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Dogwood Initiative:

Earlier today Kinder Morgan submitted an application to twin its Trans Mountain Pipeline and more than triple the amount of bitumen being shipped by tanker from the Vancouver area.

The proposal would bring hundreds more bulk crude oil export tankers to our south coast every year, dramatically increasing traffic through Burrard Inlet and the southern Gulf Islands – we all know the unacceptable risks this poses to our communities. Fortunately, our municipal government is stepping up.

Vancouver city councillors are voting on a motion at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday Dec. 18 that would allow the city to intervene directly in the National Energy Board’s Kinder Morgan review. They need to hear from Vancouver residents who support their involvment. The Vancouver city council has already voted to oppose the Trans Mountain expansion proposal – they would be a powerful voice of reason in the review process.

Can you attend the meeting and speak in support of this motion? You will have five minutes to tell council you support their leadership and strong stance on this dangerous proposal. Here’s how to get involved:

To register to speak, call meeting coordinator Lori Isfeld: (604) 871-6355
Or register by email:
Please copy me on your email to the meeting coordinator or let me know if you’re planning to attend by replying to this email.
If you can’t be there in person, you can communicate your thoughts about the resolution to the mayor and councillors by emailing by the end of Tuesday.
This is your chance to show municipal politicians if they stand up against this project, Vancouverites will be there behind them.

Thank you for supporting our champions for the coast,

Celine Trojand
Organizing Director

P.S. Pasted below is the resolution being considered and a link to the agenda:

That Council direct staff to apply as an intervenor in the National Energy Board hearings on the anticipated Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion proposal to advance the following points:

1. The expansion of the pipeline through the Metro Vancouver region and associated increases in tanker traffic pose an unacceptable risk to the City of Vancouver, residents and businesses including, but not limited to, risks to Vancouver and the region’s vibrant economy, local environment and parks, infrastructure, financial and legal liability, public health, and our international brand as one of the world’s most liveable cities.

2. That the City of Vancouver does not agree with the NEB’s position that harms caused by the eventual combustion of the fossil fuels carried by the pipeline not be considered as part of the review of impacts on the public interest. Further that the City of Vancouver views an increase in the extraction of fossil fuels intended for combustion, and the increase in greenhouse gases associated with this extraction and combustion, as posing a direct risk to the City as a result of sea-level rise and extreme weather impacts associated with anthropogenic climate change.

3. The City of Vancouver has grave concerns on the following points:

that no appropriate emergency response plan is in place from appropriate provincial and federal government agencies, in fact capacity has been reduced in recent years.
that the City of Vancouver, it’s residents and businesses are not indemnified against all financial loss associated with a spill from current or proposed shipments.
that full recovery funding is not guaranteed for all affected parties.
that Kinder Morgan and other responsible agencies have not invested in appropriate mitigation efforts to avoid a spill of current shipments




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