon learning his intentions we pleaded with him to give us the horse. He was very stubborn and finally called us days later saying he would sell us the horse for more than he would make at slaughter. Funds were raised and the horse was rescued, underwent his necessary surgery, and is now at a foster home waiting for his forever home. His name is now Joe, he is a stallion so his owner kept him in a stall most of his life. Not only will he not have to suffer the horrors of the slaughterhouse, he has freedom. He will get to experience the joys of running, playing and the sun on his coat. Thank you so much to everyone across Canada who worked so hard to pull the demonstrations together. We’ve not only made national headlines that will definitely help stop the slaughter, and we’ve also saved a life! Thank you! I have attached photos of Joe.

Emily Lavender

Short Youtube made of protests:

TV Coverage – click on October 4


Newspaper Coverage:–horse-lovers-demonstrate-across-canada-with-bulletholes-on-their-head–horse-lovers-demonstrate-across-canada-with-bulletholes-painted-into-their-heads—World/Arts/2010-10-04/article-1819715/Horse-lovers-demonstrate-across-Canada-with-bulletholes-painted-into-their-heads/1–horse-lovers-demonstrate-across-canada-with-bulletholes-painted-into-their-heads–horse-lovers-protest-with-bulletholes-in-head

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Global Day Of Action: End Horse Slaughter in Canada

Global Day of Action: End Horse Slaughter in Canada
A recent
undercover investigation has made national news in Canada, and now a Bill is being tabled in the House of Commons that would put an end to horse slaughter in Canada forever. Protests will be held nation-wide in Canada including a protest at the slaughterhouse the investigation took place, and in cities around the world. One day of protest at this slaughterhouse could push Bill C-544 and end the suffering of horses at slaughter in Canada forever. We need every caring person to make this happen. So mark this on your calendar, take the day off of work, bring your friends and family, and help make history for the horses who are destined to be slaughtered – and in memory of those who already have.

When: 12pm, October 4
Where: Robson Gourmet Butcher, Robson Public Market, 1610 Robson St., Vancouver BC

WHERE: Diana Krall Plaze outside the entrance to the Harbour Front Library, 90 Commercial Street, Nanaimo

Here you will find the undercover investigation:
Here you will find Bill C-544

Please send a quick message to your MP:

Please Collect Signatures for the House of Commons Here

Join the Facebook Event Here

Footage From Richieu

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