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Tell Justin Trudeau not to support big oil and Tar Sands in Canada

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s only been on the job for a couple months – and already he’s getting off on the wrong foot by sounding like he’s shilling for the oil industry by promoting the Keystone KXL tar sands pipeline.1

Just weeks ago, he high-fived Alberta Premier Alison Redford for spending billions lobbying for the oil industry. And then, believe it or not, in the same breath he slammed Prime Minister Harper for not doing enough to promote the Keystone XL pipeline. Come on Justin – really? Billions in oil subsidies and massive cuts to countless environmental regulations weren’t enough?!

Here’s the thing: Justin’s new to the job, and he cares deeply about public opinion and is watching it closely as he formulates his policy agenda. A flood of messages telling Trudeau we want the next Prime Minister of Canada to stand with Canada’s First nations and Canadians from coast to coast who oppose dangerous pipelines and tankers could force him to change his position for good.

Click here to send your message now to Liberal leader Justin Trudeau: Do the right thing and stop promoting KXL.
Alberta’s tar sands are a human rights issue. Since 2007 by doctors, the Alberta Health Department have documented higher incidences of rare and deadly cancers in First Nations communities downstream of the oil sands. Massively expanding the tar sands as this pipeline will be game over for the climate as tar sands production emits 3 to 4 times more greenhouse gases than conventional crude oil.

Trudeau hasn’t yet firmed up his stance on the tar sands, and is vulnerable now because he needs to differentiate himself from Stephen Harper without losing ground to NDP leader Thomas Mulcair. A flood of emails now could shift Trudeau’s stance on KXL and the tar sands and help get us on the right track towards jobs we can be proud of.

Our MPs are supposed to make their policy agendas on what the public wants – not what lines the pockets of industry. We have a real opportunity now to force Justin Trudeau to amend his dangerous position on pipelines and tankers, and need to act now before he does damage we can’t undo.

It’s still possible that Justin Trudeau could become a Prime Minster that lives up to the legacy of his father that so many Canadians remember so fondly but that means standing up to interest groups and doing the right thing.

Canadians deserve to know right now: Does Justin Trudeau stand behind Canada’s First Nations and Canadians from coast to coast who are saying no to pipelines and tankers, or does he stand behind Big Oil?

Send your message now to Liberal leader Justin Trudeau now: Do the right thing.


Ben West
Tar Sands Campaign Director, ForestEthics Advocacy

P.S. The recent spill of 60,000 barrels of toxic water in Northern Alberta is just the latest reminder of the dangers of tar sands operations.2 Remind Justin Trudeau that we should be on a path to reducing global dependence on this dirty energy – not increasing the health and safety risks to people, the local environment, and our shared global climate.





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