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Help Albert the Taiwanese dog Get surgery!


**HELP ALBERT THE TAIWANESE DOG!**This is Albert. He is a 5 year old dog recently rescued in Taiwan and brought to British Columbia by the ABLDR. Albert had a degenerative illness that destroyed all his jaw and teeth, he has been abused and suffered a lot in the past. He is undergoing several reconstructive surgeries to fix his mouth and nose to be able to eat without his food slidding by the sides. He is a very sweet loving and VERY happy and grateful dog that was lucky to be adopted 3 months ago by a dear friend that happens to be a well known devoted animal activist in Burnaby, BC, Canada. If any of you want to donate some money to help her pay these expensive surgeries and improve Albert’s life, pls. send it to our address and we will collect it for her. On the cheque or envelope please write: For Albert’s medical care. Thank you! Ericka




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Steven Watson Sperm Whale

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