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It might be about power and politics and fear more than money. Too many have the impression that to pass a By Law is upsetting the Ag community, which is so cherished and prevalent in our area. However, maybe to NOT pass a By Law is upsetting to many of the Ag community too as well as all the rest! Again, this has been painted as a rural vs urban debate and many, including councillors, still have that falsehood in mind and it has proven very difficult to change that. You will notice the ones holding out in most votes on the issue are the prime Ag jurisdictions. They think they are doing what their rate payers desire and we need to show them numbers and majority!!! I don’t think we can simply count on them to “do what’s right” for the future of the Municipality and everyone in it. They need to know where their constituents stand.

Emailling is helpful, or your local councillor, whose email can be found at

Also, sign and get your friends and family to sign the online petition at




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Steven Watson Sperm Whale

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