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Dogwood Initiative, Beyond Coal, New West Quay October 27th 12 p.m.

Thank you for fighting to keep B.C.’s coast safe from the threat of oil spills and to stop the expansion of U.S. thermal coal exports through B.C. ports. Right now, there’s one agency standing in the way of both of these fights: Port Metro Vancouver.

The port has the power to expand the docking facility Kinder Morgan requires to twin its pipeline to Burnaby and to grant permits for coal export proposals like Fraser Surrey Docks. The problem is, Port Metro Vancouver is run like a corporation with an unelected board of mostly industry appointees.

We simply don’t have a say in port decisions that have direct consequences on our health and livelihoods. It’s time to take back our port.

When: Sunday October 27, 12 p.m.
Where: The Quay, New Westminster
Why: Because it’s time to take back our port

Join us to show the port what real democracy looks like. RSVP now for a peaceful rally co-sponsored by our partners Communities and Coal, Voters Taking Action on Climate Change and Wilderness Committee.

The port could make a decision any day now to grant the expansion permit for Fraser Surrey Docks and become the biggest coal exporter in North America. You’ve signed petitions, written letters and inspired local leaders to take action against this proposal. The port has responded with PR stunts like holding out-of-the-way open houses instead of public hearings and asking Fraser Surrey Docks to conduct an inadequate “environmental impact assessment” instead of a health impact assessment that meets international standards.

Port Metro Vancouver is unaccountable and undemocratic. In fact, that’s how it’s set up to operate.

This is our moment to show the port it cannot remain unaccountable to the families who would be impacted by Kinder Morgan’s proposal or those living along the coal train routes.

RSVP now and help us take back the port on October 27.

I’ll see you there,

Laura Benson

P.S. We’re not the only ones ready to take back our port. Organizations from across the Lower Mainland fighting to protect critical habitat, farmland and local communities from roughshod port development will join us on the 27th. Please stand with your neighbours and RSVP now.

Image Wilderness Committee



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Steven Watson Sperm Whale

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