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To push Kijiji to finally do the right thing, ban sales and promote adoptions, I took inspiration from the Facebook group. I contacted RBC Royal Bank and asked them to stop advertising on Kijiji’s pet section. It worked! This week, RBC’s VP of Marketing contacted me to say they are removing their ads from all pages that advertise pets for sale on Kijiji Canada. Thank you RBC!
We haven’t won yet, but we’re sure the campaign is working.
There are many companies that have ads on Kijiji and I’m guessing some of them wouldn’t want to be associated with Kijiji if they knew it was providing a platform for puppy mills and unethical breeders to make a profit off the suffering of animals and the ignorance of consumers.
Will you take 3 minutes to join me in asking Kijiji’s advertisers to drop their ads and stop supporting Kijiji until pet sales are banned?

1) Choose a company that you see advertising on Kijiji. Here are some companies I’ve seen advertising on Kijiji Canada’s pets section in the past week and their Twitter handles:
National Bank: @nationalbank
TD Bank: @TD_Canada
American Express: @AmexCanada
Tangerine (formely ING DIRECT): @TangerineBank
Dell: @DellCares
Zulily: @zulily

2) Tweet to the company using their Twitter handle and add one these messages below or write your own.
You advertise on Kijiji where customers are cheated by puppy mills? Do like @WestJet & @RBC & drop your ads?
Is your brand at risk for advertising on a site that allows puppy mills to profit? Info:
@RBC & @WestJet did the right thing and pulled their ads from @Kijiji’s pet sales site. Will you? Info:

3) If a company responds to you and says they’ll drop their ads send me an email at and I’ll post your news as an update on the petition page.
It’s been a long campaign. Thank you for staying with me. We’ve made progress and I know we can win this for the animals.
Barbara Lapointe

PS. If you don’t use Twitter, consider posting on the Facebook page one of the companies you’ve seen advertising on Kijiji. You can use information from my petition page


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