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Donate to Soi Dog Foundation

Please Donate to the Soi Dog Foundation rescuing dogs from the flooding in Thailand.
Your donation goes directly towards saving the lives of the animal flood victims.While the flood has had a devastating effect on the human population, its consequences for the animals are far greater.Flood waters have reached up to 2 meters in some areas, with the majority of areas covered by 50 centimetres or more of water. For the dogs and cats, this is an extremely serious amount. It is common for the rescuers to see dogs swimming with literally no safe place of refuge, surrounded only by flood waters. Some emergency shelter facilities have even become flooded and the animals have had to be moved to other rescue centers.

Dog Swimming.jpg

We will try to keep you updated on the situation as time allows. For current updates please visit our Facebook page at:

If you have not seen it, you may wish to watch the full length “Soi Dogs” documentary. It is an enjoyable documentary and will give you further insights into the day to day operations at Soi Dog. The movie can be seen at:

Please, spread the word concerning Soi Dog Sponsorship Program:
This is the most effective way to help the dogs and cats living at the shelter, that have not been adopted.

All the best, and again many thanks for your support at this most critical point in time.


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