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Mui Tau, a sensitive Cocker Spaniel looking for a new home

Dog Needs a New Home
Name: Mui Tau
8-yr-old cocker spaniel, potty trained. Family is moving and can’t bring her with them.
Location: Vancouver

Okay- so I adopted my dog from the Hong Kong SPCA when she was a puppy. We never got around to rename her, so she has a Chinese name- Mui Tau (but I call her puppy sometimes and she responds to it too so I’m sure if you started calling her another name, she’d catch on really quickly). She’s turning 8 this summer.. and the life expectancy for her breed is 12-15 years.

When we moved to Canada in 2007, she flew on the plane with us.. it proved to be a horrible idea because she was traumatized by it. From then on, she’s been really fearful of strangers.. and really protective over my family. This is why SPCA won’t take her in..

She is aggressive to strangers whenever she’s around my family but when we bring her to the groomers, the vet and the doggy daycare place, they all say she’s super sweet. I’m pretty sure she’s a sweetheart when we’re not around.

Also, she has chronic skin allergies. I think it’s pretty common with the breed (Cocker Spaniel). It’s nothing too serious but the fur on her back is sometimes sparse, depending on the season. It comes and goes, sometimes it’s so good you won’t even notice it. There are specific spots that can get more serious. If she starts gnawing on a part, there is an ointment you can get from the vet.. it eases the itching.

I’m taking her to a friend’s this weekend to test things out. We’ll find out how she really is when we’re not around… Hopefully, she’ll be good and I’ll let you know if she’s ‘adoptable’.

I attached a couple pictures and here are some more:


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