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Join Vancouver Animal Defense League and Peta Supporters in Protesting Fur on Fur-Free Friday November 23, 1 – 3, Winners

Please join Vancouver Animal Defense League and local PETA supporters in protesting fur on Fur-Free Friday! It’s the day after Thanksgiving, the start of the winter shopping season, and the largest fur protest of the year. Check out this video for tips on what to say to those wearing fur, too. Here are the details:

When: Friday, November 23, 1-3 p.m.
Where: Winners Department Store, 798 Granville St., Vancouver (See this map.)
Contact: Marley Jean at

All materials, such as posters and leaflets, will be provided, and please note that reserved parking will not be available. If you will be traveling for the holidays, check out our list of Fur-Free Friday events and see which one you can attend!

Please read PETA’s handy protest tips. We welcome everyone to come out and have a fun time speaking up for animals. Learn more about how animals are used for fur, leather, down, wool, and exotic skins here so that you can answer any questions that your friends might have. If you aren’t able to join us on Friday, please let me know and I’d be happy to send you leaflets and stickers to pass out in your area or help you get active in other ways.

We’re also offering 20 percent off anti-fur T-shirt purchases of $20 or more at from now until December 12. Please use coupon code FFF12 at checkout.

We hope to see you at the protest!

For all animals,

Adam Miller
Action Team Coordinator
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
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