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Did you know BC gov logs the Great Bear Rainforest?

Just a few weeks ago the Minister of Forests for British Columbia stood in front of a conference room full of representatives of major wood and paper purchasing companies and declared that completing the Great Bear Rainforest conservation agreement is a priority for the province. That’s great news and we thank them for it. But what are they doing to make that happen?

Four major logging companies in the Great Bear Rainforest control the logging rights to the majority of the forest land – millions of hectares. One of them is BC Timber Sales a company wholly owned and operated by – wait for it – the province of British Columbia. What?!

You’ve signed the petition to the BC government, demanding they make this agreement a priority, and they’ve heard you.

Now it’s time for British Columbia to put its timber where its mouth is. If BC considers the Great Bear Rainforest agreement a priority, it’s time to step up and show some leadership as one of the largest logging stakeholders in this partnership!

Email BC’s Minister of Forests, Steve Thomson, (the guy who oversees BC Timber Sales) and demand that the province:

Set the bar high and motivate action for meaningful levels of conservation in the Great Bear Rainforest.
Finalize initiatives with First Nations in the region to improve their communities’ social and economic health. A high level of human wellbeing for communities in the area will help ensure low levels of ecological risk to the forests.
Contribute more of BC Timber Sales timber lands toward conservation and share more of the pie with First Nations communities, who for decades have seen big timber companies make big profits logging their traditional lands.
While it seems like the BC government has its intentions in the right place, there is still a lot to be done before the March 2014 agreement deadline. With just 8 months left, there is no time to waste! Email the Honourable Steve Thomson now!


Valerie Langer
Director of BC Forest Campaigns,
ForestEthics Solutions

P.S. Don’t forget that by forwarding this email to three friends you can help us stregnthen our message to the BC government!

Tell BC government that it’s time to step up!

As owner of one of the biggest logging companies in the Great Bear Rainforest agreement coalition, the BC government should be putting its timber where its mouth is.



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