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Posting for Friends at Wild for Life Foundation, official trailer picked up by Animal Advocate Television

Dear friends,

Wild for Life Foundation is proud to announce that the official trailer for SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES has been picked up as a PSA by Animal Advocate Television which will be airing it today, Saturday at 1:30 on WISN 12.

Wild for Life Foundation and Animal Advocate TV are longtime partners sharing the vision and working together for a more compassionate world for animals. President of Animal Advocate TV, Debra Lopez whom hosts the show, is passionate equine advocate and co founder of American Against Horse Slaughter. Debra also appears in the documentary film SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES.

Watch the show live if you’re in the WI area, and if not, you can watch it on line.

Please share this announcement with your family, friends and co-workers! The more people who watch the show, the greater chance for victory for our animals and horses. Tweet & Share: SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES on Animal Advocate TV today!

To learn more about Animal Advocate TV, Wild for Life Foundation and SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES, please visit:

With gratitude,

Katia Louise, Director
President, Wild for Life Foundation
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“SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES: A NATION BETRAYED” tells the story of how one of America’s most treasured and iconic species struggles to survive in a world where two camps claim to be saving them; one that actually does, and the other that is instead found to be brutally killing them and driving them to extinction.
Cast: Linda Grey, Tippi Hedren, Paul Sorvino, Ken Wahl and Willie Nelson

(Theatrical Running time 91 minutes)

Opened in Theaters and qualified for Oscar consideration in Dec 2012

(Distribution pending. Broadcast run times: 42 minutes and 56;46)

“Impressive” -VARIETY
“Impassioned” — Hollywood Reporter
“Outstanding” – LA SPLASH MAGAZINE
“Unpacks a multi-layered conspiracy – fueled by a parade of misinformation- against the survival and proliferation of horses” – LA TIMES
“A provocative rallying cry for justice and integrity” – THE QUAD CINEMA, NYC

Accolades and Awards:

Issue News:
New language just added to the 2014 appropriations bill to defund USDA horsemeat inspections in the US. If approved by Congress horse slaughter plants will not be able to reopen in 2014. To support a federal ban against transporting America’s wild and domestic horses for slaughter outside of the US contact your state representatives and ask them to support The SAFE Act, SB 541 and HB 1094. Learn more:

Link to this message on line:
Tweet & Share: SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES on Animal Advocate TV today!


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One Response

  1. Former Benefactor says:

    Wild For Life Foundation
    Katia Louise aka
    Cathy Laine-Cranwell aka
    Cathy Gentile aka “Tia”
    Anthony “Mario” Gentile
    aka Mario James
    Fake blog keeps donors in the dark….FACT CHECK FOLKS

    Agreements solicited by Wild for Life Foundation founder not as Katia Louise but as “Tia from San Diego”. Aguanga landlord NOT made aware of alias’, litigation for fraud, extortion, etc OR questionable ownership of mustangs standing at her ranch. Louise compelled by court order to remove Mustangs from Aguanga ranch with sheriff’s present to assist. Landlord now to do due diligence, FACT CHECK FOLKS
    Be Carefull

    ….Katia Louise’s newest alias reportedly being utilized after 4/30/17 eviction to trick folks into leases…more well known as KATIA LOUISE, aka Cathy Laine-Cranwell aka Cathy Gentile….most recently reported “Tia from San Diego”

    UPDATE: ASPCA asked to investigate $5000 grant awarded to WFLF for equine training program, reportedly nonexistent, for wild free range horses to be gentled to accept halter to aid in transport, trimming, vetting, etc. Witnesses, vets, advocates upset, claim after two years horses still not halter trained or able to be vetted or trimmed.
    Reports of approx 200 rescued animals moved from ranch to ranch multiple times at donors expense as paranoid GO-PRO camera wearing founder observed frantically disbanding rescue herd. Louise, husband prepare to answer to charges including but not limited to FRAUD & EXTORTION in Riverside County Superior Court

    pls see Ruv Cty Sup Court
    Case no. MCC1700177

    UPDATE: Recently evicted 4/30/2017 from housing tract in Anza, founder Wild for Life Foundaton 501(c)3, Katia “Tia” Louise reportedly very active in searching for new lease situations in area for herself, husband and what is left of almost 200 rescue animals. Herd disbanded, founder has reportedly offered land acquisition plan as way to gain access to ranches. Louise allegedly no longer representing herself only as ‘Katia’ but now introduces herself as
    “TIA FROM SAN DIEGO” in an attempt to possibly avoid disclosing potentially damaging information re: ongoing litigation. Individuals in the area have reported inquiries by Louise for ranches to lease in Riverside & No. San Diego Counties using the name “Tia” and most recently reportedly stating she is moving from San Diego” to the area.
    Be Careful

    UPDATE: Katia Louise ordered by writ to RETURN ALL MONERO MUSTANGS TO RANCH IN ANZA.

    UPDATE: all MONERO MUSTANGS safely held at Autry Ranch’s huge Multiple 10 plus acre grassy pastures away from standing in pens on Ramsey Rd in Terwilliger housing tract awaiting the outcome of founders extortion & fraud trial.

    UPDATE: today judge orders Wild For Life Foundation 501(c)3 to turn over ALL MUSTANGS TO MONERO MUSTANGS.

    UPDATE: Video documentation confirms false reports of expensive catastrophic damage allegedly striking only after this organization’s eviction.
    No other property owners reported 8 1/2 inches rainfall in less hours anywhere near Anza, CA.
    Landlord eviction included repair of driveway at no cost to evicted tenant.
    Landsberg Foundation grant monies ($6,000) received by Louise to repair fictitious rain damage under investigation.
    Be Careful

    UPDATE: EVICTED 4/30/2017 and on the RUN in Riverside & North County San Diego Counties. WFLF founder Louise & Husband Tony aka Mario openly defy direct court order – removing Rare Mustangs without notice.
    Katia Louise, Tony ‘Mario’ Gentile & WILD FOR LIFE FOUNDATION summoned to answer to formal accusations including but not limited to extortion , fraud, etc.
    Contempt of Court charges expected May 1.
    (pls see ongoing
    Riverside Superior Court
    case no. MCC1700177)

    UPDATE: WFLF – Organization continues to solicit donations & sell tee-shirts claiming 100% of proceeds go directly to help “horses” that need justice via legal defense funding. Personal legal fees mount for multiple court cases, several filed by founder Louise, some LOST. Katia Louise court ordered to pay all legal fees, est. $20,000, associated for both parties after losing defamation case filed by WFLF apparently in attempt to quiet individuals that speak out against questionable actions committed by this nonprofit organization’s founder.
    Pls see Riverside County Superior public records
    Case no. MCC1700082

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