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Update from Vancouver Animal Defence League: National Anti-Fur Week, media coverage and FUNDRAISING!

Our Sun Sui Wah victory is in today’s Vancouver Courier!


National Anti-Fur Week!

Join activists across Canada, in 18 cities and 6 provinces, for the largest coordinated day (WEEK) of action against the fur trade.

National Anti-Fur Day, now in its 25th year, has evolved into a week-long event centered around Valentine’s Day, asking people to have a heart for fur-bearing animals.

Protest schedule for Vancouver:

Saturday February 8, 11 to 1 at Brooklyn Clothing Co, 418 Davie St
Thursday February 13, 11 to 12 at Alpine Start, 68 West Broadway
Thursday February 13, 1 to 3 at Brooklyn Clothing Co, 418 Davie St
Friday February 14, 1 to 3 at Snowflake Furs, 102-750 Pender St
Saturday February 15, 11 to 1 at Brooklyn Clothing Co, 418 Davie St

Vancouver event page:

National event page:


Manure sale fundraiser!


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Update From Vancouver Animal Defense League

A Canada Goose in Massachusetts.

A Canada Goose in Massachusetts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Business is obviously less than booming for Snowflake Furs after they downsized and shut down one of their stores.  Up until recently they had five stores in Vancouver, Whistler and Banff but one of their Banff stores is now shut down.

Alpine Start ‘Canada Goose’ fur trim campaign update.

We have decided to back off of Alpine Start until spring of 2014 after they committed to making changes in their store.  They have agreed to remove the Canada Goose window decals and work this winter to seek out fur-free alternatives to Canada Goose.  Alpine Start is on the same block as MEC and Valhalla Pure, which are both fur-free, so we are confident that a protest campaign would devastate them.  We have made it very clear that we will settle for nothing less than a fur-free policy, and have plans to contact them in March to discuss Fall and Winter 2014.    

"Thanks for your continued support and motivation for us to stay current
with the ethical treatment of wild animals and the cruelty of fur sourcing.
Our decision is already made to support your cause - reduction of fur
products in our retail store. For a small independent store like Alpine Start Outfitters, immediate
elimination of a key category will hugely impact sales and this will surely
put us out of business unless we work on this with a long term exit
strategy - so we can gradually reduce the fur products and replace them
with other non fur products/ brands."

Our new fur target is Brooklyn Clothing company.

We approached the owner today, provided him with a fur trim information package and asked him 
to put his hand in one of our leghold traps so that he could experience the entire reality of the 
fur-trimmed products he carries.  He did not put his hand in the trap, but he committed to researching 
the issue and promised to respond to us soon.  We let them know that we plan on protesting this 
winter if they do not agree to go fur-free.   

Please ask them to adopt a fur free policy.


‘Meat the Truth’ documentary screening.  

Tues November 5th, 7:30pm
Spartacus Books 684 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, Coast Salish Territory, BC
Spartacus books is wheelchair accessible.
By donation, all proceeds to benefit Vancouver Animal Defense League’s grassroots campaigns.

“Do you like having a planet to live on? Well we do! Turning off lights is a good start, but what we eat might even be more important. Meat The Truth reveals the startling links between meat eating and global warming, and is a must-see for anyone who cares about the future of life on this planet! Watch the film that picks up where ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ conveniently left off. A must-see for anyone who cares about the future of life on this planet.”


Fintastic Friday Nights are STILL happening!

Please join us Friday nights at Sun Sui Wah, 3888 Main St, 6:30 till 8:30.

Check out this video of a 17 month old boy whose first words happen to be one of our shark fin chants.  His family lives 2 blocks from our demo location and his mother says he can’t even say daddy yet.  He and his brothers have been listening to our shark fin protests from their house for the last eight months and they love to join in once and a while.  Very cool. 



Sun Sui Wah shark fin restaurant has several massive billboard sized advertisements up INSIDE YVR airport and we want them removed.  Ronald Smith has the ability to remove those ads IF he gets enough complaints.  Please ask him to stop promoting a business that has endangered species on their menu.


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