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Dairy Farmer profiting from Veal in Enderby?

Somebody forwarded us this message . . . .

There is a dairy farmer, at the beginning of Matthews road that is doing the most revolting torture of baby cows for veal profiting. He tears baby cows from their mothers, imprisons them in tiny pens, puts heavy chains around their neck tied to the ceiling that is very short, deprives them of their mother’s milk and feeds them only denatured grain so they become anemic to make the “meat” white. The pen is so short the baby cows cannot stand up and the chains so short they cannot move one inch to the left or right nor one inch foward nor backward. These babies are imprisoned like inmates in a maximum security prison held by chains around their necks until they are killed to make a profit for Davidson. His business is called J N J farm outside of Enderby.

EVERYBODY CALL THIS MAN AND TELL HIM WHAT HE IS DOING IS REVOLTINGLY BARBARIC AND REVOLTINGLY SAVAGE AND HE MUST STOP THIS NOW!!! He must be exposed. He does not want bad publicity. If people call and demand that he stop, he will stop.


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  1. proud to be a calf nanny says:

    ” SOMEBODY forwarded us this message” and as a responsible human being, you thought it would be right to spread this BS!?
    There is a big difference between a dairy farm and any a-hole that raises veal. I raise calves on a dairy farm. My barn is bright open and clean. My babies all have names, they have fresh dry beds out of the wind and rain. They are all given their mother’s colostrum because to NOT give it to them is to guarantee a weak and sickly animal, which is totally counter productive!! They are fed fresh warm milk several times a day, as well as high quality grain, fresh clean water, and of course lots of chin scratching, and love.

    And I know for a fact that this farm does NOT do any of the things that it has been accused of. This forwarded message is lies!

    • theroaringbutterfly says:

      Dear Calf Nanny,

      Thank you for your response and for taking the time to explain this to us. We are very happy to hear that you take such considerations for these sweet, gentle calfs.

      Perhaps you would also be willing to explain to us why the calves can not stay with their Mothers. Is this not quite a strain on the relationship between the Mother and calf?

      We are certainly interested in getting the story right about dairy farms, but from what we have been told and seen, the young calfs must be either raised to become a dairy cow or raised for meat, in the case of the males and then will be sent to slaughter.

      We are also under the impression, that once the Dairy Mothers get old and can no longer produce milk, that they too will be sent to slaughter, rather than living out the rest of their life in harmony, after the service they have offered.

      Is any of this true? Please enlighten us.


  2. Barb says:

    You’re ridiculous and frankly quite immature.
    Yes, if you have a problem with how someone is raising their cattle, speak to them about it and investigate the situation. I’m sure this farmer would have no problem explaining the reasoning behind everything he does. But plastering this all over the Internet and e-mails is immature and regardless of what you believe, bad image for not only his farm but his family. Leave the business alone, they have inspections for a reason. This farm must be up to standards if you’re the only one complaining about it.

    • theroaringbutterfly says:

      Dear Barb,

      Thank you for your message.

      There are some pretty horrible images driving through this area with cows in feed lots. It seems to be growing into an area that is producing more and more cows in an unhealthy way.

      We would love to have more information about this and to know that these farms are truly doing their best to be humane in dealing with these sweet, gentle, timid creatures.


  3. Todd says:

    Wow are you people seriously that ignorant to the world of farming? This article is full of lies.
    Go eat lettuce… People like you don’t deserve real food. If you don’t like farming then stop eating.
    Jim, all you can do is shake your head at these people.

  4. Crated Cruelty_Undercover Veal Video_MercyForAnimals – YouTube

    ► 4:44► 4:44

    Sep 29, 2010 – Uploaded by freeanimalvideo
    Bob Barker narrates this important movie about veal production. This clip available as a free download video .

    .I am so very sad to say this but this is regular factory farming industrialized cruelty and goes on 24/7 on factory farms world wide I

    It is nothing new and I don’t meant to trivialize in any way It breaks my heart particularly so as I grew up on a British dairy farm My mother knew all out 300 jersey cows by name and we never treated our cows like this.

    Please see the U tube video

    I thinks its so important that people call this farmer but I am so distressed to tell you it wont change anything. Its the industry standards to treat baby calves like this and has been for the last 20 years or so .

    . They take the baby ” male” calves away form the Mothers when they are a few hours old. So many of them die from disease because they have no immunity from they mothers milk and the poor mothers bellow and moan for the loss of their babies. If the babies get sick the tiny calves are just thrown out to die on their own or have ether heads smashed with a hammer as way of getting rid of them

    Thank you to whom ever posted this message .if nothing else it will create more awareness of this brutal abject cruelty and yes phone the farmer and make your voice heard. These tiny souls ( baby calves) need to know somehow that we do all care terribly about this horrific cruelty inflicted on them

    • theroaringbutterfly says:

      thank you so much for your response. It is heart breaking. I am glad to at least hear, that your family treated cows with the love and dignity they deserved. Thank you so much for your commitment to animals.

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