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I have been informed that the hunting lobby is petitioning Global TV to cancel its recently announced cancellation of its hunting programming. Here is my letter to Global TV to thank them, and to oppose this opposition, and I urge all to join me in this fight.

To:,, Dear Global TV, I am writing to thank you for cancelling from your programming the three hunting shows [Canada in the Rough], [The Canadian Tradition], and [Angler & Hunter Television], which in essence are nothing short of snuff films performed by serial killers of magnificent animals whom non-consumptive wildlife viewers love and enjoy.

It is a well known fact that the vast majority of Canadians and Americans do not hunt, many of whom being opposed to hunting on moral and ethical grounds, and that hunting as a heartless and merciless hobby is on the wane. I have also been informed that many have turned to other channels that do not host such depravity for news and entertainment. Now we can allow our children to freely peruse your channel without concern for their mental health and emotional well being.

Please Thank Gobal TV for banning the cruelty of showing hunting on t.v. Sincerely, Anthony Marr Founder and President Global Anti-Hunting Coalition Vancouver, BC



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12 Responses

  1. houston says:

    One question for all the anti-hunters out their. How much money do you spend to help animals such as deer? I know we spend thousands of dollars a year just to plant food plots for deer and it benefits other animals as well. And their are limits too hunting such as how many animals you can take. If hunting was illegal then why are there laws for it.

  2. Dimitri says:

    Thank you for doing this, i will also email Global to thank them for canceling. There should be no shows at all like this, on any channel, the less encouragement the better.

  3. john says:

    Hunting and killing animals for sport is just depraved as far as I’m concerned.
    murder is not fun and I do not want to watch others do it on tv.
    Global does a huge disservice to children and future generations to publicly show this as entertainment.

  4. Jodie says:

    My comments are to Anthony Marr .. Please explain to me why your values are right and anyone who supports hunting or fishing is wrong. Canada, this beautiful country that we call home, was founded on fur trade. That is reality. It causes me to believe that you have no appreciation for the heritage of this country.
    By asking Global TV to refrain from airing any television program because YOU don’t like it is censorship at its worst. Being a responsible adult, I am quite capable of changing the channel on a television program I choose not to watch, not read a book that I personally find offensive, or not participating in something that causes me discomfort.
    I would never enforce my values on others.
    Hunting and fishing are extremely well-regulated activities. These programs help to educate responsible hunters and fishermen about rules and regulations.
    How dare you condemn people for being able to make up their own minds.
    It’s laughable that you call these television programs ‘snuff films performed by serial killers’. You are a very small-minded individual Mr. Marr.
    Have you asked Global TV to stop showing programs like “Lost Girl” – a show about a supernatural seductress a Succubus who feeds on the sexual energy (sometimes called “Chi”) of humans. Or “The Client List” which is about the seedy side of massage parlors and the people who both work and frequent these establishments. Neither of these programs sound appealing to me but to demand Global TV remove these shows because I don’t like them is deplorable. I’ll just change the channel.
    I have no doubt Mr. Marr, that you will not understand my point of view. If you did understand, then you will not continue to lobby against people’s right to choose.
    I wonder how you would react to find a bear or some other large animal tearing at your windows and doors looking for food. This is what will happen when the animal population becomes to large. This has happened to people in locations that are highly populated by the human species. I’ll lay money on it that you’d be looking for a way to protect yourself and/or your family. Asking the little bear to run along just won’t cut it.
    I will be forwarding my comments to Global TV and asking them not to bow to censorship demands.


    • Jodie, this is Anthony Marr and I’m responding to your comment.

      First of all, you are confusing the different kinds of killing of wild animals and their various purposes. I can name you at least three: for subsistence, for safety and for amusement.

      I have no problem with native people and the earlier European pioneers hunting out of NEED, for their SURVIVAL, nor with people hunting for food in case of social disintegration and subsequent starvation.

      In terms of safety, as exemplified with your bear, the first line of defence is to relocate it deep into the wilderness. For truly dangerous bears and ones that cannot be rehabilitated, perhaps eliminating it might be the only recourse, but in this case, it is the responsibility of conservation officers, not of recreational hunters. I also have no problem with shooting a bear in the predatory mode against a human; and I would do so myself were I the target. But I have worked many a full summer in Grizzly country in the BC interior, and have yet to be remotely threatened by a bear, which are as a rule shy of humans. There are of course exceptions to every rule, but I’ve had many bear encounters, and have yet to come across an exception to this rule.

      Speaking of RECREATIONAL hunters (the official term), this brings us to the third kind of killing – for recreation, i.e. amusement, entertainment, fun, “sport”…, and this is the kind of hunting that is being shown on TV. Being an educator, I have asked many a group of elementary school children what they consider the most immoral reason for killing an animal – in self-defence, for safety, subsistence, clothing, shelter, profit and fun, and invariably, the VAST majority of ALL student groups have voted for KILLING FOR FUN being the most immoral of them all, even more so that killing for profit, which is low enough. In a child’s diction, killing for FUN is what RECREATIONAL hunting is all about, and this is the kind of hunting that is being shown in Global TV.

      You talk about adults and “responsible hunters” having the choice to change channels, but I am talking about children here, on a Sunday morning, perhaps without adult supervision. I consider these shows a corruption of our children’s innate sense of morality.

      Regarding animal overpopulation, there has never been any such thing before humans came on the scene, especially those who have eradicated the natural predators for recreational hunting purposes. Mother Nature has always struck a fine balance on her own. You are playing God.

      It takes a giant ego to play God, by which I have no problem being called small-minded.

      Anthony Marr

  5. botox4u2 says:

    Approx 1000 people every weekend see this sign as they walk down Steveston’s main shopping block Also the owner of Romania Country Bread (the bakery featured in Once upon a Time called Storybrook Bakery) hands out my fliers to as many people as he can, in English and Chinese The people in the photo are reading the flyer in Chinese that is in the window and on a table outside Every anti shark fin group in the world that is listed now has the fllyer and feedback is very positive Randy

  6. LNorman says:

    I saw some deer yesterday enjoying life and freedom, no hunters allowed.

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