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Passionate Letter on larger scale farming in Okanagan

Passionate Letter forwarded to us:

This is ALL over the Okanagan, it is so sickening! There is another farmer named August Bremmer who is larger scale and even worse. Outside enderby past the salmon arm turnoff, past the horrific cedar mill toward grindrod on hwy 97, on the right side you can see cows in muddy stalls dreading the day they will be slaughtered after hours on transport trucks. Turn down the driveway on the right after passing this scene to the end and that is where he has one of his dairy/veal operations. There is a large barn where he imprisons and tortures mothers and many small pens where he imprisons and tortures newborn babies in the heat of the summer with NO ventilation nor shade.

IT IS AN UNSPEAKABLE CRIME! He has more operations down Emeny rd which is about 100 yards down the highway, turn right onto Emeny, drive to the end and there are more barns and pens where he operates the same torture enterprise. I took pictures of this last year and sent it to the media and contacted the spca. as expected, the spca declared it was legal and refused to do anything. Bremmer’s grandson who works this operation caught me taking pictures and was very angry. These people do not want to be exposed..

As i mentioned, I worked in different organic, free range and biodynamic farms and I can tell you that there is no way to get dairy without causing unbearable grief to mothers. One incident at a well known biodynamic farm i worked at made me forever give up all dairy. A mother cow was allowed to keep her baby for a year. When her child was taken from her, she screamed and screamed and cried for her baby days and nights non stop until she collapsed from grief and exhaustion. I have never been able to get her screams and cries out of my head since then. And this is supposed to be the best possible scenario for dairy production out there and it cannot do it without inflicting unbearable grief and suffering to mothers. I realized that this is what a mother had to endure for me to eat this politically correct “organic” butter or cheese for a few seconds of taste. The dairy production in cherryville that sells unpasturized cheese does the exact same thing to mothers.

The problem is evil bastards in govt have promoted crimes of farming as so called “legal” and everyone is too afraid to challenge or oppose it. They think that the govt and its “laws” are handed down from some god in the sky written in stone tablets and cannot be defied. Where are all the brave warriors?

All great and courageous leaders of every movement for justice have unanimously exhorted us to ONE impertive: It is morally incumbent on us to break and defy unjust laws….

“…. If a man has nothing worth dying for, then that man is not fit to live…” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


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