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Letter to Philadelphia Animal Control Shelter

Dear Philadelphia Animal Control Shelter,

Thank you fro doing your best for the animals who come through your shelter. I was made aware of a little grey cat that is apparently headed for euthanization today. I feel very sad, that at least out on the streets, he had a chance for life and now your shelter, is putting him down.

This seems very unfair, to the life of this being. It must at times be hard, to keep reminding yourself how sacred and important each life that comes to you is. How each one, left to fight for him or herself has no protection in the world around them. That they love as you do and will do anything for their lives as you will.

It must too be challenging to come to grips with the world and the place in society, where we currently are, where life seems as though it is less important than commerce. Were a living being who fought countless odds, to be here, to exist, to make it so far, is now coming under the capitalist spell of, death, because he is less important than money.

Isn’t it sad? How much this animal, far more coherent, intelligent and sophisticated than probably even you believe, is stuck in a cage, awaiting a death sentence, because human populations have mismanaged the world around them, in their own ignorance of the chemistry of all that is reasonable and vital on our earth.

It must be painful decisions to make each day, deciding who will live and die, to decide what is more important, this animal or the money to support him? We all know the answers in our hearts, but how hard is it to listen, when nothing in this world supports us to do what is right, each day for life, for all living creatures.

I have been listening to the souls of animals since I was 3 years old, I hear their hearts, their words and their wisdom. I know how strong and capable they are and how vulnerable and emotional they are.

I know that this life more than others deserves a real chance of life. I have seen in his eyes how far he has struggled. To erase the accomplishments of his life, without another thought, without a care, without a chance, would be, something that would go against the natural laws of life. And finding ways to work within the natural laws of life and order are what all shelters must be willing to strive for, even if the system does not support its choices.

I, as part of the inner worlds of animals, nature and life, who understands the natural laws and balance of this world, need you and this earth’s people to wake up and pay attention to your heart. To put your hand on your heart, to look deeply and longingly into this souls eyes and ask, why… Why is the world this way? Why are we doing what we are doing to you? Why do we get to decide, while you sit their awaiting your fate….? And most importantly, what can I do to make your life ok?

Where is that message, deep inside your own heart, telling you to do what is right and to see what can be done, against the odds, to trust the miracles of life, instead of the forceful, arrogant ways that humans have strove to dominate all species.

We have a luxury in this world of choosing everything, the animals are given nothing, nothing but their own precious life, it is probably far more valuable to them, than even your own is to you.

Please, do what you can for this grey beauty. Get a glimmer to the romance in his soul, the love in his heart and the imagination in his dreams. He sees a beautiful home somewhere for him, somewhere, like we all do. Please give him a chance. There is a home out there for him. He knows this, he is waiting for your love to recognize this.


VARC Team Writer and Contributor,
Animal and plant communicator,
Vancouver, B.C.

Re:URGENT – MUST LEAVE by 6pm TODAY, Aug. 7th!
Okay, Philly Urgent fans, let’s do this AGAIN! Meet Cat 4 (A20575988)! This amazing boy never even got a real name, and now he’s going to be euthanized for being sick! He has TODAY ONLY!! He must leave the shelter by 6pm! He’s available for foster/rescue/adoption. He’s a stunning 3-5 year old solid grey boy who despite being under the weather with a cold, is very sweet and loving. He was found as a stray, but must have been raised in a home because he loves people! Can we pull off another miracle ladies and gentleman? Let’s get Cat 4 a HOME and a NAME!!! E-mail if you can help!


These cats are located at Philadelphia’s animal control shelter, ACCT. They need immediate adoption or foster care. ACCT is located at 111 W Hunting Park Ave and is open 365 days a year. Adoption hours are are 1-8 Monday through Friday and 10-5 on weekends. To check the status of an animal, call 267-385-3800, or email Please visit for more information.



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2 Responses

  1. Sarah West says:

    Was your letter actually sent?

    I have tweeted this and sent prayers for this darling cat I called him Lucas and whispered on the wind that I love him. I told him that his fur is so beautiful like a soft dark grey clouds and that his eyes are green as Conemmara marble. I hold him in my heart.. and will always

    • theroaringbutterfly says:

      Oh you are incredibly beautiful…. Thank you for listening, to the clouds, they heard mademoiselle.

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