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Anti-fur Demo Nov. 4 Fur Bearer Defenders

Anti-fur demonstration/event…November 3… save the date! In unison with activists in Toronto, Fur-Bearer Defenders will be hosting a silent vigil in downtown Vancouver to raise awareness about the cruelties of the fur industry. This will be a highly visual event with a somber theme, so attendees are asked to dress in black or dark colours. All other material will be provided. I am helping to get word out about this and really want to have as many people as possible to attend. The more people there the stronger the message. There is power in numbers. An event page with more details will be available soon, but please plan on attending. Toronto will be hosting a similar event the same day. Feel free to write me with any questions.


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  1. jamie says:

    It should also be noted that when Jamie sent fur bearer defenders emails asking to verify their anti-fur campagne THEY NEVER BOTHERED TO RESPOND…IT IS CRITICAL THAT THEY ACCEPT THE HELP THEY CAN GET…ANIMALS NEED HELP…WHY DO THEY NOT GET THIS? Try focusing on not maling this personal…animals could use everyone’s help not just yours alone….WHY because you people need other people…so GROW UP

  2. jamie says:

    I would like to know why fur bearer defenders never bothered to answer our email???We asked them for a couple of posters to help them get signatures when we were able to have access to a free date to use in a mall and fur bearer defenders told us thwy had no posters to send us. We asked for two or four posters. Yet on this site it wxplains that materials were provided and they also refused oir help to help out in the anti fur campagne itself…yet they still ask for help and quote that they need help. How is fur bearer defenders going to help animals when they are so difficult to get along with? They should be greatful people are willing to offer their organization their help. They cannot afford to act snobish. They need to make the animals the main focus of their attention not waste their time developing insecurities about other people who get attention when helping the animals…like Lesley Fox..Fur bearer defenders…GROW UP

    • theroaringbutterfly says:

      Hi Jamie,

      You sound very frustrated and it sounds like you care passionately and deeply about animals. This blog has no connection to Fur Bearer Defenders, other than to post events that are brought to our attention, so I can not answer why the information was not sent to you.

      Perhaps you could be in touch with these people who do a lot of hands on protesting and are always looking for passionate people like yourself:

  3. Katja De Bock says:

    Hi ,
    when and where exactly is the anti fur demo in Vancouver?
    I’d like to attend.
    My email address is below.
    Thank you,

  4. Hello
    On Sun Nov 4 th, what time in Vancouver is this likely to happen? please email me @ the address below… TYVM

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