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Letter to Nepal Representatives Re: Young men rip goat Apart?

Dear Nepal Representative,

I was recently forwarded a petition from Care2 and I find this so deeply disturbing and difficult to believe that I thought I would write to ask if you have any further information. As far as you know, is this actually true? Is this a tradition in Nepal? Is this accurate information? Do young men actually rip a goat apart to be called hero’s? I sincerely look forward to your response and to finding out if this is accurate information. And if so I hope you can forward me information that would help to end this barbaric practice as I trust none of you, in your positions of authority could be remotely in support of this horrible tradition.

Sincerely, A. Rose, Vancouver Animal Rights Campaigns

Email BCC:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Thank you to the following blog for their helpful info!

I would also like to know what PETA is doing about this if anybody has info!  Thank you!!


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